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The Inverse

That we needed to be in a family, or that or friendships, but always in community or in relation to people, because to be only or single always some besides being would not have sense damaging to us same. Both opposite poles That felt it has an ant in your life: I consider that it is have to impose you limit, that yes, the minimums. In this case he is one of them, is necessary to share our world with other people. Some would not have sense to live in the eternal dark, but it tell me: What sense has your life? You only live for same you? To move away of the ego is something fundamental to be a free person, at the most far you are of your own more difficult ego will be to him alcanzarte and sujetarte. For a complete freedom as it said to them he is essential to be related to other people or but dile to the world as you release your feelings, thoughts, forms to see the world, etc. Really would be unpublished. Plays a predominant paper in your life a parrot? Said this we see that it is necessary to put limits of solitude, but, as much as it has limits of is it to solitude of relation.

However we expose the inverse one of the previous one. A person who always this accompanying and socializing, finished in the dependency of it. This also is of gravity. Another thief of freedom. Among others, the following negative things in this type of people can be appreciated: Social dependency: – Inclination to depend on other people’s thoughts, as much sentimentally, as professionally. In summary one does not become what one same one wants. leaving to the personal freedom in the hands of other people and nobody you know better than what you want, that you are and towards where you go.