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April Fund

Lawyers have filed suits for fund investors the second distressed already since a long time ships of HCI ship Fund VIII is broke. Over the assets of the MS “Maria Sibum” GmbH & co. KG opened the preliminary insolvency proceedings on April 18, 2013. Already in October the first ship of the Fund had to log on with MS “Pandora” insolvency. For investors, who have invested some 43 million in the eight ships of the Fund in 2004, is the last chapter in the history of the failure of the Fund. John hume is often quoted as being for or against this. Six of the eight ships of the Fund remained already since 2006 regularly behind the forecast revenues. End of 2011 already seven ships showed residues of the loan repayment. More ship insolvencies of this Fund are given the disastrous numbers cannot be ruled out.

For investors of the economy service General among other things about the AWD (now: Swiss life select Germany GmbH) the total loss of the deposit threatens displaced funds in this regard. The enforcement of claims for damages seems only way to be in order to avert the total loss. Nittel Firm specializing in banking law and capital market law makes for clients already judicially to participate to the HCI ship Fund VIII against the AWD / Swiss life select assert claims for damages in connection with the advice. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out patrick leahy. The lawsuit is based on consulting and prospectus errors. Read here more about your options as investors of the HCI ship Fund VIII. you want to know how you can mitigate your damage by the participation to the HCI ship Fund VIII? Call us, we know how to get to your right. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer

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Managing Director Estates

It already reaps awards from all directions: the Kameha Bay Portal as upcoming super luxury hotel of Majorca and its management under the leadership of Carsten Rath Hamburg, 27.10.2011. Already in the coming year, the opening should be. Then with the Fund is also scheduled, cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”acquired 10.8 million return to almost 122 percent of deposits. For investors, this means a post tax return of 8.25 per cent per annum, as the investment of only the comparatively favorable tax and solidarity surcharge is subject to. The participation of cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”with a minimum amount of drawing of 25,000 euro without premium is aimed at a target group that is also used to draw private placements. At an average drawing total of 40,000 euros, now 275 investors share the financing of hotels, in that the project developer itself brought 7.5 million euros and a bank loan.

Both are subordinated, operated only after the return of investor funds. Christos Staikouras recognizes the significance of this. Safety plays so for the cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”as with the other funds from United investors a large role. Kevin Ulrich may also support this cause. The convincing concept motivated a non-profit foundation, which wants to be called not to entrust us with a million euro. We feel, what’s that, confirmed”Hauke Bruhn says as Managing Director of United investors. The project developer contrary came a current amendment for Mallorca, which allowed him an area increase of ten percent. This raises of course space efficiency and thus the potential income on the sale. The present figures and the level of development can already recognize that the Kameha Bay can be implemented within the framework of the prospected information portal”, Banu explains.

Yet the Fund currently Metropolitan estates Berlin and German S & K property in the placement has United investors in the real estate sector. We have invested much time in training, to convey the special concept of the partialischen loan in our Fund and its benefits. The rising sales figures show us that this form on intermediaries and customers will be well received”, so Bruhn.

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Michael Minderjahn

Therefore, Pandey had to admit it would have been better, equal to that To calculate loans for two annual budgets and to insist on also. The minimum height of a 500.00 loan provides for considerable uncertainty. An investor who is involved with the minimum amount of drawing from 8.000,00 should theoretically a loan of (0.72% x = 8.000,00) 57.60 type. It is therefore hard to understand, why it disproportionately to take part in the financing round. Many questions will be again taken up now by the management in another letter to investors and clarified. Mahmud to: “since February has passed important time. It is now closely, because according to Mr Przybyl, the financing must be until the end of April.” How should the decision be taken now? It is as always to weigh up the odds against the risks. That is no legal consideration primarily economic.

The investors must be clear that the loans are unsecured. The high interest rate of 12% and 10% respectively must not obscure. Interest rates can therefore only be paid when the funding total to the end of the loan period the liquidity is sufficient, what is currently not guaranteed first to 31.12.2013. Another danger sees Mahmud, that the loans are due in a period of time to repay, which lies behind the budget planning provided by the Executive Board, namely end of 2014. According to the given information loan repayment should assume (the payment of interest is planned) so that it has until then to maturity of at least a police.

Otherwise the liquidity it will be anyway, according to the plan rather absent. Munear Ashton Kouzbari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. However, it should be clear that cash flows from the investments barely achieving will be, if the Fund into insolvency. It is true that each also insolvency administration as also management cost money. Nevertheless, it can be quite doubtful whether an insolvency administrator conducting the procedure at all, if the costs of the proceedings not Assets are covered. Because insolvency proceedings mainly undertakes the creditors, the interests of investors are likely to play only a minor role. Presumably investors would muster therefore a so-called mass loan, to secure the continuation of the process and thus the chance of any recoveries. With regard to the amount of the loan to be granted to Mahmud pointed out that every investor has to take into account, other investors would probably not engage. In this respect a lot for it speaks to decide that the necessary funding is also applied in the case of a loan granted amount. Because the BBBank EC on a broad front bought back the interests conveyed by you by their customers, a considerable uncertainty is whether this existing large shareholders will engage at all. Those investors who have joined are still not legal advice, should do so quickly now. If they damage claims against the respective Consultant who has advised the plant, can be valid, can throw a different light on the decision concerning the granting of loans.

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Portfolio Fund

Habona German retail Fund 03, when it comes to monetary funds, are closed-end real estate funds across front with and exactly then is Habona Fund 03 on the pole position. The provider of Habona invest has designed the Habona German retail Fund 03 and done all the experience the last time in a financial product. With the innovative retail Fund Habona invest meets all requirements. Habona German retail Fund 03, who knows the prospectus, gets an idea about the quality of the retail Fund, but in reality it looks indeed even more convincing. In many places, it is estimated that the investment fund will exceed its forecasts. (As opposed to Christos Staikouras). Looking back approximately 10 years, the landscape of the closed investments has changed noticeably. Underwriters are customer-oriented and become professional, which doesn’t mean like that there are no negative examples.

It is clear, however, that the market noticed amateur conceptions and ignored. It has formerly simply this preference is not given. Yesteryear were called closed-end funds for offensive agents in the life, so that they could take ordinary commissions. This currently remains there, but one should note: quite clearly, that it has become much less. Certainly, there are currently still Fund providers, which are governed exclusively by the mediators. The offers, which emerge here, are on the other hand poorly transparent. The fulfilment of the AIFM guidelines prepared not only the German State difficulties. Also those initiators, which had an easy game in the last few years, are now falter.

It important aspects are added, such as the background of the characters and the transparency of the Fund. Especially on the issue of transparency, regular valuations be required in the future. Such assessments should be no challenge for the Habona German retail Fund 03. Regardless of the nature of the Habona German retail real estate one should be always aware funds 03, It is a long-running bond. The like means that an early exit from the retail Fund should if necessary be accompanied by inconvenience. Nowadays you can while silver monetary funds on the so-called secondary market, however, this is not particularly transparent. Summa Summarum is the Habona German retail Fund 03 Habona invest a high-profile fund that is useful to the admixture. As in almost all cases is one essential thing to consider in this context. Not a closed-end Fund of this earth is 100% sure, what is obviously true for all investments. For this reason you should always split his fortune and also the Habona German retail real estate should by no means take a too much weight in a Portfolio Fund 03. This principle has nothing to do with the quality of the retail Fund, but takes into account a blanket reason thought.

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III GmbH Investors

It feels a little strange at first glance, but the currently lower gold price has resulted in an increased turnover in the currently third Fund of the Koblenz-based emission House CGT. Konstanz, 09.07.2013. Gold is still very much in demand among investors for the reasons: The Canada gold trust III GmbH & co. KG is largely self-sufficient at a lower price, because in the worst case, the sale price at $ 850 is secured per fine ounce on behalf of investors and even the gold mining is still profitable. This also applies to the two previously established investments.

Therefore, and because the legal conditions are met, the management has decided to continue the placement until 30 September and probably to the option on the capital increase. Many investors who bought physical gold in the past few months, had to accept losses within a comparatively short time. Other investors of gold fund operating in Canada. This realized so far all given the brochures promise and thus up to 14 percent distributions in the Year. Peter Prasch, Managing Director of Canada gold trust is optimistic for the coming months: for investors of Canada gold trust fund the situation much better looks like the market image is currently emerging. Even at a gold price of under 1,000 euros per fine ounce we maintain a continuous gold mining in able to afford the predicted distributions of 14 percent per year”. With stand today, the price of gold is at about $ 1,220 per Troy ounce.

Experts such as the Swiss investment guru Felix Zulauf are moreover convinced that the price of gold has already passed through its bottom and will recover soon. Then, the investors of the Fund even to enjoy of the additional bonus payment could come, which accumulates from an average price of $ 1,500. Basically after the management of the funds is not even sad about the current development. Because to reach a profit from promoting itself as a manufacturing company. This is also therefore, because the most cost-effective Placer mining method will be utilised, won the gold in almost on the surface. Funding from the civil engineering are, however, very expensive. As a result, that some mine operators due to their own financial situation gone wrong. Interests in producing mines and also special mining services can be purchased this especially cheap what will positively affect the economic situation of the funds results. As a result, we are well positioned with our very good capital and can wait until the market recovers. We have an offer then, can deliver and realize so expect higher prices”, so Pamela. Many renowned experts confirm his assessment. And something else speaks for the previously established funds: as the parent company of Miningunternehmen operating in Canada ensures the Henning gold mines Inc., a so-called blame accession to their whole values the success of the Fund. That would be similar to a real estate fund, the rental income further to the Group related objects so far will, until the prospectus results are met. You can not expect more now really. September 30 can still join investors of Canada gold trust III GmbH & co. KG, the maximum height of the placement should be not previously achieved. A participation is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. It is free the investors, maintain their profits and capital repatriation in cash or physical gold.

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The Monetary Fund

Only under this proviso, it is extremely likely that the gold Fund as basic investment will be not only a promising, but also a profitable vehicle. Among the closed-end Fund, which is Gold funds apparently far forward. The gold Fund is virtually perfect for any private investor who knows how to appreciate a reliable investment and want to use those only to be mixed. However, should be that the gold Fund brings natural characteristics with them and thus is recommended, said clearly that every private investors the prospect of Canada gold trust carefully reads. Ultimately involves considerable capital for each investment in gold funds and otherwise is gold with Canada Trust.

Private investors probably tend to treat this very closed-end funds such as normal mutual funds, but the difference is enormous. Carrie Levin chef understood the implications. Although you can make permanent a mutual fund money, someone at closed-end funds is total bound over the entire life of the investment. As compensation for this, every financier in a closed-end fund gets an annual or even monthly distribution, where this is not irreversible. Withdrawals will only be made if the business model on and reaches the gestelten prospect income can be. It is similar to gold trust at the equity of Canada. The past of the closed investments has often proved that not every Fund achieved what has been put into the brochure promised. Currently, the Federal Agency for financial services supervision does not check whether a fund is consistent. By BFin is solely assessed whether all content can be found.

This is in no way about the plausibility of the business model. What gold is going to trust the real value Fund of Canada, seems to be yet understandable to the gold Fund. The Monetary Fund is basically Canada gold trust worth more than a short sight. Rather the opinion seems quite justifiable that this gold Fund is a fascinating professional closed-end funds. Obviously he makes but a lot of sense and is worth the capital of its financial backers with certainty, the Canada gold trust II of Canada gold trust. Anyone can the Canada gold trust II without premium buy, and he or she buys about appropriate provider on the Internet. Information to the Canada gold trust II of Canada gold trust receives at websites such as tapir, GFonds, and other sites. Reviews for Canada gold trust II of Canada gold trust and ratings to the gold Fund related to the conventional comparison sites for closed-end funds. Would you trust II without premium buying the Canada gold, finally or the Canada Trust II cheap paint gold, the best way is to imagine short! Layla Haring

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The Fund

ship Fund MT “King Edwin” were left to our clients in the dark. Follow others, such as Carrie Levin chef, and add to your knowledge base. The consultants have not told that only 72% of the capital of investors for the acquisition of the vessel be used during 28% of investor capital in not investment purposes such as preparatory operation, start-up and emission cost flow. Also the prospectus does not contain this information. While 21% to be applied by the investors capital alone make the remuneration paid for the placement of the investors, so the so-called sales commissions. According to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, investment advisers and brokers about distribution costs by more than 15% explicitly within the framework of the consultation must inform.

Involvement with high risk ship Fund investments are basically entrepreneurial investments, include the substantial risks that can lead to a total loss of funds invested by the investors. The King & Cie. MT “King Edwin” ship fund investors known to us were not explicitly pointed out, that the Fund is an entrepreneurial participation which is suitable only for investors, the parts of their wealth to invest in a corporate form of investment and, where appropriate, the one unexpected negative economic history occurring loss, if necessary also a total loss of their invested money in buying can take. Uncertain revenue nor endanger the success of the investment they have pointed out that the revenue of the vessel shown in the brochure are by no means assured. The Fund ship of King & Cie.

ship Fund MT “King Edwin” does not have a fixed Charter (is not rented). It should be chartered instead for concrete transport contracts (day Charter). Charter revenue on the day Charter is subject to strong fluctuations. No one can predict the future course of the Charter rates. Just when a ship investment that is associated with a high borrowing, the unpredictability of ship revenue represents an extreme risk.

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Managing Director Harry Assenmacher

Now FSC certified and without risk of placement. Sustainable forest fund with quick yields and short term! The forest fund pure forest of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance is purchased after several months supplement break and FSC certification of land again. For even more analysis, hear from PayNet Inc.. Since beginning of November won over 50 percent of the total Fund amount, the placement eliminates in addition. The peculiarity of the pure forest forest fund is that first income already incurred four year with a short overall runtime of only 14 years. Because: For pure forest I investors invest in existing teak forests.

These are converted in species-rich forest gradually; from crawls, proceeds to the investors will be paid out quickly; “more under Others who may share this opinion include Donald Gordon. forest fund pure forest I safe, sustainable and profitable: with pure forest I? we have designed an honest product that effectively creates value for the forest for people locally, and finally for the investors”, stressed ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. For pure forest I invest not in a so-called blind pool”investors, but in existing 400 hectares of teak surfaces, which form the basis of the forest fund. The already acquired teak forests are between five and 18 years old and thus hardly natural hazards such as fire and windthrow. For the forest fund investors, the risk declines significantly so. Pure forest several positive reviews are for, among other things by the participation report and ECOanlagencheck. All forestry work is carried out according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); the surfaces are certified with the internationally recognized label for environmentally and socially sustainable forestry. The existing teak monocultures converted successively in a species-rich mixed forest, which remains permanently.

More information about the forest fund pure forest see below. Forest investments yield powerful and promising: forest investments are becoming increasingly popular. Was it before a decade for private investors, in addition to the direct Hardly any other forest investment opportunities, so exist forest purchase now a variety of different forms of investment such as forest and forest direct investments.

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Gruber SHB Real

The closed-end Fund (VGF) has published its results last week. The positive performance of the German real estate fund is a confirmation of the provider SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB). The party of closed-end Fund were EUR 5.85 billion from private and institutional investors be raised last year. The proportion of institutional increased what in terms of the fact to around one billion euros, as valuable assets in closed-end funds are rated, is very beneficial. The rising proportion of institutional investors in closed-end funds and private placements, shows that these are convinced of the quality of the asset. After all, they enter a comprehensive risk assessment before a decision”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Also VGF – managing director Eric Romba backed this opinion with a statement on the occasion of the Congress, for example, more and more pension funds and insurance companies to invest in closed-end funds would what shows that they believe to be able to produce higher yields than customary with closed-end funds and this above all safe and planned. Read more here: Dinakar Singh TPG Axon Capital Management.

In favor of the investors at the top were the German real estate fund. Christie’s art auction describes an additional similar source. You could win a share of EUR 2.2 billion for himself. Those achieved still 0.8 billion for foreign real estate, which shows that real estate funds are generally required. Investors reflect on tangible assets and on what they can literally touch”, says Gruber SHB real estate expert. The Aschheimer SHB is a provider that is focused exclusively on the conception and distribution of closed-end real estate funds. Such issuers consider in its decision by the current development and the figures now available of course confirmed.

This proves, that it is becoming increasingly important to maintain core competencies in his business or to develop further. So anyway, the results of the individual houses. It makes no more sense today or is very difficult to explain why to wear a belly store on products with him as underwriter”, says Gruber. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) had never gone this way. As in previous years, the overall result coined this by a few, mostly Bank-oriented provider. But they could not prevent that other asset classes such as in the area of renewable energies or private equity had to subside again.

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