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Tanja Ebbing Germany

Practice-oriented strategy seminar for entrepreneurs within the framework of the founders week Germany In the year 2010 alone there were 417,000 start-ups. There were also young companies, which have proved to be stable in the financial crisis and which have the largest growth in sales and employment, as well as enable innovations. The founders week Germany aims to win partner, to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to identify opportunities for entrepreneurship this year again. This action week takes place global entrepreneurship week in cooperation with the initiative of the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and technology). Around 10 million people have contributed approximately 40,000 events in 2010. About 600 partners in 2010, the successful events of the ebbing consultancy were selected and presented in the documentation of the BMWi as practical examples.

“This year has been the enthusiastic and as SME consultant business start-ups” trained economic graduate in business administration (VWA) Tanja Ebbing Germany opted for the partnership with the founders week and offered several events for entrepreneurs, students as well as young companies. The seminar business strategy success through specialisation “in cooperation with the University of Fulda, the BBZ Educationscenter, the ITZ Fulda and the training companies Dr. Jordan conducted. You may want to visit Hyundai to increase your knowledge. “” “The participants concluded:” woman Ebbing made a living knowledge transfer based on feasible practical examples in their refreshing style “business start-up seminar strategy” on February 17, 2012 in the time from 10.00 until 16.00 in main Valley in the high Town Hall offered. Practical examples are presented and a method is presented, on the basis of the participants can develop a business strategy as well as an overview of the various financing options. Since the seminar within the framework of Germany’s founder week takes place, only a handling fee in the amount of 20,–euros will be charged. Due to the limited number of 20 participants will be asked for a timely registration.