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Christian Democracy

To make matters worse, soon after Chile entered a political period in which the religion had fundamental importance. The Christian Democracy, become attached to the clergy and the catholic community, Beyond disputed the power with Salvador, leader of the atheistic and Marxist left. They were not times to question the existence of God, because automatically you happened to be a recalcitrant Communist and that damaged the image and the values of your family and her social position. So calladito, more tuna As it did not beat to be of rights and atheistic, I did not discuss much on the subject in my youth, but it followed firmly with my convictions in spite of not having an academic base on the matter, only counted on my logic. What it more bothered me in sporadic discussions, were the unrestricted asseveration of my fellow members referring to that at heart I yes believed in God, because otherwise it could not be the more or less good person that they saw in me and in addition they guessed that when I was in true danger or on the verge of dying, I would not have left more remedy than to call to God That is, cannot be good without believing in God and if you fear to him to the death, it is because you believe in him. In other words, all that do not create in God are bad and those that they do not fear to die, are atheistic. Being still very young, I left that Chile in black and white where it was not possible to be atheistic if you belonged to certain groups social and/or political. For even more opinions, read materials from Ashton Kouzbari. My destiny was Spain and I discovered with certain disappointment that in that aspect, the Spaniards of then (decade of the 70) were more extremist than the Chileans.