“Next U.S. bankruptcy and the Emergence of” new dollar “

New currency replace the dollar says U.S. Dennis Carey radio host By Alfredo Jalife-Rahme A controversial U.S. radio host Hal Turner called is accusing the U.S. government secretly preparing the emergence of a “new dollar” called Amero. Ensures that the Treasury Department has passed the stage of mass minting the extent of sending samples to China.Hal Turner says he has received tremendous pressure to shut up, a fact that cost him his job in radio. So the web has launched a video showing the new currency and where to alert the public. Amero Hal Turner Shows by wifiteam

Who is behind Facebook, the site of friends

The program is a nice internet Facebook social communication tool effectively, an instrument that allows us to contact and file addresses and other information from friends and family we know. But it is a mine of information for the intelligence services that exploit these data, and thanks to Facebook, know everything about you.We reproduce below an old article, very relevant to Facebook. According to need a specialized source requested anonymity, it was discovered that Facebook is a military weapon of espionage and destabilization created by the most extremist of the right (the sinister “neocons” or neoconservatives) to capture information from end users and handle geopolitical and strategic. According to the source in all 16 participating Facebook intelligence services of the United States, beginning with the CIA, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. “Everything we collect and store everything. Nothing escapes them: photos, emails, conversations, pictures, music, etc… With that set up a “profile” “psycho-socio-political and every subject and keep you in sight.Once you enter, and do not let you go, and if you do, all your private information is there. ” In the commercial exploitation and consumerism, according to The Guardian, unscrupulous traders are Silicon Valley, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Blockbuster, Sony Pictures, Verizon and Conde Nast, among others. “It is a service that promotes individualism to maintain greater control of the mass. Usually the fools to believe they are important and leads them to commit any act that the real parties seek to carry out without the direct involvement that implies. If I put a good picture of me with a list of my favorite things, I can construct an artificial representation of who I am.It also encourages a disturbing competitiveness in friendship: it seems that with friends does not have the quality and quantity is king, “says Tom Hodgkinson. “Does not take much brains to join the group and always encourage you to recruit more ‘friends’. Vouchers, he adds the number of ‘friends’ to recruit. Not for nothing are the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom, the countries with more subscribers, “casually that keep more troops occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Facebook is a well-funded, behind him is a group of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, with a clearly defined ideology, reflecting on his website and hope to spread throughout the world. As soon as PayPal, is a social experiment, an expression of a particular kind of neoconservative.In Facebook, you can be as free as you want if you do not mind bombarded with advertisements for the major brands in the world. As with PayPal, national boundaries are a thing of the past. Although the project was originally designed by the star of the covers in the media Mark Zuckerberg, the real person behind Facebook is the venture capitalist and futurist philosopher of Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel.S lo three members comprise the board of Facebook, and are Thiel, Zuckerberg and a third investor called Jim Breyer from a venture capital firm called Accel Partners.

Duke of S dermanland

Duke of S dermanland Carlos was born on October 4, 1550 in the castle of Stockholm, the son of King Gustav Vasa and Margaret of Sweden. Through his father’s will was inherited the duchy of S dermanland, which included the province of the same name and some parts of N rke and V stmanland. His dignity of duke allow him to rule the region almost as sovereign. However, it could not enforce their rights during the reign of his brother Erik XIV. As a teenager, Charles received military training, and stress in the field of artillery. Precisely because of their military skills in 1568 successfully participate in the uprising against Erik XIV, led by his brother John. Erik’s overthrow in 1569, John would get the crown, and Carlos was able to take possession of his duchy and acquire a position of great influence in the country. When King John III went over to Catholicism, Carlos was the strongest opponents.The king had been educated to the Crown Prince Sigismund, in the Catholic religion, in order to make it a candidate for the Polish throne and achieve a union between Sweden and Poland. Carlos ran to maintain the independence of Sweden initiated by Gustav Vasa and maintain Lutheranism as the state religion. On the death of John III in 1592, it became clear the influence of Duke Charles, as he and the council headed the provisional government that ruled in the moments before the arrival of the heir, King Sigismund III of Poland. The religious question, as in the days of the former king would be taken up again, this time with greater interest, as Sigismund was a fervent supporter of the Counter-Reformation Catholic and feared the possibility that sought to return to Sweden to papal authority. Sigismund, on his arrival, he promised before the council of religious freedom in Sweden and in this promise was crowned in Uppsala in 1594. But the new king had commitments in Poland and his stay in Sweden would be very brief.Government decided to leave its name in the summer of 1594. Duke Charles and the advice offered proposals to maintain the country’s independence in the new personal union with Poland. Perhaps because of his defense of Lutheranism, Carlos found support from the council and part of the aristocracy, while the Duke intended to take over a kind of internship during the king’s absence. The king granted administrative functions as both the council to Charles, but his powers remained ambiguous, and instead preferred to give positions of deputies to several of his colleagues, who favored the Catholic interests. In this situation rebelled Duke Charles, and in partnership with the council, was proclaimed “supreme leader and ruler of the kingdom” and began to govern on its own. Charles called a parliament in 1595 in S derk ping, there was full power to exercise the regency.


INTRODUCTION In this project we will announce our new venture OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION.Ltda, where our professional technicians will implement a network in the administrative areas TAXES FLORENCIA.Ltda also be carried out preventive maintenance of PCs. Shall state the steps that are performed to create a LAN with star topology TAXES FLORENCIA.Ltda company due to poor communication and lack of a network to share files between other resources. Generated daily failures and difficulties in the performance and efficiency of workers in carrying out their duties and act as big business. We will make this project through some slides for Packet Tracer to correct errors in order to take you directly to reality, finally we will present a model physical and logical topology of the company FLORENCIA.Ltda TAXES. OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE Implement a star topology network for enterprises that require communication between work areas of the same. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Apply knowledge of networking in an enterprise LAN. Strengthen our knowledge, to get more experience and specialize in this field of work. Leave our company TIC.Ltda high, and provide excellent service to the community. To carry out a project, model and present students of Hardware Technician. BACKGROUND This company OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION.Ltda, was created because of high demand from companies for the lack of technicians to be able to: “Designing a technical solution for an office environment. -Plan and implement a technical solution to a business. “Gathering information relevant to raise a technical solution to a problem. MISSION We are a leadership and commitment to our taxpayers IMP OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION. Ltd., committed to its users in the plan to improve and provide the public benefits that contribute to sustainable development in our region. VISION Ensure and implement services for users with high quality performance and benefits.

Business Manager Business

Business Manager Business Manager (dal French charg d’affaires), is added to the ai, a senior diplomatic official in a diplomatic representation, interim manager to replace the ambassador or chief of mission in his absence. Earlier this title was designated the head of a mission whose rank was inferior to that of an ambassador or minister.

A modern career and future in the Chamber of Commerce

Expert in Foreign Trade The country will demand in the coming years, a large amount of Trade specialists to meet the necessary insertion of Argentine companies in the world economy. Superior Coach involved in foreign trade at all stages necessary for the completion of international sales. That is, in any import-export operation. From finding prospective client until payment or charge of the operation. In that work environments can perform: Small Medium Business Managing the foreign trade department, carrying out the tasks of opening new markets after conducting market research, contacting potential customers, specifying the operative for sending the merchandise tracking and recovery of exports. Multinational Companies In the area of imports or exports. Public Agency for Export Promotion Providing advice to export and import, trade information and support to companies new to foreign trade. Clusters Cameras Providing support and training for export.Participating in organizing trade missions abroad and international exhibitions. Carriers – International Freight Advising the client on appropriate transport rates according to the product you want to export or import. Coordinating the delivery of the cargo. Insurance Advising and selling insurance customer depending on the type of merchandise that is imported or exported. Customs Broker Performing the foreign trade operations, production of documents to the Customs, costing import, export, sorting of merchandise. Banks In the area of foreign trade. Making the payment and collection efforts for foreign trade operations.Advising clients about the various forms of existing international payment and costs. Foreign Trade Consultant Managing one’s own foreign trade consultant, providing business services, trade advice. International Marketing Consultant Carrying out market research, search for potential markets, product preparation to compete internationally. Analysis of the different markets.

Business Rules Business

Business Rules Business Rules and Business Rules Set describes the policies, rules, operations, definitions and restrictions contained in an organization and are of vital importance to achieve the objectives missionary. Examples of business rules: “A customer who bill more than 10,000 a year is a customer of type A”, “A-type customers we apply a 10 discount on orders over 3000.” The following organizations operate multiple business rules, express or implied, that are embedded in processes, applications, documents, etc. May reside in the minds of some people or in the source code of computer software. In recent years a trend has been observed to be managed in a systematic and centralized business rules, so easy and simple query, understand, use, exchange, etc.. For this you can use a business rules engine.The business rules engine is a system that is configured to serve the needs of business through the definition of objects and business rules, the software is governed by flows arising responsibilities to the different positions of the company and distributing work fairly and quantitatively, when, who and where you have to perform the assigned task. Business rules are a means by which the strategy is implemented. The rules specify – at an appropriate level of detail – what an organization should do.

Saving Private Finance

The dream of their own 4 walls is probably the dream a dream of millions of German, whether old or young. To have something to start your own, but it is worth saving is already early on. In most cases it is necessary to take out a loan, sooner or later the dream come true. As a first point of contact for many is the internet, where you can get information to all necessary tasks, whether the credit itself, insurance or funds. After that, it mostly to their own bank in order to anticipate the possible financing by permit. When this has been successfully implemented, will in some cases, the other bank, which was also established with its own branch in the city to seek to address is still a further offer. If 2, services are available, they can be quickly compared, and the choice falls on the best providers to be paid over the duration in which at least for the real estate lending needs. But here, the decision is not taken yet, because there is still theOnline banks. These banks are only accessible via the Internet and the telephone. Own branches or entertain them. Due to the pure online version of these suppliers can produce more favorable cost and thereby offer better conditions for the Kreditsuchenden. Why not involve these providers in the home finance round. Firstly, can we really better deals to be found and, secondly, they are mostly independent on-line banking subsidiaries of large well-known banks. Thus these providers are also in terms of security and confidence of the branch bank in nothing. Only one who compares to recognize differences and thus detect potential for savings.

The business of kidnapping in Mexico

No one is exempt from suffering the agony that gives the uncertainty when the father, son or brother are deprived of their liberty in exchange for sums of money that lead to economic ruin, and ceased to be a condition only for “the rich” now there are “thugs” for all the s levels of society, any person whom he sees something of prosperity is at risk of becoming a victim of this cancer that eats every day in our society, justkidnap a businessman to an owner of a neighborhood grocery store popular, those assets are often purchased with bank loans as luxury vehicles, homes in residential areas are now like marks, signals, target shooting, for those who engaged in the business of kidnapping, small vans regularized to a lad at the wheel are the eyes and ears that carry the information of “who” “where” “what time” in the prospectus, the analysis is made and consider the “risks vs. benefits “accept and reject options like investing in the stock market is involved, a second test is” deeper “and take the decision, the motivation is money fast, but also so as it comes and goes so situation is again as at first: looking to the next victim. This is the most unpunished and cruel business in Mexico, not only damages the family economy but also affects the emotional stability of the family forever, from this traumatic experience, Security is a pipe dream, everything changes, our lifestyle, our way of making friends. But the business of kidnapping as many other businesses has its variants, now we can not necessarily be deprived of physical liberty, a single call or visit soliciting money or goods deprives us of our sleep with the thought of the consequences if we access announced deliver what we requested, is the tax on our lives and depending on the study “Socio-economic” so we went under the remuneration he will have to deliver. It is sad to see how this cancer every day destroys the dream of millions of people who work with the illusion of a better tomorrow, it is sad to see that there are people who trade in human life without any fear of God, the business of kidnapping in Mexico and went from being a reality To become a hyper-reality as tangible as the clothes we wear every day. 130 “> Tony Frias