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Internet Contract

iPhone 4, among the Favorites to choose the Congress has already begun to distribute among members the new mobile phones that Movistar put at the disposal of the Chamber according to the contract that you have with the institution. Members can choose from the latest model iPhone 4, iPhone 3 G or the Blackberry. The first to renew their mobile and able to choose an iPhone 4 have been the members of the Bureau and the Board of spokesmen, who have mostly opted for the iPhone 4, once the House’s services have confirmed that the problems that were detected in the first series of the iPhone 4 have been solved in those manufactured after. Every one of our fellow members has received an email informing them that they had to choose between mentioned phone models. Depending on your choice, the distribution of new terminals, which will be personalized with the mail and the signature of each of the members of Parliament will be completed in the coming weeks. A contract with Movistar for 400,000 euros as they assured sources of the lower House, the renewal of mobile phones, including the iPhone 4, will not result in any extra cost for the Congress, but that it is enshrined in the global contract of telephony with Movistar, one of the carriers that sell iPhone 4 in Spain and that, in the previous legislature, signed a contract with an annual budget of about 400,000 eurosthat covers mobile, fixed and Internet. This contract was renewed in April after that Movistar offered as additional improvement, to ensure its continuity, the replacement of mobile phone handsets, including the iPhone 4. The cited sources assure that renewal led even the overall budget savings..