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Month: January 2015

Good Luck Managers

I have listened to many managers designate responsibility for the current situation of their enterprises to the environment socio-economic that surrounds them, thus getting rid of all direct involvement on negative results that they may have. Referring sometimes to bad luck that have had and the good fortune that others have is that they justify not desired results in their organizations. The drop in sales, not having suitable staff, taxes rising, the entry of new competitors, the output of major vendors, technology change, change in the preferences of the consumer, to the level of requirement of the customer, among others, are factors that can directly harm results business and managers tend to which be called bad luck. Among these, there is a smaller group of managers who can claim that a large part of the success or failure of an organization is linked to a stroke of good luck that may or may not have during their business management. From the above, it should be reflect and ask ourselves: or really successful organizations and managers are constantly getting strokes of luck, in a way that allows them to keep up? or are they really so lucky be always receiving positive random shocks?. I think that any affirmative responses to the questions above would sound very little credibility. And it is for so, it is not that successful organizations managers are people who receive good luck blows constantly, rather by hazards of life, themselves are those who generate such good luck, they are not sitting waiting to see that positive happens them. They are constantly looking for and taking advantage of new opportunities, to innovate, and bearing in mind especially that not everything is good now, it will be tomorrow, so change and adaptation must be continuous. The managerial recipe today may be good for today, but it is very likely that tomorrow no longer functioning, and finally, good luck there is no random, self generates it with their previous actions.

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English Government

Preservation of capital with green residential real estate as an alternative for environmentally conscious investors once already, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Italy had implemented a high and partially retroactive reduction of the feed-in tariffs or announced, the English Government made known currently on March 23, 2011, equally fiercely want to minimize the feed-in tariffs. As a result, the subsidy for photovoltaic systems from 250 of kW to more than 70% of 29.3 p/kWh on henceforth 8.5 p/kWh to be reduced. The announcement had already impact: planned investments in England were temporarily stopped by individual providers. Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate says about 24, the provider of return on funds for sustainable housing: “notably residential real estate belong to the economically sustainable investment. These are responsible for over 30% of the German energy consumption. Residential real estate have in contrast to Photovoltaic systems not only after 20 years a solid exit perspective, but can be energetically viable to modernize now without substantial subsidies. With energy refurbishments the sustainable residential real estate of return Fund contribute real estate 24, optimal capital preservation benefits for nature, to connect investors and tenants.

“.” For more information about funds: by Christoph Marloh real estate 24. In December 2010, Spain due to the budget deficit had already cut the feed-in tariff for solar electricity retroactively. The administration of the force so far as fully reliable Italy followed on March 3, 2011. Fund providers faced with heavily leveraged products in those States with significant problems. Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate says about 24, the issuer of funds for sustainable housing: “the financial pecking order confirmed countries indebted with stark for the umpteenth time: only PIMCO, then the local heavy industry, then all other investors.

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Seedmatch Investments

Salt designed website by new Seedmatch-portal which have experts for Erklarungsbedurftiges salt communications for Econeers a website created. On the 08.10.2013, the new portal for green investments launched: the creative of salt the Internet platform of Econeers after only two monthly-design and development phase were completed. The website presents itself in a fresh, clear, user-oriented design. Here are the projects at the Center since Econeers defines itself through its range. It was necessary to keep the brand essence of Seedmatch and to develop the new vertical. Without breaking for previous users should remain retain the familiar functionality of Seedmatch but optically adjusted, to inspire environmental interested for green Crowdfunding”sums up Creative Director Eddy Grzegorzitza.

Econeers is the Green daughter of Crowdfunding platform Seedmatch allows onli ne direct investments and is one of the most successful startups in this Area. Econeers bring the Dresdner now a new, promising portal on the way to the only green projects”financed. Investors can invest in sustainable ideas and participate in innovative companies. The capital flows directly into projects like solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric or geothermal plants. With the online investments, investors achieve attractive yields and contribute a portion to the energy revolution.

Econeers ensures safety, transparency and fairness for all investments at each step. Salt communications Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We are the experts for Erklarungsbedurftiges. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience.

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Office Clubs

EU funds are now 26.10.2011 for clubs attractive BERLIN/Munich, can the members of the Association of German volunteer free find out about EU funding opportunities. Individual tips for a successful application in the civil society, twinnings, youth, education, and give the EU funding experts of consulting and continuing education undertaking emcra Europe are actively using”in an initial consultation. The EU provides in many programs funding for projects particularly clubs can benefit. Often it but lack the necessary expertise. Here, we want to start with the free initial consultation and help applying for the clubs,”says Heike Karakaya Tichy, Managing Director of emcra. Many clubs are closer to Europe than they think,”adds Hans Hachinger, Board of Directors of the Association German VOLUNTEERING e.V., which is specialized in the legal, tax and insurance-technical advice from non-profit organizations. Information on EU funding programmes are another component of our free services for clubs.” For over ten years, the German honorary Association supports the work of volunteers dedicated people. But not only the members of the German honorary benefit from the cooperation with emcra, but lots of interesting facts related to the associations is available on the website also non-members.

Under the new heading of promotion tip ‘ will be presented starting immediately in addition different EU funding programmes. About emcra: Emcra – Europe to actively use a training and consultancy is in the area of EU funding with seat in Berlin (Head Office), Munich and Dusseldorf. Since 2002 emcra certified trainings and seminars around the theme offered by European and national subsidies. Organizations are accompanied with the application and supports projects with external evaluation. In addition to years of project work and submission of successful attacks the emcra team on experience in the assessment of Proposals for the EU Commission and national agency Germany back. For more information, about German VOLUNTEERING e.V.: the German voluntary work Association cares for over ten years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. The membership provides the seal protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering.

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McGregor 100 Percent Organic Green 2 Collection

Fashion of McGregor and green glossy magazine green. 2 present nature fashion Berlin/Savic, 11.10.2010 – that high class fashion and ecological fashion not excluded, the Anglo-American fashion brand McGregor presents. In a unique collaboration with the Dutch glossy magazine green. 2 for green luxury lifestyle, is the exclusive, 100% organic McGregor Green 2 collection emerged. Both companies believe in a second wave of Green: companies and consumers can invest in a cleaner future without compromising on quality, comfort and lifestyle. From beginning to end McGregor puts in his green. 2 collection for fashion and eco-conscious people on fair trade materials and ecological processing. This starts with the cultivation of raw materials, uses only organic pesticides instead of chemical.

In making environmentally-friendly processes such as the ecological bleach be combined with high-quality processing. Even the Assembly of 100% organic collection of high fashion Designer McGregor takes place in biodegradable packaging. The McGregor Green 2 collection combines sporty lifestyle with green consciousness without comfort to save money. Whether T-Shirts, Polo shirts, sweat shirts, custom-fit shirts in organic Poplin or Cargo Shorts made from 100% organic material: all pieces impress with their ultra-soft feel. Subtle and natural-looking colors such as off-white, grey and sand tones, light pressure patterns underscore the concept of ecological fashion.

McGregor fashion fair is wear Foundation ( and the organic Exchange Organization ( member and produced his collections in accordance with its rules and standards that guarantee decent working conditions and ecologically sustainable process. The next exclusive McGregor Green 2 collection is available from mid November 2010 in the new online shop of high fashion designer under. In the McGregor online shop, all lovers of Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors. From the trendy sportswear line with Rugby up to fashionable cardigans, blazers, Polos, sweaters and blouses for women and an own junior collection. In addition, collection in the McGregor of E-store at is run the business and distinction line for men in the Italian style, as well as an own footwear and accessories.

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Hub Transport

Also we use it on an Exchange Hub Transport server (and on another virtual server), mainly to keep the log files intact. E-Mail data are only for a short time on the Hub Transport server, the log files change constantly. V-locity also runs on our Exchange mailbox server and there about eight Exchange stores, over 100 GB, and our main file cluster are defragmented. These two servers store their data on a SAN from HP,”says Eric Johnson from the construction industry. “Defragmentation is especially important in virtual environments,” says Michael matter, product management Director, Diskeeper Corporation.

Because the physical hardware must support multiple operating systems in a virtualized storage environment and thus more disk i/o and stresses occur than in a non-virtualized environment, you need a special solution for fragmentation in these environments. V-locity 2.0 users can exploit fully the efficiency advantages of virtual environments.” About Diskeeper Corporation specialists for system performance and reliability: the head of the technology departments, managers, and system administrators on the list of global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 listed corporations rely on Diskeeper software to ensure outstanding performance and reliability on their business laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper 2010 is the only product that prevents fragmentation before it ever occurs. Diskeeper Corporation also offers data recovery software undelete real-time data protection and Instant file recovery ( Thanks the InvisiTasking technology each process runs completely quietly in the background. This is used in comprehensive way otherwise unused free resources ( 2010 Diskeeper Corporation. All rights reserved. V-locity, Diskeeper, Undelete, InvisiTasking, “real time data protection and real-time data recovery” as well as “innovators in performance and reliability technologies” are trademarks of Diskeeper Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Great Success For Fairvesta On Real Estate Exhibition EXPO REAL

“EXPO REAL is the largest real estate exhibition in Europe with approximately 37,000 participants and found in this year event management announced the 13th time instead of in its own press release, that – in contrast to the previous year – a significantly more positive mood to feel was coincides this also with the conversations that we have had, and with our own sense”, says Otmar Knoll by the Tubingen fairvesta group of companies. He performs in fairvesta this year for the seventh time at the EXPO REAL was represented, but has interviewed have never seen so many rich initiation. For us, the EXPO REAL 2010 was a resounding success, both in terms of purchasing and selling. We have booked already now again for the coming year”, so Knoll. With a proposed portfolio of more than 3,000 apartments, as well as about 750 business units, divided into office buildings, residential and commercial buildings, MehrfamilienHauser, commercial and shopping markets, was one of fairvesta the leading providers on the Fair. The real estate specialist Knoll made the experience, that was for the first time again very specifically demand for objects and real estate packages and here again occurred in specific locations, such as Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, a large demand.

Differently than in the previous year, as one often had the impression that many try only to explore themselves. We had a high demand by visitors on all three days at our booth, we have never seen it. In the coming days and weeks we can bring certainly transactions concluded in part in a big way”, says Knoll. Noticed him, that the demand was the scale to residential and commercial real estate. Real estate from the field of opportunity, so with a valorization potential, are increasingly looking for”, says the Director of buying and selling of fairvesta. Also, Knoll stresses that demand for special properties, such as, for example, retail centers, was clearly increased. All this offers of course excellent opportunities for the Swabian real estate agents, its great strength is to be able to buy a real estate special situations. The sale takes place between the 10,5fachen and the 12,8fachen of the term and therefore leaves sufficient scope for a long-term stable and high yielding rental. Safe yields speak of about 8 to 9.5 percent for the purchaser thereby for the quality of the objects. Information about the company:

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Pension Funds

For the first time since the year 2005, the generational contract again revealed the German pension fund their financing problem”is almost a year on a knife-edge. Then revenues should not range from almost 240 billion euros this year to around two billion euros, to cover the expenses. “A pension disaster arises only therefore not because the Pension Fund is still a iron reserve” has. It also shows how precarious the German pension system is. Economic problems, the further shift towards will trigger sooner or later collapse to fewer and fewer workers, which must supply more and more retirees,”, says Richard A. Wandl as CEO of aacaeu AG. The aacaeu AG is one of the pioneers in the financial services industry in Germany. Be sure in times where still was led to believe the citizens, pensions, rima already opened my eyes to many citizens.

We are only trying to ensure the quality of life of our customers for the future”, explains aacaeu Board member of Waho. To do this, belong also to take into account emerging trends. The question of uncertainty about the warranty of a statutory pension and whose height count of course. While the number of millionaires rises on one side and national income is growing in General again, but the employment situation still not better looks and also the proportion of citizens who as well as arm rate must rise on the other side”, explains the financial expert of the aacaeu AG. Both described tendencies can be statistically: announced the press recently, that nearly 780,000 millionaires live in Germany and the monetary assets of the Germans of 4.4 to 4.6 trillion euros rose to a more than six percent. Although the number of to be grading as poor households, increases on the other side which affects both children, adults and even retirees. But just for this reason, we have no problem, because again and again grab tricks, aacaeu Board Waho assesses critical development “and alludes to the fact, that the iron reserve” shrunk to now no longer even a monthly fee and that even though up the federal subsidy to the statutory pension insurance on has 80 billion euro in the year.

aacaeu AG’s customers have good laugh, because you will understand the problem and they control about it. aacaeu customers know it’s no longer the life is about survival, “as the Web site of the respected financial services company. For this reason, the aacaeu financial institutions offer a service that covers all questions relating to the future and retirement protection. This is to ensure that it is the task of each individual, to provide for the future aacaeu-chef Wandl not tired out. It is in good hands at rima.

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Dunning Management

Shipping software with automated pallet management saves time and cost increases transparency a continuous bank reconciliation will refrain from or cumbersome and time consuming with Word with the exchange partners. A management control () of the loading equipment, load, load securing materials that are in the custody of the driver, is often completely omitted. A good charging management can reduce the necessary overhead to a minimum. With the charging management offered by more than 100 charging means bookings for any loading funds accounts can a worker within an hour / loading equipment are carried out. At the same time, all necessary documents, account statements, reminders to prompt the charge funds repatriation are automated or also location defining accounts created. So, it is even to determine in which postcode areas are what loading equipment at what time or have found. The software has an automated three-tier Dunning, with numbered account statements (System bank statement).

Six automated loading funds balance sheets, available for any arbitrary time range, are also the location of individual transport containers and belong to the extensive scope of services this pallet management. Built-in comfortable search functions for each input field will find the numbered loading equipment and also its history. Individual text modules allow a user-specific customization with appointment data this loading funds accounting. A very simple, self-explanatory user interface requires little training time. The complete operation of the software is controlled only a clear mask. Transparency on fate and costs of packaging and loading equipment of any kind to get, with minimal administrative effort is the task of a charging management.

Costly losses, such as pallets, crates, semi-trailers, swap bodies, container or any other loading equipment, are logging the use, location and damage avoided. The required low investment costs are disproportionate to the expected cost reduction and transparency. This process is enhanced by the integrated use of freight forwarding software – logistics 3000 – again significantly.

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