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Compact Refrigerators

And that much important because it: Climate class – sn, T! Therefore, this model from Liebherr can rightly be considered – a masterpiece! – Compact Refrigerators (KT 1430 Comfort, KTPes 1554 Premium, etc.) should be noted that in their models Liebherr seeks not only to achieve maximum reliability and technical equipment, but also as a Liebherr kt 1430 Comfort – intended to optimize used under the refrigerator location. A distinctive feature of Liebherr kt 1430 Comfort is a unique low price for such models strap, as well as the possibility of incorporation under the countertop and install flush to the wall. – Freezers and freezer chests (GTS 3012, gtp 3126 Premium, etc.) Model Liebherr gtp 3126 Premium distinguished from all models of its range due to low power (Class A + +) and 2um types of alarms (light and sound) to open the doors and turning off the power. – Climate and temperature cabinets for wine (WK 4127 Vinothek, WKUes 1753 Vinidor, wk 4677 GrandCru, etc.) The distinctive feature of this model series Liebherr Vinidor a fresh air supply through a filter of activated charcoal, which contributes to creating a favorable climate for wine storage. Model Liebherr wk 4677 GrandCru intended for long-term storage of wine, totaling up to 200 liters (200 bottles)! It is equipped with such useful and it is necessary features such as: temperature display, child safety, the ability to door. Thanks to German rigor in the details, but the clarity and accuracy, Liebherr manufactures high-quality, spacious and technologically equipped products in a fairly strict design. Caring about the little things, such as: warming function contour door availability section HidroSafe, which is controlled humidity. New system IceCenter Liebherr's has an attractive exterior design and offers maximum comfort while serving soft drinks, as is at your disposal at the same time there is chilled water, crushed ice and diced ice.

Slight depression in the soft key dispenser can get the amount of ice cubes and chilled water. led illumination provides a pleasant lighting. Refrigerators and cold boxes Liebherr Premium feature in most of the convenient display on the outer side of the door that allows you to conveniently and quickly select the operating modes and monitor their implementation and monitor the temperature and humidity inside. Thanks Technology SuperCool, SuperFrost, BioFresh and NoFrost, Liebherr refrigerators are capable of permanently preserved even perishable foods. In particular, a special section BioFresh Liebherr refrigerator ensures the best climatic conditions for long-term storage fresh food. At temperatures slightly above 0 C and the ideal humidity fruit and vegetables, meat and fish three times longer retain their valuable vitamins, delicate aroma and appetizing appearance. Refrigerators Liebherr Comfort permit through the process of thawing and freezing process automatically, with the maximum convenience for the user.