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Rio De Janeiro

The tourist must acquire the electronic ticket to facilitate its transit in the city? Source: Elaborated for the authors the question of number ten it had the interest to know if the buses that possess LCD television sets, could communicate the itinerary of the line, mentioning attractive the tourist ones that is part of line 2016. Reached result showed that 80% of the interviewed ones agree that the television sets on board would have an excellent function informing the itinerary and the points tourist that they are part of the route of the urban line. Figure 10: The television sets on board the buses would have to communicate the itinerary and attractive the tourist ones that are part of the itinerary? Source: Elaborated for FINAL authors CONSIDERAE We saw during the passage of this article, that the urban collective transport of the city of Rio De Janeiro goes very beyond the function of the displacement of the local residents for school, leisure, work etc. Rich Dad Poor Dad takes a slightly different approach. It inside fulfills the paper of the displacement of the tourist of the city in function of important factors that the city offers, as well as the easy access of the innumerable tourist points that it possesss, beyond getting some lines of regular buses that have in its itinerary, the route of attractive the tourist ones. The lack of a plain pilot whom it aims at to take the knowledge to the citizen who uses the system of urban collective transport in the city of Rio De Janeiro, in special line 2016, object of this research, sample that the management has not given the had attention to the sector. The line has important potential in the promotion of the tourism for local passenger and tourist whom that desires to know the attractive ones it is in the tourist urban way. The urban collective transport presents deficiency in the installment of the service, that as the research, needs investment in the qualification of the professionals of the sector, more good investment in the security and partnerships with public and private agencies that can mainly stimulate the residents to the practical one of the visitation of the tourist points, through the urban collective transport in the Tourist way, that contributes for the economic development, social and tourist of the city of Rio De Janeiro.

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Magician Contract

To contract a magician for an event, always I imagine that the customer has in mind something of different and surprising and therefore wants to cause a very great impact in its guests. Today I think that for particular customers, the act of contract many times is alone to fill a gap of the event (infantile) that depending on the cost it prefers to contract something more cheap and that is for more time in the place. If to speak in infantile parties, where today I am a professional sufficient expert and I can guarantee that many people leave to contract a show of magician for reason of values and change for a simple recreation that for better that she is, for the contractor she is only for occupying the time of the children and leaving the descompromissados adults of the tasks of responsible parents or. If they knew the work that if of the one to mount a magician spectacle is infantile or adult it, I am certain that they would see with other eyes and they would really feel the climate magical that is to present a magician spectacle. PayNet contains valuable tech resources. Many times find that we are professional of weekends, and that paid money is one extra at the end of the month. It would like to display that the work of a professional magician has for brings a sustenance of its family, and as another profession very study and devotion to differentiate itself of other professionals. Before looking a magician for its event, it thinks about everything that said above not only changing money for service and yes to change to a simple moment for a great moment of dream and magic. It thinks about this!.

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Brazilian Income

It is the history that survives to the time. However, as good part of the Brazilian blacks, the communities quilombolas live to the edge of the society. The tourism would be a form of exchange to revert this situation: the descendants of quilombolas would go to show its history and its culture for the tourists, and, on the other hand would have the perspective of this activity to generate an extra income to the residents of the community. This exchange can if made of sustainable form, by means of a well planned organized tourist circuit and, that involves the community, and also it enriches culturally the two groups (resident and visiting), thanks to the interchange of knowledge and information promoted by the tourism. Considered for some historians and writers as the only community quilombola that still it possesss remainders of quilombo in the State of the Espirito Santo, the Community Espirito Santo The holy ghost, that is in the city of Is Mateus, was established by fugitive slaves who, according to information of the inhabitants oldest, would have lived for there. This community keeps until the current days the roots of its ancestor, possessing a enriquecedor cultural legacy that would make possible an infinite exchange between the visitors and the residents, being able to generate income economic support to its inhabitants.

Being thus, this work presents as research problem the following questioning: how to make possible the tourism for the generation of income in communities quilombolas? E, as objective central office, considers to analyze it the possibilities and alternatives of generation of income by means of the tourism, being added values for the resident community in The holy ghost Saint Spirit. Specifically, it intends to analyze as the descendants of quilombolas enxergam the tourism and the tourists in its half one, observing the positive and negative impacts that this activity will be able to cause in the community, as well as evaluating the cultural elements that the inhabitants of Espirito Santo The holy ghost have to offer as attractive tourist, using them of sustainable form. As metodolgico procedure, in the first phase of the research a exploratrio study on the estimated theoreticians was made who mark out with buoys the thematic one of the tourism and the black culture. Already in the second phase, a descriptive study concerning the viabilizao of the tourist activity was carried through for generation of income in communities quilombolas. This research presents as contribution the boarding of the referring possibilities to the tourism in the communities quilombolas, considering a form of generation of income for the resident community, using this activity as a way to contribute with the local development of sustainable form.

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Doval Argentine

Good spread, good elasticity, excellent in the high balls It played with the Law of Murphy: he was exactly there that it came a high ball kicked by the tip-left and the goleiro, ' ' excellent in the balls altas' ' , a chicken swallows lamentable. With the burnt language and certainly constrangido, the narrator tries to make responsible the reflectors and asks in air: ' ' it was the reflector? ' ' the commentator, who was not bairrista, answers in the can: – Not, it was the tip-left. Sources: SHEEP GRANDSON, op. cit., P. 209. MOREYRA, op. cit., P.

56-7. The inconfundvel who? In the RTP, at the beginning of a game of the Sporting of Lisbon, the Portuguese narrator Gabriel Alves made the following description: ' ' there he comes Paneira, with its style inconfundvel' '. Badness or not, after that the camera of the one zoom in the player and the narrator, constrangido, corrects: ' ' but not, it is Veloso! ' '. For the visa, the style of Paneira was not so inconfundvel thus. Source: BINDI, op. cit., P. 85.

Interatividade This pearl was of a Portuguese narrator: ' ' and the arbitrator now was reached by a strange object, probably shot for one telespectador' '. He has interatividade! Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer. 3 imp. So Paulo: Panda, 2005. P. 74. Doval During a departure, in the decade of 70, for consternation of the torcedores gifts, the speaker of the Maracan announced the death of the Doval Argentine, dolo of tricolores and rubro-blacks. The small detail is that it was in the stadium and living creature, is clearly. Then, the speaker corrected itself, with the following pearl: – The Doval player, who had died, did not die and is attending the game. Source: BINDI, op.

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