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The Fund

ship Fund MT “King Edwin” were left to our clients in the dark. Follow others, such as Carrie Levin chef, and add to your knowledge base. The consultants have not told that only 72% of the capital of investors for the acquisition of the vessel be used during 28% of investor capital in not investment purposes such as preparatory operation, start-up and emission cost flow. Also the prospectus does not contain this information. While 21% to be applied by the investors capital alone make the remuneration paid for the placement of the investors, so the so-called sales commissions. According to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, investment advisers and brokers about distribution costs by more than 15% explicitly within the framework of the consultation must inform.

Involvement with high risk ship Fund investments are basically entrepreneurial investments, include the substantial risks that can lead to a total loss of funds invested by the investors. The King & Cie. MT “King Edwin” ship fund investors known to us were not explicitly pointed out, that the Fund is an entrepreneurial participation which is suitable only for investors, the parts of their wealth to invest in a corporate form of investment and, where appropriate, the one unexpected negative economic history occurring loss, if necessary also a total loss of their invested money in buying can take. Uncertain revenue nor endanger the success of the investment they have pointed out that the revenue of the vessel shown in the brochure are by no means assured. The Fund ship of King & Cie.

ship Fund MT “King Edwin” does not have a fixed Charter (is not rented). It should be chartered instead for concrete transport contracts (day Charter). Charter revenue on the day Charter is subject to strong fluctuations. No one can predict the future course of the Charter rates. Just when a ship investment that is associated with a high borrowing, the unpredictability of ship revenue represents an extreme risk.