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Charles Beard

&#039 says talmud; ' Of what valley the knowledge if not to know uses-lo.' ' The advances without precedents of science and technology had not been folloied by a corresponding development in the religious and moral conscience of the human being. The wisdom and scientific knowledge had simply allowed the manufacture of new weapons, infinitely devastadoras of what any known others previously, to be used in its fight to satisfy its you covet wild more without moral restrictions as moderators. Thus we will cite three approach of desunio reasons: The first approach is economic; for extension it would imply in a economic interpretation of history: the world-wide events, the social wars and movements they are caused by the materialistic desires, necessities or impulses. Karl Marx popularized this point of view with its dialtico materialism, until the point where this is associated with its name in the world all. In the United States, Charles Beard applied this principle in its economic interpretation of the United States constitution. Frequently, if not always, the war has a economic base: the material desires lead to the aggression and the conquest. As the approach represents the theory of that the religious differences had been responsible for the disputes and the violence in the world.

Unfortunately, this also can be registered. Much blood was spilled with result of a distorted idealismo, of the religious fanatism, ' ' wars santas' ' destined to perpetuate one definitive ' ' faith verdadeira' ' , that some looked for to impose to the others. The third approach is the primitive impulse of sexual conquest that the man moves can be underlying in many of the aggressions. Pioneering discoveries of Freud had indicated until extreme such motivation can meet in the unconscious human being, when not in the conscientious thought. These are, the main reasons, capable to take people and nations to commit aggression, even though murder. Where it is the wisdom in these cases? In the absence of ' ' temor' ' , the wisdom and intelligence are used to rationalize the acts of violence and injustice, and to prove that supposedly necessary and they are justified. It is alone to follow history to understand that nothing it is by chance.

Of the great Masters, first Moiss lode that taught to follow the Laws and later lode Jesus to teach the understanding of these laws. After all nobody goes the college without passing for the college student! At last, while this, only remains the security that the knowledge if defends and the death of the man is the main reply to the fear. Learn more at this site: johny ive. World of slaves not? ! finally as &#039 said FONTAINE THERE; ' Le climbs vient tout to gurir; More ne bougeons do nous sommes; Plutt to soufrir that to mourir; Cest there devise DES hommes. ' ' ' ' The death comes all to sarar; But continuing where we are; Before to suffer from what to die; the destination of homens.' '