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This difference between lights and shades that the human eye does not perceive but that the photo yes, can be reduced with the use of the flash. To total light by day, the flash is used, does not stop to illuminate the scene, but to fill up the dark zones. Clearly, this dark zone does not have to be to but of 5 meters of distance, or otherwise the effect of the flash not notary’s office. This is because the luminous power of the flash is limited, according to the type and model, as we see next. As the domestic lamps of light have a power marked in watts, the flashes also have their power expressed in ” number gua”.

But in the fan cameras, as the flash comes built-in, we only must find in each case and its corresponding manual, the rank of reach in meters that it owns. Usually it is in the majority of the cameras like which one is in this chapter, between 1 and 5 meters of reach. This means that, if takings photos with flash to a subject that is more than 5 meters, can be dark as it would say a nascent one. Now we will call ” to him; subexpuesto” to a situation thus. And on the contrary, if takings with flash to a subject that is 1 meter less than, this it will be very white, or past of light, in terms of nascent. Now we will call ” to him; sobreexpuesto” or burned.

These professional terms that we have used, are not really fundamental. But it remembers what I said to you at the outset, is part to change the way to think and to act in it photographs, to stop being a nascent one. To call to the photos, hazardous or hazardous, comes from the term ” exponer” , that is used to determine when a photo correctly is exhibited. Or said in another form, when I enter the camera through objective, the amount of sufficient and necessary light for a normal photo. If greater amount of light of the necessary thing enters, the photo will be then ” sobreexpuesta”. If the light that enters your camera is insufficient, then you will obtain a photo ” subexpuesta”. Another important data on the flash, is that its light besides its power, has a chromatic quality similar to the lot. It means that she is totally white, compatible and for that reason especially it is used jointly with the diurnal light, without filter of no class. Therefore, I would say that the times are few in which you would have to take photos without the flash. Besides serving like stuffed as dark parts in the scene, by his quality of white, pure and absolute light, he corrects any dominant one of strange color in the photography. Case of the cloudy days or in the shade, where the excessive ultraviolet ray presence, produces dominant blue. Perhaps after this, you are in agreement with me in calling to the flash, this magnificent accessory, ” hand derecha” of the photographer.