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Business Success

With ‘Fit for business English’ to the optimal international communications the world closer together. Globalization, communication with other linguistic areas is growing steadily; This requires more and more language skills of employees and also heads. Because only the one who speaks the language and culture of his business partner and understands economic success in a globalised world. It lacks specialists and executives often not expertise, but the communication security in particular in English. Offering in-house English language courses such as employees and executives get the security, the English language in the profession qualified to apply basic requirement to build good business and trade relations. In recent months, Jane Fraser has been very successful. Fit for business English with”encourage employees, require or reward indeed the level of spoken English not only in the lower and middle levels of management is inadequate for an optimal communication with business partners and customers. Mortimer English club allows companies and agencies of all sizes, how fit for business English language courses”to bring their employees and executives as best as possible to speak. A necessary measure to improve international communication or also a goody”for deserving employees.

Fit for business English”is aimed at persons who orally and in writing secure should master the English language in the professional life. With the support of the Mortimer English club, they learn such as free, liquid talk and the correct application of technical vocabulary in individual or group lessons. Our courses focus in the communication. We provide course participants with a comprehensive business vocabulary, but also the general vocabulary, expand and deepen the grammar. Because proper English is a prerequisite for successful businesses and appealing career prospects today”, so Sylvia pace, owner of Mortimer English club in Rheinberg. “Our motto: we take you to speak!” One of Mortimer’s specialties is company courses / in-house training linguistic training for companies. The Mortimer English club language teachers teach in-house, where the teaching form of group size and frequency is tuned individually.

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Regards Tobias Knoof

“Just so” such as anniversary gift of your company or as a thank you for a certain action, such as a recommendation of your website to at least 3 friends. Lightversionen give away gift or giving away a “light version” of your actual main product and make anything tasty so your potential customers the main product. Customers to product testers make make your customers to product testers, free provide the product selected ‘multipliers’ and then report them. Against goods exchange your product, for example, with photos or videos of customers, showing them in an act associative to your product or a your theme-related action run photos & screenshots. Ambassador program building a so-called Ambassador program click, in which for example a maximum of 100 people may register.

For this they get all new products in the future advance free as free copies, but must in turn in its own blog, Web page, newsletter (or also in opinion portals, product portals, consumer portals) report. Contest / race Iniziieren you have a competition (contest / race) and awarded then valuable prizes to the winners. The aim of the competition, for example, could be to recruit as much as possible new customers or the affiliate, which provide even more revenue on your pages at a certain time. Invite friends to motivate you to invite, for example, your potential customers to at least 3 friendly Web master to your affiliate program and give it as a 50 voucher or your product as a gift even after successful registration of 2 of the 3 friends. Opinion against 25% discount coupon motivate your potential customers to an opinion to your website or your product to write and give them a voucher for an additional product in Exchange or a coupon at a certain altitude, which they can redeem at any time. Survey participation 25,-voucher be motivating you your potential Customers of certain polls to participate and give them in return vouchers or coupons that can be exchanged in a certain period of time when purchasing one of your products. You may find Linkedin to be a useful source of information. Link with “keyword” in post, blogroll, or articles and motivate your potential customers on your side to establish a link with a specific link text 25% discount and give them vouchers or coupons that can be exchanged in a certain period of time when purchasing one of your products in return.

Fidelity action / thank you action start you regularly different loyalty – and thank you actions, which you can combine all the ideas presented here. Last chance you sure make your potential customers that this is the last or the last chance for this price, or even to buy the product, because then the price increases or the product offering will be taken. Any ideas you can now via blog post, email, autoresponders, pop-up, Slideup, press release or news item publish. Keep but always a few weeks time pass between the various actions, so that the user not with “Special offers” are showered. Because less helps also here more! For your success on the Internet! Regards Tobias Knoof homepage:

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Metz Learn

so learn a further foreign language easily and secure your place of work reduce the risk your job to lose: full-time, who speak a foreign language, the risk of job loss is only about half as high. Especially in times of crises in the labour market, it is particularly important to be always one step ahead of the competitors. It is advantage as the world through globalization grows ever more together, if one speaks several languages. Because English is already a basic requirement, recommend that learn a second Fremdsprache.Wer think that learning a foreign language is very time consuming and difficult I can calm the. I’m definitely not a foreign language talent, but with the multimedia language courses from, I have learned a new language almost playful. There is the multimedia language courses in over 70 languages for beginners and advanced. A pleasant byproduct in the language of is the price compared to other offers, very cheap was. If it was possible to me to learn a foreign language in a short time without problems then you can safely as well.

What do you think makes your boss for eyes when you speak at once with foreign customers in their own language. But also the customers will be very pleased if someone speaks your language. Certainly, you are an irreplaceable employee in no time. Wolfgang Metz

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In a workshop of the WSFB befas-sen advisory group managers and organizational development with the question: how true I take my task in the be – draw braid company professionally? Even organization development professionals with years of experience are always surprised how difficult is communication and change processes can be controlled in organizations. This is often so difficult that they not only regularly wonder where the limits of control, but also: to what extent a targeted influencing of organizational communication and change processes by individuals is possible at all? Furthermore: How can we perceive at all professionally our task as a Manager, say corporate executives, or personnel and organisation development in a complex network of relationships and interdependent environment? Such questions dealing with influence, power and resistance to deal with business leaders as well as organization developer and Adviser in the workshop organizational dynamics”, the the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden held from 14 to 17 December in Wiesbaden. In the four-day workshop, the maximum of 15 participants deal among other things with the questions: How do I control myself and my behavior in the organizational relationship? How to regulate closeness and distance to others for me? How do I search and decision-making processes? How contribute I, hindering communication pattern and besprechbar to do? How can resistors and authority crisis be used constructively to develop? What can be observed when the distinction between action and reflection perspective? How do I distinguish myself in my effectiveness by others and how can I benefit from these experiences in the future? This is largely based on concrete examples from the Organization, as well as corporate development practice. Linkedin often says this. Hosted and managed will the workshop by two WSFB – business guides Johann Scholten and Hans-Werner Bormann, forming process and organizational consultant for over 20 years and many organizational and Accompanied change projects in companies. Participation in the workshop is 2400 euros (+ VAT). For more info refer to those interested in the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden (Tel: 0611 / 157 66-10, E-Mail:, Internet:)..

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Varendorff Fischhof

Office rental in Vienna focuses on training and awards for the first time three apprenticeships for young people. Vienna: Bena, Austria’s largest provider of serviced offices, supports young people in the workplace issue and awards this year for the first time three apprenticeships for each site. According to statistics of the public employment service Austria (AMS) are currently (Status: August 2009) registered 8538 apprenticeship without setting commitment in Austria – 1096 of them in Vienna. “In the first quarter of 2009 there were 54,200 unemployed young people aged 15-24 years (source: Statistik Austria) in Austria.” Therefore we would like to make a small contribution to improve working conditions for motivated young people and assigned three apprenticeships”, Bena reported Managing Director, Mag. Alexander Varendorff.

Is a future office clerk, her apprenticeship at the Maxwell site Fischhof 3, in the first District of Vienna, with the beginning of October. Two more apprenticeships are still awarded. Jobs offers of Bena business services under ( deutsch/%C3%9Cberuns/Jobs/tabid/458/Default.aspx) Variety apprenticeship training as an office clerk or as an office clerk includes all Office and secretarial work in the management and organization of businesses, companies and institutions. An apprenticeship at Bena offers to come in addition to the variety of activities also a particularly interesting environment and chance with a variety of different companies in contact. As well, the business services are closer by Bena ( deutsch/BusinessServices/tabid/274/Default.aspx). Career opportunities including Varendorff is convinced: “Market players in Germany, knowing that apprentices have made it to the Center management or even conducting business”.

The Bena Group ( is the Austrian market leader in the business center and the largest provider of serviced offices in Vienna. All Vienna offices are equipped with the latest in information and communications infrastructure. Maxwell also offers a wide range of in-house additional services for its business centres such as reception – Secretariat – cleaning, postal service, etc. In addition to the excellent aligned business Embassy on the Graben, the Bena is working group very successfully at other locations: the big business base NINETEEN, with his elegant, flexible available from 15 m 2 11000 m 2 Office Center, with lounge, fully air-conditioned conference centre and garage. The business base CITYPORT11 in the 11th district, which is focused mainly on growth industries such as IT, medical technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, as well as the elegant business Embassy Fischhof 3 in the 1st District.

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Professional Application

Making a job application success be different than the gray mass of Dresden, 06.12.2010 – a professional job application is the art itself failed to present. The search is similar to a bit after an employer of partner choosing. You need in the competitions to find out how to make aware the others, without being intrusive. The qualities of the creators play an important role today in addition to the professional competence. These include attributes such as initiative, entrepreneurial thinking, resilience and spirit of innovation. The important thing is that the qualities in the cover letter and resume are represented. But it is sure that not is greatly exaggerated.

Asked the healthy level of self-assessment, is coupled with the ability to represent our own strengths, without overdoing it. At the same time, one must keep also the future tasks at a glance the entire application process. A truly individual representation, which ties up the Chief of staff and remains positive in the memory is crucial. Rhetorical Self-portrayals repel and stamped the applicant as superficial. It is important to start immediately! What does it offer? Why is it the ideal candidate? All pleasantries, interests and expressions of joy and pious lies should be avoided. The letter of application addressed to professionals. A page is sufficient for the design. Recruiters don’t have time for candidate poetry.

In any case, you should give information on internships/jobs, experiences abroad, project work, focus subjects and good deals. Resolving on 1 or 2 reference or letter of recommendation the application folder, even if it is not required. Set up the reference should someone who has influence, is neutral and well known. Such reference letters can open doors remain closed without them. Foreign names of courses, work fields and institutions are to settle in German translation. The same applies to the detailed certificate or letter of recommendation from the completed work placement abroad. There is nothing worse than Content that does not understand the prospective employer to read. You shouldn’t necessarily read also the own application against some good people. Every typo is one too many. The texts can be corrected with the Duden’s spelling checker. It is certainly beneficial, if one asks whether the application documents are received after one week at the latest. Then will be checked and you will receive a confirmation. More tips and hints to a successful application: successfully bewerben.html operates and markets the education portal a portal for private education in the country and abroad. The information portal, including education abroad, are knowledgeable and in compact form, with lots of useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. You are at the same time to all foreign programs available listed below current funding programs. AP: beef Horst Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden phone: 0351-2543405 mobile: 01577 1720859 email: Internet:

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She can forgive give back new traineeships within the framework of vocational training in the next two years scholarships for trainees in vocational education and training. Appropriate project proposals of the company within the framework of the EU lifelong learning programme have been adopted straight. Trainees who are in school or dual courses will be encouraged. For this target group the three weeks possibility for an internship abroad up to half a year, and to receive extensive support. Again sponsored internships can be offered also for persons who have completed their training, or already have experience.

In this case the possibility by a three-to six-month professional internship abroad their own competences to expand. In addition the GEB especially trainees supports in nursing professions, professions, social work, health and education and education with specific programs like EfA SCO and EuroSocial. The framework of EfA SCO scholarships to the peer implementation of mandatory work-placements within the training in Europe. In cooperation with German institutions, these internships in Europe will receive a training standard, which ensures recognition of the internship in Germany. The EuroSocial programme offers scholarships to graduates and persons with completed vocational training in professions of social work, health care as well as education and training. Here it is possible to go up to half a year in another European country to boost their own professional and intercultural competences.

This scholarship can also be used to support an employment abroad. The services of give in the implementation and organization of internship abroad are very extensive. In collaboration with partner organisations on site accommodation, transfers, insurance, and of course the appropriate internship are organised and financed for the most part. Also the language Preparation of the stay of abroad can take place through a language course in the country of destination. Interested parties to a funded internship abroad in the framework of vocational training can inform themselves on the Web site of the society for European education for further details about the scholarships. The society for European education (GEB) is an Association of companies, educational institutions, individuals and agencies in Europe and around the world working together on European integration, international understanding and the peaceful exchange. The work which give focuses on the Organization and implementation of internships abroad in the framework of vocational training. The deals are aimed at trainees and persons who have completed their training and would like to use as training abroad. Parallel organized give for approximately 300 students from Europe a professional stay in Berlin and London.

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A limited number of exceptionally dedicated, experienced everyday seminar managers, lecturers, trainers and consultants be sought to carry out regional and uberreginalen seminars for the education and training of this future contact on-site education independent educational consultants and education agencies. This should perform regional and interregional training seminars for independent and successful education consultants and education agencies. The education and training is guaranteed through various forms of seminar. For the presentation of the training concepts, there are two-day seminars in Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. Complete seminar materials on the implementation of each form of seminar participants will receive seminar head coaching.

The seminars are held only as long as until the right collaborators in the necessary numbers have been found. Also more lucrative contracts concerning seminars only on these seminars to the education and training of education advisers and Awarded education agents. The private education market has developed very one-sided in recent years. Due to the steadily increasing demand of citizens for educational programs in the country and abroad, a variety of private education providers in the private education market has established itself. The brokers and cooperation partners for education providers so independent educational consultants and education agencies are anything but until today. At the same time, education willing citizens are looking for a personal and independent educational consultant on site, they can talk through their and the objectives of the education their children. Your”education advisor to create a training plan based on these education goals by he simply and understandably represents all the facts, including financing with funding, to the selected education program. And he should care for them in the long term “education in terms of”.

More information about independent education advice and job vacancies: seminar leader coaching.htm BildungsmaklerNetzwerk leads including seminars and Workshops to the independent education counselling in whole Germany, to accelerate the development of a training pool for independent education counselling. BildungsmaklerNetzwerk is supported by BildungsMakler24. BildungsMakler24 runs a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. Contact: BildungsmaklerNetzwerk AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden phone: 0351-2543405 mobile: 01577 1720859 email: Internet:

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Practitioner Training

At home making more is possible thanks to the Internet the practitioner training can be completed in a school of Naturopathic Medicine. There is a Naturopath school offering this training as a correspondence course. To find the Institute in the Internet under is information about the school and the team can be found in the category “about us”. On-site training offered practitioner for psychotherapy, classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and veterinary medicine as the practitioner training. Who strives a certain practitioner training is in the practitioner school the appropriate course. For those who have already completed a practitioner training, specialist training courses offered are divided into human medicine and veterinary medicine. The registration form for the specialist training courses, seminars and workshops can be filled out online. The state-certified and approved correspondence courses, are offered as a holistic education and training.

Who can’t decide between the courses can, should consult the competent team. Even though it is a distance learning course personal contact with the students the school team is a particular concern. Negative and positive feedback to help improve the quality of distance learning. For 14 years the correspondence courses are successfully so far. The team of Heilprakitkerschule itself regularly participates in continuing education and training to bring closer to the latest scientific findings and treatment methods the Extramural students. This is done to an important foundation stone for the later, successful exercise of the profession of naturopaths. Who does not know how he will finance the training, information on about the funding opportunities. The students can choose between four ways, education savings, the continuing education loan, the education premium and the Bildungsurlaub. Which support option is the suitable, everyone must find out.

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