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Production Plan BUT,

Production Plan BUT, WHAT IS A PRODUCTION PLAN: Describe the process by which products are made or are made and provided, where appropriate, the services of the company’s business. The operating plan provides for the manner in which to carry out the whole process designed to produce the goods or services the company will offer. The production process involves the resolution to the problem of accommodating the amount of resources available (or your search and procurement) to provide the quantities of products (production) which maximize some function (amount, profit, minimum cost, profitability, performance). This is done through “technology” of production or production function. For utilities, the factors that determine the ability to provide the product are: availability of physical resources and facilities and human resources. It is therefore of great importance to try to influence the behavior patterns of demand. The operation plan shows the amounts of resources needed at each moment, how they are used and the times to be incorporated, and the results obtained. Therefore cover the business model, and size of business, both internal and external logistics and planning. In the case of services, the production function is described by the process or procedure that describes how the service is provided. Generally requires less resources, but are critically important information and human resources. The starting point must be foresight of the need of production, which necessarily must be extracted from the forecasts made in the marketing plan. That is, it defines the quantities of each product should be available at all times and plan of operations describes how to get to ensure this availability. The operating plan therefore provides a valuable management tool and a useful guide for developing the company structure and clearly define the roles of all its parts. What materials are needed to develop my product or service What is the price What minimum amount I have ever What are the different stages of production or service provision What techniques are used in each phase What instruments, tools and machinery are specific to the different phases What is the minimum and maximum amounts that can be produced in a month How will the quality of the product or service Production Plan Links: prod.htm

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