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Great Success For Fairvesta On Real Estate Exhibition EXPO REAL

“EXPO REAL is the largest real estate exhibition in Europe with approximately 37,000 participants and found in this year event management announced the 13th time instead of in its own press release, that – in contrast to the previous year – a significantly more positive mood to feel was coincides this also with the conversations that we have had, and with our own sense”, says Otmar Knoll by the Tubingen fairvesta group of companies. He performs in fairvesta this year for the seventh time at the EXPO REAL was represented, but has interviewed have never seen so many rich initiation. For us, the EXPO REAL 2010 was a resounding success, both in terms of purchasing and selling. We have booked already now again for the coming year”, so Knoll. With a proposed portfolio of more than 3,000 apartments, as well as about 750 business units, divided into office buildings, residential and commercial buildings, MehrfamilienHauser, commercial and shopping markets, was one of fairvesta the leading providers on the Fair. The real estate specialist Knoll made the experience, that was for the first time again very specifically demand for objects and real estate packages and here again occurred in specific locations, such as Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, a large demand.

Differently than in the previous year, as one often had the impression that many try only to explore themselves. We had a high demand by visitors on all three days at our booth, we have never seen it. In the coming days and weeks we can bring certainly transactions concluded in part in a big way”, says Knoll. Noticed him, that the demand was the scale to residential and commercial real estate. Real estate from the field of opportunity, so with a valorization potential, are increasingly looking for”, says the Director of buying and selling of fairvesta. Also, Knoll stresses that demand for special properties, such as, for example, retail centers, was clearly increased. All this offers of course excellent opportunities for the Swabian real estate agents, its great strength is to be able to buy a real estate special situations. The sale takes place between the 10,5fachen and the 12,8fachen of the term and therefore leaves sufficient scope for a long-term stable and high yielding rental. Safe yields speak of about 8 to 9.5 percent for the purchaser thereby for the quality of the objects. Information about the company: