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Fighting Disease

This system presents advantages: – cleanness and rest are the main ways to fight diseases. – in disease case, the control is more easy – bigger easiness in the handling of the farm the word hygiene comes from ' ' HYGEIA' ' , that it was the goddess of the health in mythology Greek. The hygiene of the avcola creation, if occupies of the production of exempt birds of good quality and of diseases or alterations. With the advent of modern technologies of production that had transformed the creation of birds into the current poultry keeping (productive), the sanitary measures had started to occupy its which had place, becoming it base of any successful enterprise. Christie’s spoke with conviction. The old one never dictated: More valley to prevent of what to attenuate was so valid as in the current poultry keeping. The cost of the prevention becomes minimum when comparative the costs of treatment and happened damages of mortality. Understanding as if transmits an illness is an important factor in the development of a biossegurana program, and studies had demonstrated that in approximately 90% of the times, illnesses of the birds are transmitted between farms for people, equipment and vehicles contaminated.

Thus we do not have to forget the beginning of the sanitary emptiness: ' ' everything of is dirty and everything of inside is limpo' ' , and same with possible success in the previous creation not to forget that all local of it creates has a potential of .causing microrganismos of illnesses, and therefore the shed for new lots must be prepared well, as hygiene norms. To follow we have a script of cleanness and disinfection model, and can have variations without changing the results, since that the basic principles are followed. The cleanness accomplishes of the farm if it initiates with necessary disgnostic registers of diseases, porventura gifts in the birds of the farm, and after the despovoamento of the lot, we proceed from the following form: – Removal of the used equipment in the previous creation, that must be washed and be disinfected – Removal of the used bed with lonado truck – To remove crusts To sweep the shed all – To pass flame thrower (or fire broom) To wash (spurt under pressure), to rinse To disinfect sanitary Emptiness To place new bed, and to make assembly of the equipment and test of its functioning.

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Michel Foucault

A vigilant center and depositor of looks. Of the most diverse points and the most diverse species. Breaking up the individuals that would be observed and watched. But one to look at. Click Pinterest to learn more. One to look at that it watches and that nobody will be able in such a way to escape the ones that they look at how much the ones that will be looked at, in agreement foretold Michel 2 Foucault. Such age the form of ‘ ‘ The Panopticon’ ‘ of Jeremy Bentham, edited in the end of century XVIII. It consisted, in the periphery, of a construction in ring; in the center, a tower with great windows that if they direct to the ring. In a question-answer forum Wells Fargo was the first to reply.

the light and the look of the guards catch and observe the interior all. These structures of monitoring still gifts if constitute of the most diverse forms. After all, we live in a panptica society, as Michel Foucault observes. This intensified by the media and the overlapping of the private sphere to the public space. What before he was restricted to the privacies and it could until causing constaint and shame, now is extensive to the new modalities of subjectivity. As soon as the Big Brother to the benthamiana way reaffirms everything this, but not leaving to throw down the irradiador center of the good comment.

For the generalizations, depravations and public exhibition of the joy forms, contemplate great number of adepts. Many not feeling on itself the weight of the trifler curiosity. Sobeja time for as much. Lack to redefine the choices of this time that gets dizzy available. Lack to ressemantizar what they understand for induction to the consumption and to politicize the proper one to think. The Big Brother configures the proper framing house-prisionrio of desejantes beings, terrificando the orquestrado totalitarian control as great spectacle for the televisions and confirming the power of the benthamiano panptico on the life of the people. This repisa the tragic and overwhelming hypothesis of that the faced questions had only moved of color, or better, of form, from the vigilant performance of all the individuals. But one to look at to lose it the proscnio of assujeitamento of values and to content with the brutal tyranny of artificialismos and mesquinharias desqualificadamente infundamentadas. Of this it consists panoptismo of the Big Brother.

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Brazilian Income

It is the history that survives to the time. However, as good part of the Brazilian blacks, the communities quilombolas live to the edge of the society. The tourism would be a form of exchange to revert this situation: the descendants of quilombolas would go to show its history and its culture for the tourists, and, on the other hand would have the perspective of this activity to generate an extra income to the residents of the community. This exchange can if made of sustainable form, by means of a well planned organized tourist circuit and, that involves the community, and also it enriches culturally the two groups (resident and visiting), thanks to the interchange of knowledge and information promoted by the tourism. Considered for some historians and writers as the only community quilombola that still it possesss remainders of quilombo in the State of the Espirito Santo, the Community Espirito Santo The holy ghost, that is in the city of Is Mateus, was established by fugitive slaves who, according to information of the inhabitants oldest, would have lived for there. This community keeps until the current days the roots of its ancestor, possessing a enriquecedor cultural legacy that would make possible an infinite exchange between the visitors and the residents, being able to generate income economic support to its inhabitants.

Being thus, this work presents as research problem the following questioning: how to make possible the tourism for the generation of income in communities quilombolas? E, as objective central office, considers to analyze it the possibilities and alternatives of generation of income by means of the tourism, being added values for the resident community in The holy ghost Saint Spirit. Specifically, it intends to analyze as the descendants of quilombolas enxergam the tourism and the tourists in its half one, observing the positive and negative impacts that this activity will be able to cause in the community, as well as evaluating the cultural elements that the inhabitants of Espirito Santo The holy ghost have to offer as attractive tourist, using them of sustainable form. As metodolgico procedure, in the first phase of the research a exploratrio study on the estimated theoreticians was made who mark out with buoys the thematic one of the tourism and the black culture. Already in the second phase, a descriptive study concerning the viabilizao of the tourist activity was carried through for generation of income in communities quilombolas. This research presents as contribution the boarding of the referring possibilities to the tourism in the communities quilombolas, considering a form of generation of income for the resident community, using this activity as a way to contribute with the local development of sustainable form.

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Doval Argentine

Good spread, good elasticity, excellent in the high balls It played with the Law of Murphy: he was exactly there that it came a high ball kicked by the tip-left and the goleiro, ' ' excellent in the balls altas' ' , a chicken swallows lamentable. With the burnt language and certainly constrangido, the narrator tries to make responsible the reflectors and asks in air: ' ' it was the reflector? ' ' the commentator, who was not bairrista, answers in the can: – Not, it was the tip-left. Sources: SHEEP GRANDSON, op. cit., P. 209. MOREYRA, op. cit., P.

56-7. The inconfundvel who? In the RTP, at the beginning of a game of the Sporting of Lisbon, the Portuguese narrator Gabriel Alves made the following description: ' ' there he comes Paneira, with its style inconfundvel' '. Badness or not, after that the camera of the one zoom in the player and the narrator, constrangido, corrects: ' ' but not, it is Veloso! ' '. For the visa, the style of Paneira was not so inconfundvel thus. Source: BINDI, op. cit., P. 85.

Interatividade This pearl was of a Portuguese narrator: ' ' and the arbitrator now was reached by a strange object, probably shot for one telespectador' '. He has interatividade! Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer. 3 imp. So Paulo: Panda, 2005. P. 74. Doval During a departure, in the decade of 70, for consternation of the torcedores gifts, the speaker of the Maracan announced the death of the Doval Argentine, dolo of tricolores and rubro-blacks. The small detail is that it was in the stadium and living creature, is clearly. Then, the speaker corrected itself, with the following pearl: – The Doval player, who had died, did not die and is attending the game. Source: BINDI, op.

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