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The business of kidnapping in Mexico

No one is exempt from suffering the agony that gives the uncertainty when the father, son or brother are deprived of their liberty in exchange for sums of money that lead to economic ruin, and ceased to be a condition only for “the rich” now there are “thugs” for all the s levels of society, any person whom he sees something of prosperity is at risk of becoming a victim of this cancer that eats every day in our society, justkidnap a businessman to an owner of a neighborhood grocery store popular, those assets are often purchased with bank loans as luxury vehicles, homes in residential areas are now like marks, signals, target shooting, for those who engaged in the business of kidnapping, small vans regularized to a lad at the wheel are the eyes and ears that carry the information of “who” “where” “what time” in the prospectus, the analysis is made and consider the “risks vs. benefits “accept and reject options like investing in the stock market is involved, a second test is” deeper “and take the decision, the motivation is money fast, but also so as it comes and goes so situation is again as at first: looking to the next victim. This is the most unpunished and cruel business in Mexico, not only damages the family economy but also affects the emotional stability of the family forever, from this traumatic experience, Security is a pipe dream, everything changes, our lifestyle, our way of making friends. But the business of kidnapping as many other businesses has its variants, now we can not necessarily be deprived of physical liberty, a single call or visit soliciting money or goods deprives us of our sleep with the thought of the consequences if we access announced deliver what we requested, is the tax on our lives and depending on the study “Socio-economic” so we went under the remuneration he will have to deliver. It is sad to see how this cancer every day destroys the dream of millions of people who work with the illusion of a better tomorrow, it is sad to see that there are people who trade in human life without any fear of God, the business of kidnapping in Mexico and went from being a reality To become a hyper-reality as tangible as the clothes we wear every day. 130 “> Tony Frias

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