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Dunning Management

Shipping software with automated pallet management saves time and cost increases transparency a continuous bank reconciliation will refrain from or cumbersome and time consuming with Word with the exchange partners. A management control () of the loading equipment, load, load securing materials that are in the custody of the driver, is often completely omitted. A good charging management can reduce the necessary overhead to a minimum. With the charging management offered by more than 100 charging means bookings for any loading funds accounts can a worker within an hour / loading equipment are carried out. At the same time, all necessary documents, account statements, reminders to prompt the charge funds repatriation are automated or also location defining accounts created. So, it is even to determine in which postcode areas are what loading equipment at what time or have found. The software has an automated three-tier Dunning, with numbered account statements (System bank statement).

Six automated loading funds balance sheets, available for any arbitrary time range, are also the location of individual transport containers and belong to the extensive scope of services this pallet management. Built-in comfortable search functions for each input field will find the numbered loading equipment and also its history. Individual text modules allow a user-specific customization with appointment data this loading funds accounting. A very simple, self-explanatory user interface requires little training time. The complete operation of the software is controlled only a clear mask. Transparency on fate and costs of packaging and loading equipment of any kind to get, with minimal administrative effort is the task of a charging management.

Costly losses, such as pallets, crates, semi-trailers, swap bodies, container or any other loading equipment, are logging the use, location and damage avoided. The required low investment costs are disproportionate to the expected cost reduction and transparency. This process is enhanced by the integrated use of freight forwarding software – logistics 3000 – again significantly.