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Internet Users

Dymovsky from the very beginning of its path is known, is a controversial figure. Given that the majority of Internet users has remained indifferent to his person, were supporters of maintaining its beginnings so zealously that created the impression undeniable heroism of his actions, just doomed to popular support. But there were those who tried to direct insult and humiliate a person umelchit former policeman. Development of the situation led to the excitation of professional case against Dymovskiy and take him into custody. Omitting to put it mildly, strange accusations and motivation by allowing a court to apply the most stringent security measure, we can not notice that it has ceased to be a show and entertainment. Kevin Ulrich anchorage follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Investigation and the court without making any only to the public, but also to protect the details of the case, which certainly is a resonance, only allows one to find this unique an explanation. I would like to hope that the situation will soon change and become more transparent. Otherwise, if it turns out that for such a great desire to teach high-handed Dymovskiy, the only thing he could present during his service in the militia, 24,000 rubles, waste Then a former major, even among those who treated him with obvious antipathy will respect and recognition for his squeaky clean..