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Pension Funds

For the first time since the year 2005, the generational contract again revealed the German pension fund their financing problem”is almost a year on a knife-edge. Then revenues should not range from almost 240 billion euros this year to around two billion euros, to cover the expenses. “A pension disaster arises only therefore not because the Pension Fund is still a iron reserve” has. It also shows how precarious the German pension system is. Economic problems, the further shift towards will trigger sooner or later collapse to fewer and fewer workers, which must supply more and more retirees,”, says Richard A. Wandl as CEO of aacaeu AG. The aacaeu AG is one of the pioneers in the financial services industry in Germany. Be sure in times where still was led to believe the citizens, pensions, rima already opened my eyes to many citizens.

We are only trying to ensure the quality of life of our customers for the future”, explains aacaeu Board member of Waho. To do this, belong also to take into account emerging trends. The question of uncertainty about the warranty of a statutory pension and whose height count of course. While the number of millionaires rises on one side and national income is growing in General again, but the employment situation still not better looks and also the proportion of citizens who as well as arm rate must rise on the other side”, explains the financial expert of the aacaeu AG. Both described tendencies can be statistically: announced the press recently, that nearly 780,000 millionaires live in Germany and the monetary assets of the Germans of 4.4 to 4.6 trillion euros rose to a more than six percent. Although the number of to be grading as poor households, increases on the other side which affects both children, adults and even retirees. But just for this reason, we have no problem, because again and again grab tricks, aacaeu Board Waho assesses critical development “and alludes to the fact, that the iron reserve” shrunk to now no longer even a monthly fee and that even though up the federal subsidy to the statutory pension insurance on has 80 billion euro in the year.

aacaeu AG’s customers have good laugh, because you will understand the problem and they control about it. aacaeu customers know it’s no longer the life is about survival, “as the Web site of the respected financial services company. For this reason, the aacaeu financial institutions offer a service that covers all questions relating to the future and retirement protection. This is to ensure that it is the task of each individual, to provide for the future aacaeu-chef Wandl not tired out. It is in good hands at rima.