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Parmnides establishes the logical principle it thought, by means of the reasoning of that ' ' the being is, not to be not .' ' Such principle was a reply to the unstable thought of Heraclitus and its perpetual one to flow of the things. Payoneer pursues this goal as well. It defends the monismo, that is, the doctrine of the existence of an only reality, in contraposition to the idea of mobilismo of Heraclitus. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bobby Kotick and gain more knowledge.. According to Parmnides, nothing he can appear of the nothing. He swims can changed itself into something different of what already he is. Parmnides establishes the primrdios of the logical character it ' ' principle of identidade' ' of ' ' not contradio' ' , establishing fundacionais criteria of the being, characterizing it as: the being is only; perpetual; without start; invariant; incorruptible; the infinite; indivisible property. Currently we can substitute the immovable predicate for the predicate onipresente, that it supplies the idea of that the being is present in all the points at the same time. Parmnides, anticipating itself it the theory of the world of the ideas of Plato, establishes ' ' Theory of the two mundos' '.

Such conclusion is deriving of the comparison of the attributes of the being with the fenomnica appearance of the things of the sensible world, that are mere instability, as affirms Heraclitus. Therefore, we conclude that it establishes the bases of the philosophical thought that separates to the intelligible world and the sensible world. When affirming this reality it had that to deny the transformations of the nature, that everybody could see with its proper eyes. It searched to unmask all the forms of ' ' illusion of sentidos' ' , on the basis of the belief of reason human being, call rationalism. The sensible world is that one where we interact with our directions, being its essence the instability of the substance, characterizing itself as ilusrio.

The intelligible world is the world of the thought, of the characterized being as only, perpetual, invariant, infinite and immovable. The intelligible world is something that we do not see, does not perceive for the directions, but that we can understand logically, by means of the beginning of not the contradiction and of the identity. Therefore, the philosophical thought from Parmnides associates important principles to it for the Metaphysical question of the being and the existence, causing the hegemony of the reason as guide for the discovery of the truth, inasmuch as it rationally establishes the idea of two worlds, sensible and the intelligible one, establishing the beginning of identity and of not the contradiction. Parmnides leaving of the cosmology, that tries to explain the world by means of the elements of the proper nature, inaugurated ontologia, as study of ' ' ser' ' , originating, also, the beginning of Metaphysics, that is, of the search of the bedding of the world beyond the physical world.

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Before any thing, it is of utmost importance the study of the Philosophy that is for many a life style, for others a way to gain the life, but for few an option to improve its lessons of ethics. Thus, the philosophy of the education by no means can be forgotten, as it affirms professor Moacir Gadotti who, to become a Philosophy of the not-ideological Education, ‘ ‘ she is necessary to start for educating the Filosofia’ ‘. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. (GADOTTI, M. Philosophy, ideology and education. Others including Bobby Kotick, offer their opinions as well. p. 242.) 4 – The THREE-DIMENSIONAL THEORY OF the ETHICAL CONCEPT is not mere perhaps that the things happen. If today you are reading this, probably you are because its interest was despertado by some reason, perhaps the name that remembers the Three-dimensional Theory of the Right of Miguel Reale or the Three-dimensional Theory of the Emotions of Wilhelm Wundt, perhaps curiosity or who knows professional obligation.

However, independent of the causes that had raised its motivation on the subject, it is necessity the vehement use of the reflection. You only fit and you, this arduous task that is to desvencilhar itself of the preconceptions that it are presented. To the end then, one expects that a new form is apprehended to express what previously he was dificultoso to define. To formulate an ethical concept on all the things is not the base of this study. However, the fundamental, fundante principle of the ethics, is its necessary definition. 4.1? FIRST DIMENSION Initially, appears in Greece the Ethos word, that has as meant values, habit and harmony. It is the set of habits, customs and practical of a people or culture. Later, this term for the Latin was expressed, appearing the word Me the ones that in the plural one become Moris, giving origin at last, moral word that nothing more is of what the set of habits, practical customs and of one saves individual, that is, the nucleus of a called cell Ethical.

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Magic Book Life-changing

The fact that you can change your life and attitude of the people, by writing books, I learned the number by accident. Somehow I got the idea, very persistent smile idea to write a book about fairies and elves of the wizarding world and the girl who received opportunity to open the door from the real world into the world of magic. The book was written fairly quickly, the main character of course I was, and the characters surrounding the main character was from the environment in the real world. Of course I was not much suited to life in the past and many of the events I rewrote for her, as I wanted. It is interesting that after a month described the events have changed my reality, there were pleasant surprises, people who treated me with a negative or just unfriendly, suddenly became best friends and even associates. I went further in his studies and was described in the book of invented rituals to get rid of such feelings of pain and jealousy. A month passed and I got rid of the feelings that are tearing up my soul so five years probably, this deliverance has opened for me new ways and possibilities in real life. It is believed that words and thoughts have a very large force, I convinced of this in practice, and you try and verify the effectiveness of magic books.

If you have problems with her husband to make it one of the characters and describe their actions made against you, that you would like to see. If you do not half, then create a hero in my book and describe all its qualities, its exterior. Any problem of the material world, what you have you just rearranges his own way in your magical little book and get through mesyatsok surprising results. If the soul is bad, should describe the situation warms the soul and inner growth is assured. Stand you have blocks in the subconscious, create rituals to remove them and describe vividly in his book. And freedom from internal restraint will please you. Since the main theme of this site is still feng shui, it is clear that for an easy writing these booklets you will need to sit down in the northeast corner or a room, since there this year is the star of creativity – and four. If you're already strong in the field of moving stars, then decide which sector of the apartment or house you are a combination of stars 4 and 4 or 4 and 8, the reinforcing success literary career, move into this sector when you write your magic book.

Detailed issue 'flying stars' will be considered in my list' Attracting luck. Individual feng shui 'I'll be glad to hear from you news, as you help your 'magical little book. " The most interesting of your 'magic' will be posted here on the site. Good luck in your writing life-changing books!

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