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She can forgive give back new traineeships within the framework of vocational training in the next two years scholarships for trainees in vocational education and training. Appropriate project proposals of the company within the framework of the EU lifelong learning programme have been adopted straight. Trainees who are in school or dual courses will be encouraged. For this target group the three weeks possibility for an internship abroad up to half a year, and to receive extensive support. Again sponsored internships can be offered also for persons who have completed their training, or already have experience.

In this case the possibility by a three-to six-month professional internship abroad their own competences to expand. In addition the GEB especially trainees supports in nursing professions, professions, social work, health and education and education with specific programs like EfA SCO and EuroSocial. The framework of EfA SCO scholarships to the peer implementation of mandatory work-placements within the training in Europe. In cooperation with German institutions, these internships in Europe will receive a training standard, which ensures recognition of the internship in Germany. The EuroSocial programme offers scholarships to graduates and persons with completed vocational training in professions of social work, health care as well as education and training. Here it is possible to go up to half a year in another European country to boost their own professional and intercultural competences.

This scholarship can also be used to support an employment abroad. The services of give in the implementation and organization of internship abroad are very extensive. In collaboration with partner organisations on site accommodation, transfers, insurance, and of course the appropriate internship are organised and financed for the most part. Also the language Preparation of the stay of abroad can take place through a language course in the country of destination. Interested parties to a funded internship abroad in the framework of vocational training can inform themselves on the Web site of the society for European education for further details about the scholarships. The society for European education (GEB) is an Association of companies, educational institutions, individuals and agencies in Europe and around the world working together on European integration, international understanding and the peaceful exchange. The work which give focuses on the Organization and implementation of internships abroad in the framework of vocational training. The deals are aimed at trainees and persons who have completed their training and would like to use as training abroad. Parallel organized give for approximately 300 students from Europe a professional stay in Berlin and London.