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Managing Director Harry Assenmacher

Now FSC certified and without risk of placement. Sustainable forest fund with quick yields and short term! The forest fund pure forest of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance is purchased after several months supplement break and FSC certification of land again. For even more analysis, hear from PayNet Inc.. Since beginning of November won over 50 percent of the total Fund amount, the placement eliminates in addition. The peculiarity of the pure forest forest fund is that first income already incurred four year with a short overall runtime of only 14 years. Because: For pure forest I investors invest in existing teak forests.

These are converted in species-rich forest gradually; from crawls, proceeds to the investors will be paid out quickly; “more under Others who may share this opinion include Donald Gordon. forest fund pure forest I safe, sustainable and profitable: with pure forest I? we have designed an honest product that effectively creates value for the forest for people locally, and finally for the investors”, stressed ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. For pure forest I invest not in a so-called blind pool”investors, but in existing 400 hectares of teak surfaces, which form the basis of the forest fund. The already acquired teak forests are between five and 18 years old and thus hardly natural hazards such as fire and windthrow. For the forest fund investors, the risk declines significantly so. Pure forest several positive reviews are for, among other things by the participation report and ECOanlagencheck. All forestry work is carried out according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); the surfaces are certified with the internationally recognized label for environmentally and socially sustainable forestry. The existing teak monocultures converted successively in a species-rich mixed forest, which remains permanently.

More information about the forest fund pure forest see below. Forest investments yield powerful and promising: forest investments are becoming increasingly popular. Was it before a decade for private investors, in addition to the direct Hardly any other forest investment opportunities, so exist forest purchase now a variety of different forms of investment such as forest and forest direct investments.