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Business Rules Business

Business Rules Business Rules and Business Rules Set describes the policies, rules, operations, definitions and restrictions contained in an organization and are of vital importance to achieve the objectives missionary. Examples of business rules: “A customer who bill more than 10,000 a year is a customer of type A”, “A-type customers we apply a 10 discount on orders over 3000.” The following organizations operate multiple business rules, express or implied, that are embedded in processes, applications, documents, etc. May reside in the minds of some people or in the source code of computer software. In recent years a trend has been observed to be managed in a systematic and centralized business rules, so easy and simple query, understand, use, exchange, etc.. For this you can use a business rules engine.The business rules engine is a system that is configured to serve the needs of business through the definition of objects and business rules, the software is governed by flows arising responsibilities to the different positions of the company and distributing work fairly and quantitatively, when, who and where you have to perform the assigned task. Business rules are a means by which the strategy is implemented. The rules specify – at an appropriate level of detail – what an organization should do.

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