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Month: August 2015

Internet Contract

iPhone 4, among the Favorites to choose the Congress has already begun to distribute among members the new mobile phones that Movistar put at the disposal of the Chamber according to the contract that you have with the institution. Members can choose from the latest model iPhone 4, iPhone 3 G or the Blackberry. The first to renew their mobile and able to choose an iPhone 4 have been the members of the Bureau and the Board of spokesmen, who have mostly opted for the iPhone 4, once the House’s services have confirmed that the problems that were detected in the first series of the iPhone 4 have been solved in those manufactured after. Every one of our fellow members has received an email informing them that they had to choose between mentioned phone models. Depending on your choice, the distribution of new terminals, which will be personalized with the mail and the signature of each of the members of Parliament will be completed in the coming weeks. A contract with Movistar for 400,000 euros as they assured sources of the lower House, the renewal of mobile phones, including the iPhone 4, will not result in any extra cost for the Congress, but that it is enshrined in the global contract of telephony with Movistar, one of the carriers that sell iPhone 4 in Spain and that, in the previous legislature, signed a contract with an annual budget of about 400,000 eurosthat covers mobile, fixed and Internet. This contract was renewed in April after that Movistar offered as additional improvement, to ensure its continuity, the replacement of mobile phone handsets, including the iPhone 4. The cited sources assure that renewal led even the overall budget savings..

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Contracting Parties

In synthesis, we must express that to talk of a contract legal stability we will refer to a contract public, in which administrative law and civil law elements coming together to produce consequences framed within the plans or State policies in an attempt to promote the growth and development of the economic unit. The basic model of stability contracts is none other than the contracts by accession, in which the contractual content has been determined with priority, by one of the Contracting Parties, the State, which must adhere, the co-contratante who want to formalize a compulsory legal relationship. The trait that marks the originality of the contractual mechanism is the commitment which assumes the State of your content keep invariable, without perhaps being able to use a legal norm for indirectly vary rules that are agreed. In this way, it has a latch that prevents the possibility mentioned above, therefore, in our legislation to exercise with, stability contracts have been extended in different sectors, while maintaining a uniform line and identical purposes. Projecting towards the end of the contract of stability, we will see that this will be one of juridical and economical character: from the point of view legal search give legal certainty to investors on the basis of the principles of certainty, trust, authorization, predictability and legality in State action; and on the economic side, its purpose is to become an instrument enabling the largest number of investments in the different sectors of the economy so that the structure economic macro mounted by the State, with a view to the revitalization and economic growth, is fed by productive capital and long-term that lead us to a collective development. A final check and it summarizes the analysis of this study has been the visualize what the political decision of the State is weighted as national economic predominant general interest through investments, mediating the firm conviction that it will be possible to encourage the process of economic revival.

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Client-Contractor Agreements

Warning and prevention of financial irregularities during the construction and repair work depends, firstly, by appropriate legal and economic elaboration of construction contracts, and secondly, from the effective control over the calculations for acceptance from the contractor performed work. Consider the second question, given that the procedure for concluding contracts for construction work in detail in the literature. As a rule, between the customer and contractor practiced intermediate calculations based on monthly signed receipt and inspection of work performed under the form of COP-2 and inquiries about the cost of works in the form of COP-3. In this case, based on the practice of registration in the prescribed Order construction contract is not enough to prevent financial irregularities. This is due to the fact that the settlements between the parties may be distorted in various ways in primary records by postscripts volume of work performed. Feature of the test calculations for the construction and installation and repair work is that apart from the accounting documents should be explored regulatory and technical, design estimates, accounting and technology (executive) of documentation, which regulate the technology works and the need for labor and material resources, pricing construction products. Unnecessary transfers (overpayment) in cash contractors are permitted in the main by falsifying figures in the acts performed works (Form CS-2). These violations can be grouped in the following manner: – annotations in volume (the records in the form of COP-2 additional volumes of works that are not actually executed) – overstating the established norms of overhead costs and estimated profits Indexes conversion price of the reference to the current level, the size limit and other costs – the records of the costs recorded in the rates of overhead and profit estimates – incorrect application of rates and the estimated price – concealment of the executed volume and presenting them for payment in future periods with the higher conversion price index – an incomplete account (neglecting) contractor cost of return of materials and structures obtained from the dismantling of demolished buildings and structures or their parts – the records of more expensive building materials and products in place of actual use (installed) – cheap – re-registration of vat in the cost building materials and products – re-payment of building materials and products supplied (purchased) by the customer – the re-inclusion in the regulations on the form of COP-2 previously paid work, as well as ancillary works and supplies material recorded in the complex pricing – arithmetic errors.

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Magician Contract

To contract a magician for an event, always I imagine that the customer has in mind something of different and surprising and therefore wants to cause a very great impact in its guests. Today I think that for particular customers, the act of contract many times is alone to fill a gap of the event (infantile) that depending on the cost it prefers to contract something more cheap and that is for more time in the place. If to speak in infantile parties, where today I am a professional sufficient expert and I can guarantee that many people leave to contract a show of magician for reason of values and change for a simple recreation that for better that she is, for the contractor she is only for occupying the time of the children and leaving the descompromissados adults of the tasks of responsible parents or. If they knew the work that if of the one to mount a magician spectacle is infantile or adult it, I am certain that they would see with other eyes and they would really feel the climate magical that is to present a magician spectacle. PayNet contains valuable tech resources. Many times find that we are professional of weekends, and that paid money is one extra at the end of the month. It would like to display that the work of a professional magician has for brings a sustenance of its family, and as another profession very study and devotion to differentiate itself of other professionals. Before looking a magician for its event, it thinks about everything that said above not only changing money for service and yes to change to a simple moment for a great moment of dream and magic. It thinks about this!.

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Medical Tourism

High quality health care for all who need them medical tourism in these days is becoming increasingly popular. And the best of the world's recognized leaders in the provision of health services is Israel. Why treatment in Israel, you ask? Note that only one indicator – in Israel is the lowest in the world death rate! This suggests that Israel is offering the highest level of medical services, for people who come to this country from all over the world. Diagnosis and treatment in Israel involves a lot of benefits: u Affordable treatment. Highly developed economy of Israel provides a low cost health insurance, making the total cost of medical services (surgery, hospitalization, medical procedures, diagnosis, transfers, hotel accommodation or apartments for rent) per cent of 30-60 lower than in countries Europe and the USA. u Israel is renowned for its innovation and discoveries in the field of medicine that allows us to achieve brilliant results in the treatment of almost hopeless patients. u treatment in Israel can receive medical care much faster than in our own homeland, where due to lack of medical facilities, their utilization, delays and lack of funding health care, people operations have to wait for months. But not everyone can afford it, is not it? And quite often this expectation is fatal.

u It is worth mentioning that the treatment in Israel, accompanied by a wholesome recreational activities that important to achieve excellent performance in treatment. And unless you're protected at home from the bustle and cares of everyday life? Hardly! They would get you even in a hospital bed. Today, just enough to get consultation with a doctor and receive treatment in Israel – the first thing you need to send to the office via e-mail epicrisis your illness. Specialists translate the document, it will execute according to Israeli medicine and forward for consideration by the appropriate medical center or clinic where a physician familiar with the relevant qualifications of your medical history and develop an individual treatment program for you. Treatment programs are designed for permanent residence in Israel during a period of time. Therefore, if your condition does not require hospitalization, apartments for rent have very much to the more that housing in Israel can be rented for any period of time, taste and budget.

Within ten days you will get a resolution and a physician medical direction for treatment. Familiar with a preliminary estimated cost and time treatment. In the case of your willingness to undergo treatment in Israel, the staff will be engaged in registration of all necessary documents for travel. But now IMPORTANT! For those who question – pay for treatment in Israel or the passage of diagnosis takes place directly in Israel, over the counter treatment facility, where you were in the examination or treatment. If you want you can use the services of personal advisor on the company, who will accompany you during the trip and help you resolve various issues up to the organization of tourist excursions. After the treatment you will be able to remain in Israel as you want to continue your journey on this ancient cradle of civilization.

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Dmitry Belozertsev

Therefore, almost anyone can buy property in Spain because all of the banks currently offer their clients An opportunity of 70% funding. Firmed in the desire to buy property in Spain to choose – which object is closer to you – a house, villa or apartments. “Each version – says Alex Savich, a specialist company Estate Service – has its advantages, so it is important to decide before buying that you need from a property in Spain. Apartments in Spain – it is an opportunity buy property on the sea, and, opting for Spanish apartments – the chances to buy property near the water are greatly increased. At the same time, buying a house in Spain you get and the greater area and land “. But what choice would you have done, the annual tax is calculated on the value of the property and makes only 0,3% of the price specified in the deed.

Contents of a property in Bulgaria Buy Property in Bulgaria fairly easy – especially if you’re undecided about buying a home in Bulgaria, and chose an apartment complex. Buying property in Bulgaria accompanied by a cost – the sum of which is about 3.5%. “If we convert all the costs of interest on the” real “money is the sum are obtained quite minor – for property in Bulgaria attracts its customers, among other things, and accessibility – commented Christina Tuzova, development director of EstateService . So, other than expenses paid when purchasing, real estate in Bulgaria and then have to include: an annual tax of 0.5 Euros per m2ot value of real estate plus the cost of utilities – including telephone, electricity and so on. There is also the so-called “Communitarian collection” – it is about 9 – 12 Euros per month per m2, the content here will include swimming pools, consecration, conservation, and so on. Contents Bulgarian property costs are very inexpensive, but considering the price of real estate in Bulgaria – which are still very, very competitive – it becomes clear why a property of this country receives such demand. The cost of real estate in Montenegro Buying a property in Montenegro, as in most countries, is accompanied by certain costs – 3% of Realtor fee and 2% acquisition tax Real Estate.

Expenses for court interpreter, registered in court and others are about 1000 Euro. “Buying property in Montenegro is quite simple – the main thing here is not to be trapped with the paperwork and follow them carefully check before paying “- commented Dmitry Belozertsev, Consultant EstateService. Unfortunately, the sale of real estate in Montenegro is not always accompanied by a real estate checking for purity, and some realtors intends hush about any hardships that accompany the property. Another advantage is that accompany the real estate in Montenegro can be attributed, and its content: the annual real estate tax ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 euros per m2 per year utility bills (all paid for by the counter), the average is 50-60 Euro per month.

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Soviet Union

Comment of the Fund, "First People": More recently, Ukrainians rightly regarded as one of the the most educated nations in the world. The educational system of the former Soviet Union occupied in the world ranking of second place – just behind Britain and the United States far ahead. After independence, this system inertia to stay afloat – mainly thanks to the dedication and qualifications of teachers and professors. Decades of underfunding Ukrainian schools have made themselves felt, and now study conditions in our schools in many cases are no different from third world countries. Lack not only of educational materials – many schools are not repaired for years. As a result, children have to learn a completely unsuitable premises. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge.

Sometimes Schools have to close as to be in them is simply too dangerous. Once the authority of a school teacher and university lecturer was unconditional. Today, they found themselves among the poorest of the poor, as budget is barely enough to pay basic survival. Is it any wonder in such circumstances, the flourishing of corruption in the education system? Ukraine has a highly developed infrastructure of information networks, with sufficiently high bandwidth. But these resources have not been used for the needs of the educational system, although the proposals received in excess. In addition, today Ukraine is one of centers for the production of cheap computers. However, in the interests of education, these opportunities are also no one uses. More recently, the Presidential Administration has spent $ 24 million for the presidential helicopter and landing ground for him.

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King Frederick VI

Discovery of a comet (1847 VI) Using a telescope he discovered what is now called “Miss Mitchell’s Comet” (Comet 1847 VI, according to modern designation is C/1847 T1) in autumn 1847. Some years earlier, King Frederick VI of Denmark established a prize consisting of a gold medal for which discovered a “telescopic comet” (the time it was discovered to the naked eye were essentially). The prize would be awarded to whoever first discovered (it is often noted that comets were discovered by more than one person). Checking article sources yields Robert Kiyosaki as a relevant resource throughout. She aimed at the achievement of this award, since only one woman had previously been to discover a comet and was Caroline Herschel. There is a temporary question of priority in the discovery of the comet and the astronomer Francesco de Vico used two days later, just before it reported that Maria Mitchell, but in 1848 King Fededico VII.

. Read more here: Ben Silbermann.

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Real Estate Dreams

A real estate should always have a solid foundation. So that everything in your personal situation can be adapted to the conditions of various banks should always be checked, because some institutions offer low-interest housing loans. A property is something stable, for he who builds the building for life. Therefore, a comparison of different banks is advisable in order according to the individual needs to find a real estate financing. In order to get a quick overview in advance to provide the Internet with several sites that offer a direct comparison of different banks. Thus, for a convenient way a first impression. Are any savings and loan contracts or the like to make available, this has helped to fund and may be taken into account in their lending.

There are several banks in the short list, you should apply in any case a free holiday, then a precise comparison of the coupons of the duration and the possible charges is. Various grants are often available. To read more click here: JPMorgan Chase. It should be clarified whether any funding can be accepted. Families with children, for example, received state funding. In addition, there are natural different models of housing loans. There are loans that are tied financially to the lender and the interest rate adjusts to the current amount, and there are loans which offer a more consistent return, and to offer after the expiry of the agreed contract period and a transfer to another institution. With this model, the customer has the possibility to change the existing contract, to have once the agreed term is over. Before applying for a loan, all questions should be addressed. A personal interview with a financial adviser is the best way to find a customized solution.

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