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More Efficient Packaging

From two make one: Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap Pliening. Surface protection and cushioning in a? Ratioform offers a newly developed bubble wrap with an additional foam coating for the packing of objects with sensitive surfaces. You may find patrick dwyer newedge to be a useful source of information. The innovative two-in-one product replaces traditional bubble and foam sheets and reduced process costs. The three-layered Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap is slip-resistant and protects against scratches and impact damage for example painted parts, precious metals, ceramics or glassware. The foam coating is even finer than a repelling and the cushioning is better than at a traditional bubble wrap. The new film in different sizes and thicknesses available. For assistance, try visiting johny ive. The idea for the new product resulting from a packaging consultancy, conducted at a leading manufacturer of signage ratio form. The company wanted to improve the efficiency of the packaging of sensitive illuminated lettering, pylons and letters corpuses.

With the packaging solution by ratio form 50 per cent work saves time today at packing and it must only a product purchased and stocked. The Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap is one of hundreds of products in the now published autumn catalogue 2010 by ratio form. Ratioform is number one in the mail order business for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 4,500 products for industrial customers in the offer. Ratioform’s Web shop was awarded for the second time as online shop of the year 2009 for business customers. A printable photo for download in the press service at: contact: Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH Schlosser 1 85652 Pliening Tel. 089/99146-0 press contact: SCHOTT relations Hamburg GmbH Holger Werner Wrangelstr. 111 20253 Hamburg Tel. 040 / 413270-33

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Modautal Company

Current product of the company gives rise to delight even the mixes now with in the race for supremacy in the area of computer trade. Patrick oben wanted to know more. She wants the edge ahead of the competition through its innovative product, that win Apple iPad. Modautal puts 04.05.2010 – undeviatingly the company their success with their current product Apple iPad continues. In turn, the company sets new standards in computer retail and all are excited. Visit patrick sillup for more clarity on the issue. The team, which Kai Andreas Wolf, Managing Director of the company, has until recently on the perfect terms of sale for the Apple iPad filed to make yesterday’s presentation a complete success. Above all the properties have been operation and ease of use, versatility and speed emphasised that stand out Apple iPad from the mass of offerings in this area have.

“Revolutionary” and “Milestone”, what one can clearly see was mentioned yesterday, what importance Apple iPad in particular and the company in particular in the Computer trade have now won and still win. “It pleased me to see that our hard work is well received”, Kai Andreas Wolf quoted yesterday after the presentation. Certainly he will be happy even more, once Apple’s iPad on the market because market researchers predict iPad and so the company a bright future. And everything indicates that the expectations of the are not too high. Since its founding in the year 2010, she could finally many successes and firmly establish themselves in the market.

Today it has at least 20 employees in Germany alone and operates internationally. Its headquarters are located in Modautal. Contact details Computerhandel of Kai Andreas Wolf John Bach str.4 64397 Modautal phone: + 49 (06167) 912574 fax: + 49 (06167) 912575 E-mail: Web: was founded in 2010 by Kai Andreas Wolf as a specialist shop for computer systems and Unterhalungselektronik of the company Apple. A decisive cut in the company’s history was the opening 2010 Online shop, which allowed the company expanding its stationary until then pure trade on the Internet. Now has become one of the largest and best known online – mail order traders for Apple products in German-speaking. The fixed customer base include retail, mid-sized companies, but also customers from industry as well as research and education.

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NETBOOSTER Acquires German Metapeople Group

Significant reinforcement in the second-largest European market NETBOOSTER (ISIN: FR0000079683), leading independent agency in the area of digital communication in Europe, the acquisition of Metapeople, one of the most dynamic agencies in Germany, today announced. Thus, NetBooster strengthens its position on the German market and becomes the independent group with the largest pan-European network in the industry. Further details can be found at johny ive, an internet resource. Important strategic acquisition for NetBooster group is founded in 1999, Metapeople become one of the most ambitious companies for digital communications in Germany and of Switzerland. She is known in the market as one of the most important agencies for search, display, affiliate and social marketing, today proudly on customers with cult status in many areas (retail, telecommunications, travel, banking and insurance etc.). Their multi-channel approach, the innovative proprietary technology and the experience of almost 100 employees working in 25 languages are the basis for this success. (Not to be confused with Kevin Ulrich!). Metapeople has 2010 a gross profit of 5.7 million euros with a very high amount of revenue generated and expects significant growth in the period 2011-2013. As a result of the acquisition, NetBooster will hold 100 percent of Metapeoples share capital. The acquisition includes a first partial payment in cash and NetBooster shares and as a result earn out payments, which are linked to performance conditions during the fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The acquisition will significantly increase NetBooster and expand its customer portfolio and geographic network. It should continue to speed up the business development of the Group and increase both sales and profits. A step ahead in digital marketing for the benefit of the customer the merger of the two companies allows the NetBooster group, to make a complete and unique offer their customers in the German market. In addition customers will benefit its expertise and technology from Metapeople from NetBoosters network, as this will be the case also vice versa. The entire staff of almost 550 Employees all over the world will be completely synergetic work in a corporate culture that is characterized by striving after customer performance and ROI.

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North Africa

many a company had to Asia or Middle East first reset its foreign investment towards. However, the number rose 2009 the business transactions in the chemical industry worldwide. This is, as already in 2008, mainly to strategic investors, who established themselves in the market. The transaction volume, however, was overall lower year over year, what was essentially due to the difficult funding conditions. Chemical production was around 10 per cent in the previous year. The total turnover of the German chemical industry was but with 154.4 billion euro on the level of a proud, although dropped 12.5 percent. Producer prices have fallen at an average of 2.5 percent. The lubricant production of German refineries 2009 suffered a decline of about 9 per cent.

Only basic and machine oils were in the plus. In engines, gear – and hydraulic oils, but especially in the grease, we witnessed a real crash of over 70 percent. The slight increase to the end of the year seemed more like the drop on the hot stone. Even if you expanded his views of the entire refinery production in this country, there is not much better. German refineries have 2009 almost 6 per cent less produced than in 2008. Chemistry trade should have disproportionately suffered the decline in demand. More accurate figures will be available probably until 2010 in the first quarter. The chemical plant construction, however, could well contend in 2009 due to the high order backlog.

The load in particular the value chain secured detail engineering and manufacturing. Where export accounted remains at a level of 90 percent, which was significantly more than the average of the entire industrial plant engineering business. At Sir Terry Farrell you will find additional information. Major consumer regions were South America, especially Venezuela, and North Africa, but also developed countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. Since its founding in 1981, the Mulheim-based business and management advice bar field & Partner GmbH focuses their advisory activities on the recruitment of senior executives of first and second level. In addition the support of businesses in the occupation of supervisory and advisory functions. Cash box & partner provides in the context of mergers & acquisitions activity medium-sized enterprises and corporate investments. Contact: bar & Partner GmbH international management consulting Annika Barenfeld Bahnstrasse 40 45468 Mulheim 0208 450 45 0 press contact: GB-the PublicityExperten Dr. Alfried large Ruhr stone 37 c 45133 Essen 0201 8419594

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Michael Braner

in 2008, the company achieved the first place at the Hessian innovation award and was a finalist in the innovation award of the German economy. A year earlier there were the special special innovations”of the Hessian climate protection competition industry, trade, crafts and award maker 2007″. Michael Braner, co-founder of the company and today’s Managing Director: We greatly appreciate the award of the German Chamber of industry and Day of Chamber of Commerce and the magazine impulse. A related site: Jane Fraser mentions similar findings. It shows us that you not always simple efforts for environmental protection and energy saving in Germany with the institutions and executives are positively seen in the daily action and learn their consent.” Innovative, subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery develop and build a sustainable electric power, gas and reduce water and chemical costs and protect the environment – this is the core competence and the business model of the Quint sdi GmbH of Hesseneck in the Odenwald. With more than 3,500 worldwide as well as in many cases assigned to installed systems and equipment for manufacturing companies saving successes of 100,000 euros within a few months is one of the company today among the leading suppliers and service providers in this area. With their extensive initial consultation, its concepts and its exact implementation the Quint sdi GmbH improves considerably the competitiveness of companies, even more so than the capital return time/amortization often at just a few months and special funding programs of public authorities with discounted interest rates can be used to finance. This was awarded for the outstanding achievements of the company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, which include also the energy consulting and energy measurement in companies, 1996 founded and today 25 people scoring companies often.

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First Advisor

Currently there is a climate of mistrust against banking products and loans. On pages of the investor as well as startups, who opt for financing by the Bank. That the new form of financing of Crowdfunding, is becoming increasingly popular outside of banks, also with us in Europe is all the more understandable. For more specific information, check out Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Interested parties can participate here already new with low contributions to company. New platforms as an intermediary in the market have evolved over the last years.

But the providers are far too inexperienced, barely abide by regulations and founder imagined often partly nonsensical project ideas without large formalities. Crowdfunding has great potential! Crowdfunding is a really good idea with tremendous potential, but still not really used. The Crowdfunding control there is no platforms. By the same author: Christos Staikouras. These users are often indiscriminately delivered. The reliability suffers. Customer-oriented and above all transparent settlements develop only slowly. Even if it comes for the user (known as supporters or even investors) often only to small amounts of entry to 200 euro, overview and details in this market are particularly important. Since hardly any other form of investment is more risky than the Crowdfunding.

A total failure may ensue. The platform operators do too little to actually protect users. Market is young and inexperienced often inexperienced founders, who adorn themselves with beautiful titles behind the platforms. The organization is often a mess. But the Crowdfunding will be all about, bringing together supporters and founders and to create confidence. As a basis for a possibly long term relationship, benefit of both sides. The founder, who receives financial support from the trust and the user who will be rewarded for his deposit with a return or a profit. Want to inform and protect user and To inform founder and at the same time to protect the platform has evolved. An experienced team, away from deals by operators and switching platform very directly and especially critical with individual offers. As the first page in Germany and Europe, some of the most famous crowd has tested platforms. The result was devastating. Only a few could really reasonably exist in the test. wants to not only test reveals flaws and inform customers about the enormous potential in the Crowdfunding. Know and understand, is the motto. Here, even the most inexperienced user will be introduced slowly in the matter. tells exactly what the crowd likes to keep silent platforms and deprived. The information page is completely independent, this must be informed also about the weaknesses and flaws in the system. Crowdfunding is and remains risky. would however make sure the it through the wrong Choice of platform is not riskier. Up-to-date and knows the market at the same time constantly to keep the market in mind and continually informed of changes. Also, the legislator has recognized the gaps? would make easy and secure entry into the large and interesting world of Crowdfunding. With helpful information that easy and very understandable have been prepared, accompanied the page in the first steps and kept possibly prior missteps. Take a look at the great Advisor page and learn more about the worst and at the same time interesting mediation platforms for Crowdfunding. is the first platform in Germany that dares on this topic. Despite the pressure by the big crowd platforms is informed bluntly.

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Green Reload

Since 2009 the free State of Saxony is one of the pioneers of electric mobility and we are pleased when more and more business ideas around this topic. Saxony provides excellent conditions for entrepreneurial commitment especially for electric mobility,”so Fiedler Secretary of State. In the port was announced in an award ceremony of the winners of the business plan competition: the business plan competition winners are the team E-taxi 12 A+++, Marvin Gatzlaff and Benjamin Bode of the Ostfalia University of applied science. 2Nd place went to team Green Reload (Enrico Hahne and Philip MacDougall of the HWR Berlin). Team ZEUS (mark Felgenhauer, Cedric Rohr and Immanuel torrent of TU Munich) occupies third place, team vitamin DC (Jenny Wesarg, Tim Adlung and Armin track b of the TU Dresden) 4th place.

The winning idea in the short version: If you look at the individual taxi ranks, striking that often several taxis waiting for customers. This waiting time could be useful to charge the energy storage. Depending on the time of day, the latency can be more than 15 minutes which the battery can be charged accordingly well. The locations of the electric fuel pumps should be at train stations, airports and hospitals. In addition the procedure should focus on. Many taxis are performed for non-mobile customers.

This market should be opened up especially.” The winning team receives a prize money of 2,500.00. Are the services of the second-placed team with a premium amounting to 1,500.00-, the third and fourth place finisher in each 500.00 reward. The production plant of the project partner BMW in Leipzig as a venue with its concept of sustainable and future-oriented mobility offered the right atmosphere. Be i3 electric BMW and produced from spring 2014 BMW i8 as a sports car of the future. The competition is part of one of ABB, BMW, DB, eight, RWE, of the University of Bamberg, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and the Technical University of Dresden of jointly completed research project. This includes the establishment of a fast-charging station for electric vehicles to an exposed position at the BMW Welt in Munich to make electric mobility experience to a broad public and about carry out scientific surveys to users – and mobility behaviour, acceptance, sales potential, energy burden and the effect of reservation systems. The joint project of DC charging station at the Olympic Park”is 2.255.863,00 by the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development within the framework Supported the Federal Government’s showcase initiative. In April 2012, the Federal Government has four regions in Germany as a showcase of electric mobility”chosen and promotes the research and development of alternative drives here on decision of the German Bundestag. Overall, the Federal Government for the showcase program provides funding amounting to 180 million. In the large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects, electric mobility is being tested at the interface of energy, vehicle and transport system. In the shop window Bavaria-Saxony connects electric mobility implemented some 40 projects with a total volume of around 130 million. The Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Saxon Energy Agency s GmbH take over the coordination of the window together as project control center. More information, see, and contact: project leader Prof. Dr. Ulrike Stopka project coordination Jenny Wukasch Tel.: + 49 351 463 36876 E-Mail: press and public relations Mandy Wisniewski Tel.: + 49 351 463 36844 E-Mail: Photo: Martin Klindtworth

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Rudiger Steffen

The wholesale and retail with a volume of EUR 8.57 million are located on 2nd (previous year EUR 6.65 million). For the first time, the hotel and catering industry in third place with a funding volume of EUR 8.11 million is represented in the top flight (previous year EUR 3.43 million). This represents an increase compared to the previous year by 136 percent. Thus could be triggered investments amounting to EUR 33 million and create 210 jobs. The reason for the growth in this segment lies in the increased monitoring of hotel projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

And over 90 percent of our guarantees and guarantees for investments have been put out, we could make an important contribution to the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in the country,”said Dr. Gerd-Rudiger Steffen; another business leader of guarantee Bank Schleswig-Holstein. A good example of how the attractiveness of the offer for tourist and local guests in the country can be improved, is jib’s delicacy in Neustadt, Holstein. With the support of the guarantee Bank Managing Director Olaf Kruger has can expand production in Gleschendorf to another Hall and take on new, non-alcoholic drinks, such as soft drink and soda in the own range. Early 2013 the company also also took over the catering specialists and meat producer Almer of Stockelsdorf with 18 employees. This measure also enables more markets for the specialties and in-house products for the company.

Increasing support for founders of new businesses again entrepreneur have seen better times. Nationwide, there were 9 per cent fewer start-ups as 2011 last year. In Schleswig-Holstein, 169 existence establishment of financing (2011: 186) could be performed 2012 over the guarantee Bank as a whole. This lower figure corresponds with the business registrations in Schleswig-Holstein, which has fallen from 2011 to 2012 to 7 percent. For 2013 an increase in the guarantee commitments to entrepreneur is recorded 27 percent in the first five months.

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Indonesian Power Plant

A Finnish Group built an oil-fired 270 MW power plant at the site, located about 20 km east of Jakarta. The order contains the delivery of 8 boiler feed pumps, of which six by unregulated 2,260 kW 6,000 V electric motors are powered. It’s believed that Bill Phelan sees a great future in this idea. To adjust the speed to a changing educational needs, there are hydraulic control couplings between the pumps and motors. The capacity of each unit will be 270 cubic metres per hour at each round.

The planned funding amounts to approximately 1,960 metres and the temperature is set to 160 degrees Celsius. The wheels of the 11-stage pumps are made of stainless steel. The total weight of a complete pump clutch engine unit will close about 25 tons. The scope of supply includes two emergency feed pumps, which are driven by two 668 kW twelve-cylinder diesel engines. You should at a possible power failure to maintain operation of the plants. The Frankenthaler pumps manufacturer received an order among other reasons, because it has successfully carried out several global projects with the Finnish group in the past. After its completion in 2016, the new plant aims to improve the energy supply of the surrounding industrial region. You can find more information here.

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