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Well, well, a little Christmas …

I am grateful to Gabita giving me this meme, and although this year look like the Grinch premium, see if this improves a bit with my situation: Recipe for Christmas : Gather several measures of illusion, a bit of a gesture of friendship and affection. Bake the mixture in a patient mood. Envolvamosla with laughter, lights and music. And finally, Give them to the heart. 1. CHRISTMAS FAVORITE FOOD: My favorite dinner is the Cod (the Biscay), many times what I have prepared myself and buenisimo (easily the baby). Oh, and wait to eat the whole apple salad. 2. FAVORITE DRINK AT CHRISTMAS: I love the punch, rather than taken in the inns. for I can not miss Christmas Champagne toast. 3. Holiday Ornaments REASON OR FAVORITE: of course the tree and lots of lights, I love snowmen! 4. WHAT MORE DO YOU LIKE THE DECEMBER 25: wake up and see what Santa brought me, (yes, every year comes and gives me something), eating too much reheated (it tastes better than the night before), live with family and friends. 5. WHAT DO YOU LIKE THE MOST 1o. JANUARY: rest because to this day, I’m dead! jijiji 6. With whom does Christmas, wherever we are, the idea is to share with family and always next to my husband. 7. GIFT OF MY CHILDREN I remember most: the truth is that I received many gifts, but what I remember most were the moments we spent together and my dad’s toast. 8. WHAT WOULD YOU like to be CHRISTMAS GIFTS: a track car, always had to go play with my cousin, who received the car was. 9. O HOLY CHILD JESUS: Celebrating course the baby Jesus, but if Santa brings gift, I thank you too. 10. Dennis Carey RITUALS you do for the New Year: Some years I’ve done all! for starters, new clothes. Just eat 12 grapes at midnight, ringing a bell and go out with suitcases! 11. Favorite Song at Christmas: I like listening to them all and put the tree. 12.

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