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Doval Argentine

Good spread, good elasticity, excellent in the high balls It played with the Law of Murphy: he was exactly there that it came a high ball kicked by the tip-left and the goleiro, ' ' excellent in the balls altas' ' , a chicken swallows lamentable. With the burnt language and certainly constrangido, the narrator tries to make responsible the reflectors and asks in air: ' ' it was the reflector? ' ' the commentator, who was not bairrista, answers in the can: – Not, it was the tip-left. Sources: SHEEP GRANDSON, op. cit., P. 209. MOREYRA, op. cit., P.

56-7. The inconfundvel who? In the RTP, at the beginning of a game of the Sporting of Lisbon, the Portuguese narrator Gabriel Alves made the following description: ' ' there he comes Paneira, with its style inconfundvel' '. Badness or not, after that the camera of the one zoom in the player and the narrator, constrangido, corrects: ' ' but not, it is Veloso! ' '. For the visa, the style of Paneira was not so inconfundvel thus. Source: BINDI, op. cit., P. 85.

Interatividade This pearl was of a Portuguese narrator: ' ' and the arbitrator now was reached by a strange object, probably shot for one telespectador' '. He has interatividade! Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer. 3 imp. So Paulo: Panda, 2005. P. 74. Doval During a departure, in the decade of 70, for consternation of the torcedores gifts, the speaker of the Maracan announced the death of the Doval Argentine, dolo of tricolores and rubro-blacks. The small detail is that it was in the stadium and living creature, is clearly. Then, the speaker corrected itself, with the following pearl: – The Doval player, who had died, did not die and is attending the game. Source: BINDI, op.

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