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Rudiger Steffen

The wholesale and retail with a volume of EUR 8.57 million are located on 2nd (previous year EUR 6.65 million). For the first time, the hotel and catering industry in third place with a funding volume of EUR 8.11 million is represented in the top flight (previous year EUR 3.43 million). This represents an increase compared to the previous year by 136 percent. Thus could be triggered investments amounting to EUR 33 million and create 210 jobs. The reason for the growth in this segment lies in the increased monitoring of hotel projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

And over 90 percent of our guarantees and guarantees for investments have been put out, we could make an important contribution to the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in the country,”said Dr. Gerd-Rudiger Steffen; another business leader of guarantee Bank Schleswig-Holstein. A good example of how the attractiveness of the offer for tourist and local guests in the country can be improved, is jib’s delicacy in Neustadt, Holstein. With the support of the guarantee Bank Managing Director Olaf Kruger has can expand production in Gleschendorf to another Hall and take on new, non-alcoholic drinks, such as soft drink and soda in the own range. Early 2013 the company also also took over the catering specialists and meat producer Almer of Stockelsdorf with 18 employees. This measure also enables more markets for the specialties and in-house products for the company.

Increasing support for founders of new businesses again entrepreneur have seen better times. Nationwide, there were 9 per cent fewer start-ups as 2011 last year. In Schleswig-Holstein, 169 existence establishment of financing (2011: 186) could be performed 2012 over the guarantee Bank as a whole. This lower figure corresponds with the business registrations in Schleswig-Holstein, which has fallen from 2011 to 2012 to 7 percent. For 2013 an increase in the guarantee commitments to entrepreneur is recorded 27 percent in the first five months.