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A modern career and future in the Chamber of Commerce

Expert in Foreign Trade The country will demand in the coming years, a large amount of Trade specialists to meet the necessary insertion of Argentine companies in the world economy. Superior Coach involved in foreign trade at all stages necessary for the completion of international sales. That is, in any import-export operation. From finding prospective client until payment or charge of the operation. In that work environments can perform: Small Medium Business Managing the foreign trade department, carrying out the tasks of opening new markets after conducting market research, contacting potential customers, specifying the operative for sending the merchandise tracking and recovery of exports. Multinational Companies In the area of imports or exports. Public Agency for Export Promotion Providing advice to export and import, trade information and support to companies new to foreign trade. Clusters Cameras Providing support and training for export.Participating in organizing trade missions abroad and international exhibitions. Carriers – International Freight Advising the client on appropriate transport rates according to the product you want to export or import. Coordinating the delivery of the cargo. Insurance Advising and selling insurance customer depending on the type of merchandise that is imported or exported. Customs Broker Performing the foreign trade operations, production of documents to the Customs, costing import, export, sorting of merchandise. Banks In the area of foreign trade. Making the payment and collection efforts for foreign trade operations.Advising clients about the various forms of existing international payment and costs. Foreign Trade Consultant Managing one’s own foreign trade consultant, providing business services, trade advice. International Marketing Consultant Carrying out market research, search for potential markets, product preparation to compete internationally. Analysis of the different markets.

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