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India Products

I want to share some of the reasons why we choose DXN business as real options and above all, to share the best quality products, easy to use repetitive, and in particular, to develop a lifelong career in the 1 ganoderma international market. 1 .- DXN was founded in 1993, ie is the First Company of Ganoderma in the world, based in Malaysia. 2. Ganoderma is the company’s largest growth of the world, has a presence in 147 countries and the only company in the world Ganoderma listed on the Stock Exchange of Kuala Lumpur. 3 .- The company owns all the processes, ie, from growing on their farms, crops, manufacturing and marketing, so it guarantees 100 DXN products developed by and is proud to present all its facilities to the world community, therefore it is classified as a company DRAGON. 4. DXN’s products have the 6 species of fungi most powerful healing: Heart Gano (Gano heart shaped) kimshen Gano, Liver Gano (Gano form of liver), Ruyi Gano, Brain Gano (Gano form of brain) and Peacock Gano (Gano Peacock). 5 .- DXN has the best quality certificates such as GMP, ISO, HALAL, FDA, TGA and others, both for its facilities and products for marketing, even has the category of Pharmacists. 6 .- The range of products are excellent, and we among them, the line of consumption based on the combination of coffee with ganoderma in various presentations which manage a tremendous acceptance among consumers being very simple repetitive consumption. 7 .- Our prices are the lowest in the market m s: THE CAFE LingZhi 3in1 A 37 SOLES. 8 .- The Affiliate ID is a low cost, and is for life, being the only condition for renewal, registar at least the purchase of any product in the year. You is international which allows us to do business anywhere in the world. 9 .- Has a plan of accumulation of personal and group points to qualify for rank, that would allow the jam to the partner s start from zero every month, and in addition a monthly possible to grow in scale and ranges. The company pays commissions on personal purchases and that score serves to increase range and also pay royalties to infinity at all levels. 10 .- pay travel vouchers network growth.Besides the bonus of 2 of international sales of all affiliates worldwide. And for some of these bonds, do not need to hold the rank of Diamond, as soon as one reaches the rank of Star Agent already have such benefits. This means these bonds are not intended only to few people as they occur in other businesses, where minimum ask them to be diamonds. 11 .- The ganoderma lucidum is the flagship of China for millennia, and the only company of Ganoderma which has a presence in China is DXN, which guarantees its exceptional quality. 12 – We are in process of legalization in several Latin American countries and we have an outstanding corporate support for being the team who is starting to expand operations in Latin American countries like Chile, Ecuador, Argentina among others, where 100 will soon be legalized. DXN opened in India on January 18, 2010. 13.We have a great team that supports us with talks not only face but also with online chats, where we provide all the tools for growth, providing ongoing training. 14, just bought your 30 points (259 soles) per month you charge your entire organization and have the highest ranking. In conclusion we have a great company, a consumer products and Repetitive addition of a compensation plan is very generous. If you want to taste the product of DXN you can buy at the office (west Angamos 547, Miraflores) at a price of 011 317 646 affiliated with my code and you can purchase the DXN products at a price of only affiliated to taste and if you want to make consumers and get your code you can do this in my code 011317646 and we will contact you to make your strategy work or health.