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The Munich

And further: “we offer app solutions from A to Z not only for customers, but also their own initiative.” This means: we explore the market and even application in the world, when we are convinced that there is a market. “Social gaming, hybrid TV, open innovation, etc. Further details can be found at Robert Kiyosaki, an internet resource. much we plan forward.” The Agency is a full service provider for alternative advertising webguerillas. The portfolio includes all forms of advertising in the online and offline, that entertain and surprise the audience with unconventional ideas. The Munich-based recruiters were awarded in many cases and are among the leading agencies in Germany for viral campaigns, social media activities, guerrilla, Word-of-mouth-, ambient and mobile marketing, as well as for blog and website concepts.

Additional business fields such as alternative PR and online monitoring round off the offer. The webguerillas customers include among others Deutsche Telekom, Bacardi, MINI, Grohe, power foods, Zott and SIEMENS household appliances. Webguerillas GmbH employs currently 53 people. “The Agency was founded in 2000 and won numerous prizes: 2010 was the campaign with the LeadAward in the category advertising campaign” award. The MINImalism-spot of the webguerillas won the Clio award 2010 in bronze and the silver international advertising award 2010 at the New York Festival.

2009, they took webguerillas gold online star and bronze at the London International Awards for the MINImalism-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar award. The AppAdvisors GmbH is an app contracting specialist who developed app concepts and implements and offers solutions for app-research, marketing of the app and app monetization. “In addition to the award platform”, which is carried out jointly with the IDG-Verlag and annually at the CeBIT of Germany’s best apps Awards, with”operated a second equity project. Videos about new apps, app developers and international player of the app economy are produced within the framework of this Bewegtbildformates. Contact: webguerillas GmbH Daniela Mayer phone: + 49 (0) 89 1893 089 – 23 E-Mail: