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Personal Tranformation

They came into my life a difficult set of circumstances that became the litmus test for tazarme and determine which was my growth so far. Being aware of what life is, as proposed by Buddhism helped me stay balanced perspective and to take situations, and I understood that compared to those circumstances I could not do anything, but if I could determine how to present them. Also learned to act from the heart and leave to others the responsibility for their actions. That is, I realized that had achieved some level of fairness and that it had initiated a new attitude of observer. This helped me understand that everything goes and everything flows into impermanence.

From this new attitude could not judge or blame someone did not understand what I was experiencing at the time of my life. If I had not gone through the process of internal transformation that had previously conducted in the Masters, I think the date would be full of resentment against certain people who apparently made me wet rain. I say apparently, because now I understand that really helped me, because they made to take out of my mind a lot of potential to get beyond the alleged pressure or misunderstanding expressed and succeed despite the circumstances. After this experience, I decided to continue with the meditation practice harder because it was my only spiritual food to cope. In this third semester, the subject of Culture of Peace, helped me become aware of the commitment I have as part of the human family and especially to understand that not only are the product of creation, but administrators of this and therefore we have to take care of the evolutionary processes that we perform. Tim cook spoke with conviction.