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Brave New World

Thorough analyses clearly demonstrate that investments in solar funds are just extremely interesting in the near future. Solar funds are since the restructuring of the recent Photovoltaikgesetzes to the 01.04.2012 the focus of investors. God and the world are wondering again and again whether such changes alter the environment of the solar funds and to what extent it should continue to draw solar Fund. Since the introduction of the EEG, which means renewable energy Act, 12 years ago the State guarantee of acceptance under the normal electricity charges of the consumer, which revealed significant opportunities for the first time. Solar Fund will experience a new cycle of demand with the help of this policy correction. It has with certainty the effect that solar fund new models need to be prepared for, to make the new framework conditions in the calculation of solar fund issuers.

Solar funds are likely to suffer as well by a possible ban on ground-mounted plants in Germany. Some solar Fund reviews confirm that conversion regions quite are likely to be rare, on the other hand fallow farming as well as commercial and industrial space seemingly en masse are available, to cover the needs in the same sense in addition. An alternative prerequisite for lucrative green power marketing seems a significant cost and price cut at the system level. Also at this point, issuers for solar Fund have done their homework, because such tendency should be implemented gradually in the following years. The innovative design can undoubtedly in the worst case when exit from the EEG are considered, by contrast, is gradual noted that solar fund guarantee future positive returns despite all this. The green electricity is still protected due to the priority scheme and purchase obligation of the network operator. PV should be equally in the future positively positioned in the Federal Republic plants for solar Fund, especially as the EEG guarantees the State guarantee of acceptance until the year 2016. Alone the amount may vary in the future.

The risk for the Cancellation of the EEG is quite tiny, because the environmental target in Germany up to the year 2030, the year 2050 to 30% of energy needs from clean energy even 80%. Especially a sector would have to win for this reason, the solar Fund. Solar Fund commitment would have low system prices and new EEG marketing models below for more mobility: operators of large plants have the opportunity through direct sales dealer to increase the income, which would help many solar Fund. Solar funds have large assets of direct marketing outside of the EEG due to rising electricity prices. Direct solar funds obtained through the market premium (anchored in the EEG) under current conditions of fascination. Also the power will be in the future about the feed-in tariff for large PV installations, solar Fund.

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What Borseneinsteiger of equity funds should not only know if they want to invest in the emerging markets an equity fund is a form of investment fund, which invests mainly in equities. These shares can create an index or a particular investment idea (regions/countries, technologies, industries, corporate ethics such as environmental, religious standards, etc.). With purchase of shares in an equity Fund (represented by share certificates, which the securities account be kept in) so is shareholder of a whole share package, which was put together as an investment strategy. Seen the late of 1990s primarily technology companies in Western Europe and Northern America, the opportunities you want to have part as a shareholder for a few years also in the positive development of emerging countries (China/Hong Kong, India, Brazil/Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa). Because it is on the one hand is still difficult, the necessary information about interesting shares and above all the sense of the distant market to get and on the other hand the Not necessarily sufficient – if at all – on the local stock exchange are traded, it is little recommended, even the stock-picking to make shares for private investors. Investments in appropriate equity funds are better suited.

Criteria for the selection of a Fund are liquidity/flexibility (how quickly and easily I the Fund sell, if I no longer want him), investment idea (orientation of the Fund) and the willingness to take risks/investment strategy of the investor (low risk = asset preservation or higher opportunities and risks = asset propagation). Note: equity funds – especially such opportunities also among the riskier investments such as stocks and emerging market funds – should make up only a part of the investment (-> see investment). Exchange-traded funds compared to equity funds, right when you buy over the Bank of the fund company, offer greater flexibility at lower costs (no task rash). They’re called Exchange-traded funds -ETFs. Earlier were traded only index funds on the stock exchange and the term ETF often used interchangeably for index funds – for it is required Yes No expensive fund management because they replicate only a stock index (= passive Portfoliomanagment). Meanwhile, too many other equity funds on the stock markets are listed. After this you must however explicitly ask or search by themselves, because since the banks of them earn most no Commission, they do not have that in their recommendation repertoire.

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DCM AG Engines

The DCM AG is continuing its successful aviation Fund series and offers with the ‘ DCM GmbH & co. engine Fund 1 KG’ their first pure aircraft turbine Fund. Munich, 10.05.2012. For this offer, the Munich put on a powerhouse”from up to three engines of the type GE90-115B, as well as two of the largest and most trusted companies in the aviation industry: at General Electric, one of the largest conglomerate in the world, which is the manufacturer and service provider of Fund engines and Emirates as a lessee, who is considered one of the fastest-growing and most profitable airlines in the world. All contracts completed this set over the entire term of the Fund. Emirates also transferred all operational costs during this period.

The GE90-115 B-engine is the most powerful thrust, civilian engine of the world and specifically designed for the long-range Boeing-777-300ER aircraft with a range of 14.685 km. Dubai’s biggest airline Emirates relies heavily on this aircraft model and in addition has the already in the service ordered 61 machines recently more 90. A particularity of DCM engine Fund 1 is the investment in so-called Exchange engines. These are used when the original engines of an aircraft in service. Way to avoid costly downtime of the aircraft, while the turbines are maintained. Engines are considered it extremely value stable. “Special advantage is that General Electric all services from a single source” offers: with the Division of GE Aviation and its subsidiary leasing company GECAS, the group occurs at the same time as manufacturer, leasing Manager, and remarketing agent for the Fund. Also, the maintenance of the engines from GE-Aviation is performed.

Because GECAS on the later proceeds to participate also with highest care in the maintenance and the prospect of a high selling price is guaranteed. For resale after the end of the leasing and fund duration was a conservative sales approach by 15 to 20 percent among the still Subordinate assessor values. The up to three engines to be financed with a total investment of $ 73.5 million. Investors can participate from $ 10,000 plus 3 per cent premium. The runtime is encouragingly short with only 7.5 years. Despite the high equity ratio of approximately 58 percent (placed capital $ 42.5 million including premium) a continuous distribution is offered by seven percent per year for a total cash return by 161 percent before personal tax of the investor. Alfred Dietrich, Sales Director of DCM AG, brings the stability formula of the first engine Fund of DCM to the point: income stability over the entire term, based on a stable value asset, fixed leases and strong contract partners. In conjunction with an interesting ROI forecast, we open up the opportunity to participate in a highly economic, security-oriented participation offer investors thus.

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Santander Customers

Lawyers set damages for Santander customers through a reopening of the Santander asset management funds Kapitalprotekt P (WKN SEB1AA / ISIN DE000SEB1AA9) is increasingly unlikely. Through the liquidation of CS Euroreal and SEB Immoinvest, two open-ended real estate funds in which the Kapitalprotekt has invested P, investors will have to wait possibly on their money until the end of the winding-up of SEB Immoinvest and CS Euroreal, were estimated for the period of 5 years. Whether they ever fully get their money back, is currently completely open. This is especially bad for investors, which as part of their investment advice or the SEB/Santander asset management of the Fund as safe and always available at the Depot has been given. The former SEB asset management customers Bank was recommended late 2008 the diversion of their funds very conservatively applied as a safe part of the assets in these funds. But the Fund was always uncertain over the years, the risks increased dramatically. The background is that open Real estate funds, in which large parts of the Fund’s assets are invested have only suspended the redemption and later decided its liquidation. Thus created risk, which are not compatible with a safe, conservative investment.

Many asset management clients were been transferred Bank with retail banking of the SEB to the Santander Bank, were not informed about this development. Also fund shares were not sold by the asset management, what they would have been required in our opinion. We see good opportunities to get fully back their invested money in the form of damages for asset management customers of Santander Bank, which have the Santander asset management funds Kapitalprotekt P in their management Depot. We are for an assessment of their personal situation and your legal options. Call us, we know how investors come into their own.

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German Investment

The closed-end funds ILG is the selection process of the summary prospectus-check Fund No. 37. The Fund is designed as investor-oriented. The summary prospectus check demands high investment levels, low soft costs, and a solid use of the liquidity reserve. Furthermore, funds characterized by a mostly positive performance record and a serious initiators occurrence with a positive rating. Only about 15 percent of the audited funds receive brochure check a positive conclusion. The ILG Fund No.

37 has undergone the summary brochure-check positive and is thus available at conclusion GmbH in Altusried im Allgau for investors. Managing Director Hans-Peter Walter Kugler sees the benefits of the ILG funds especially in the location and tenant mix, the high liquidity reserve and reserves for maintenance and revitalization. The bottom line-brochure-check to the ILG is available as a pdf download and youtube video on Fund No. 37. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler with the summary brochure-check filters white”closed-end funds in the gray Capital market. Since the formal BFin prescribed since 2005 provide no security seal, is testing the commercial viability and plausibility of funds via an intermediary for Walter Kugler of central importance.

The summary prospectus-check provides therefore figures for the level of investment, the soft costs and to use the liquidity reserve, as well as a subjective assessment by Walter Kugler. We do not select funds according to the highest Commission. We do exactly the opposite.” Recommended for the brochure check judgment conclusion”a closed-end Fund must have an investment level of at least 85 percent. Walter Kugler does not check Fund below 80 percent. The summary prospectus check represents the interests of the investor when determining participation in the foreground. The conclusion of investment brokerage and asset management operates in the entire financial services sector. Sabine Walter Kugler is a competent contact person for retirement plans, insurance and financing. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler is a competent contact for open and closed investment funds. He analyzed and selling closed-end funds for twenty years. Twelve years he worked at a major German bank. 1997 Walter Kugler has been independent financial advisers. He writes articles about closed-end funds (e.g. for performance, investment, real estate newspaper and euros on Sunday here with warnings in 2001 to fund by Falk and DBVI) since 1999. At seminars, he explained his approach to choosing a participation so far about 2,000 participants. CONCLUSION GmbH investment brokerage and investment advisory services Hans-Peter WALTER KUGLER (banking specialist) Kempten Street 2 87452 Altusried Tel. 08373 98 77 0 fax 08373 98 77 10

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Fund Estate

Innovative fund concepts need make it necessary for purchase of real estate, retirement protection and later consumption the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) alerts on the latest TNS infratest survey on behalf of the Association of private building societies, where 2000 citizens over 14 years of age were interviewed. This survey is carried out three times in the year. It was the 42nd survey, the results of which are classified as significant. The experience is also reflected in the survey, why the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) gives her a high priority”, Hans Gruber knows about the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). “The fact is: now saves every second German citizens for the acquisition or renovation of housing”.

Compared to the spring survey, this savings goal with an increase of 3.5 percentage points (to 50.6 per cent) so was able to consolidate his third place. Will continue on the rank list of savings targets by the retirement”, the to 2.4 percentage points to 62.1 percent climbed. Second most important savings goal remains”consumption or later acquisitions, whose value however by 3.4 percentage points to 56.1 percent declined. Only by a wide margin the savings goal followed by capital investment”, it nevertheless joined 36.8 percent. This shows that the citizens then have a great need, taking monetary systems when dealing financially with the own four walls to create security and this waiver of consumer in purchase”, thinks the SHB-real estate specialist. Just citizens who were influenced by this provision request and either had not the necessary capital or the effort with an own real estate to the scheuten, for example, as an investment, would be right in funds such as the SHB funds. On the question after the future savings behavior 9.7 percent of respondents indicated this to save more.

These are more than even in the summer of this year. The proportion of citizens who want to or can not save remained virtually unchanged. That is 12.3 percent. To four percentage points increased the proportion of those who save with a specific target. Andreas J. Zehnder, the Chairman of the Board of the Association of private building societies, commented on this to the magazine financial world: increasingly afford again saving. The good news from the labour market are reflected here.” The positive mood of the citizens is also reflected in the spar climate index of the Association. He is from the percentage of those who want to save more in the future, and those who want to save in the future less calculated as balance. He had risen from minus 4.1 minus 2.4, which corresponds to the highest level for eight years. This result is very positive and reflected also in the placement of real estate funds with German real estate”, Hans Gruber says of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). This form of real estate investment offers a wide population the chance to benefit from the advantages of professionally managed real estate. The real estate Fund do not understand this as to build replacement of privately used property, but as a complement, inflation protected asset wealth as an investment.

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Federal Government

In the equity sector it crises: interesting investment opportunities are desperately sought while investors shun the segment of the closed-end funds. St. Gallen, 28.10.2013. The image of the closed-end funds was considered affected: fraud, poor performance and lack of transparency are just a few reasons that restrain investors despite the current complex emergency. Closed-end funds acquire tangible assets such as aircraft, real estate, boats, wind power and solar systems for a longer period of time.

The drawing investors enter into an entrepreneurial participation and undertake to keep their capital until the sale of the investment object in the Fund. The industry gained a 2012 so little money like never before: only 4.5 billion. Even in the crisis year of 2008, there were more. 2007 had the Party raised more than 12.6 billion to investors. The sales weakness continued also in the first quarter of 2013.

The selection of closed-end Fund has dropped significantly. The BFin has 29 new deals in the first quarter allows. After the Federal Government has newly regulates the industry products within the framework of the EU directive for managers of alternative investment funds (AIFM) July 22, went so far at least recognizable no new models of participation in the placement. The placement volume will shrink this year expected to be 40 percent. The great restraint lies with the new permission because among other things, that the initiators as well as the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin) as the licensing authority had serious problems with the handling of the new regulations, it is called in the industry. The issuing houses must meet in the future higher standards. They need an advanced registration, the scope of which is still not entirely clear in the case, and it must meet strict requirements for equity and transparency and disclosure requirements to investors and supervisory. There are also stricter rules for the liquidity and risk management. The new AIFM rules are supposed to a significant regulatory lead and promote the transparency and control over the issuing houses. There is also a leaflet now available for the closed-end funds. Essential information such as assets, investment strategy, risk, capital repayment and yields under different market conditions, as well as costs and commissions must be listed on a maximum of three DIN-A4 pages. For more information,

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