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Need For Self-Expression

Include interview questions provided, you will be able to obtain reliable information about the applicants, which will allow you to choose the most suitable candidate. Evaluation of motivation in the heart of any human activity lie needs. Everything we experience not only the need for food, sleep and protection, but also the need for recognition, communication, self-fulfillment and success. Motive – is “materialized” need, motive to any action. Thus, we can say that any human activity is motivated, otherwise it would make no sense.

Specialists are two types of motivation: the monetary and nonmonetary. The first is the reasons directly related to remuneration, and remuneration includes salary, interest, premiums, holiday pay, compensation, etc. The second type can include a variety of reasons, from the atmosphere in the team and opportunities for growth to the availability of medical corporate insurance and free lunches. Studies show that the main motive of a material reward. However, it is worth noting that not all employees are committed to only level of compensation or the amount of social package. Material incentives is not 100% effective, and the worker can easily leave the hopeless, but well-paid job.

The second highest value is the need for self-expression. The work, above all, should be fun and enable a creative approach to solving problems. This opinion was about 40% of workers. It is also important for employees understanding in a team, understanding and support of the authorities, the possibility of social privilege, moral encouragement, as well as an opportunity to promote their careers. To identify the motivation employees are special tests, which are usually required to assess the real situation in the company and compare it with the desired or to rank the different stimuli on the degree of significance. Score motivation can be conducted by external experts, as well as its own company. Learn the practice of identifying and assessing the motivations may be at special rates. Staff incentives to improve performance of staff used different methods of stimulation, the choice which the head rests on the knowledge of the needs and the degree of motivation of staff. As noted above. Material Incentives are not always effective, so they must be combined with several others. As an incentive can be used symbols of official status, for example, the presence of his own Cabinet, mobile, company car, etc. For staff it is important to a sense of belonging to the company, which contributes to the appearance of participation in various meetings, receiving thanks, letters and promotional memorabilia gifts. The company also can arrange a competition to fill the vacant seat on the common grounds. Major incentive is the complete benefits package, which is a guarantee of stability and security of staff. Plays an important role to ensure health insurance, which is equally beneficial for both employees and the company itself. Not the last in a series of incentives is a good workplace organization.