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The chairman of the publishers in Villaviciosa is pleased that 80 of new children’s publications are in the Asturian

The production of literature for children and youth increased by 15 percent in 2008 over the previous year. In addition, 80 percent of that figure corresponds to texts published in Asturias. This was stated by the president of the Guild of Editors of Asturias, Marta Magadan, in the Festival of Children and Xuvenil Llibru, being held through Sunday at Villaviciosa. But not only these data confirm that this area is in good health.”Most of the ISBN numbers (an international standard book identifier) are infant and juvenile literature,” Magadan said, adding that “since early this year there are 200 new ISBN. But it seems that Asturias is no exception, as other Spanish regions follow a similar trend. However, the Principality is the third community, after Barcelona and Madrid, editorial ranking, taking into account the population ratios and book publications. Another fact that should not pass unnoticed is that “every month there is at least one new junior title,” said Magadan, who joined the new authors who write for younger and have a promising career. The president of the Commonwealth of the Comarca de la Sidra, Alejandro Vega, bet because they “maintain and increase the enrollment of Asturias. These initiatives help to normalize.It also gives the counselor of Culture Consuelo Vega, the possibility that this Asturian book festival, which begins in Villaviciosa, continue to be held in the Shire of Sidra in future editions. Villaviciosa Mayor Manuel Busto, are encouraged to “not forget our llingua and respecting the Castilian, the practice”. Cultural Councilor noted that this festival is born with two goals, “which approaches foster parents and children the Children’s Literature Asturian and make available to industry professionals a framework to investigate the state of the literature. ”

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