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The SMEs

Better motivation and performance measurement of a company’s location within a “cluster” gives you access to immediate comparison with its competitor, who, in turn, has the same relation to material and equipment suppliers with complementary service providers, and even personal who has worked in other companies. All these relationships expose many companies and places them in a situation of easy comparison with best practices The SMEs also by the vision of a good management can be incorporated into the cluster and keep in mind as indicated, currently, the acceleration and increasing complexity of technological change, globalization of markets, intensifying competition and consumer sovereignty movements become prominent at which companies must seek and create new competitive advantages that allow them to survive in the market ( Ferro et al., 2000).

In the particular case of SMEs, I have to take into account the difficulties inherent in its small size, as can be to access the same sources of external finance than large companies, and even more importantly, access to appropriate sources of information to make the right decisions. For these companies, cooperation with others of their own size or more is know as a strategic alternative that allows them to exploit the competitive advantages of companies with which they are associated, whether such agreements are horizontal and vertical. If these agreements are made between a large number of companies, weaves a web of relationships that are bound to create compact networks. These inter organizational networks develop normally in a limited specific geographical area, forming clusters. Do not forget the management of SMEs that the main requirements of the clusters are: idiosyncrasy, independence, zoning, segregation, foreign investment. On the latter noted that although not essential, foreign investment in the form of technology and equipment is important in two respects: First, to enter the country of advanced technology, equipment and facilities necessary for the development of the Cluster; Second, the safety of the products and / or services are exported. This means bilateral contracting can affect third party performing the contract and ensure the results.