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Third World

Without forgetting us those worshippers of Capital God of the market economy, those that live in opulence and would gloran in the power that to them the wealth, while, to his around, they die millares, because of the hunger and the diseases provide, which they are classified like of second class, those that they are hacinan, in the middle of the misery, to the calls, citizens of the Third World. to take place that meeting, surely the voice of the Santiago apostle will roar, who will remember the following thing to them: We go now, rich! You cry and you howl by the miseries that will come to you. Your wealth are rotten, and your clothes are eaten of polilla. Your gold and silver are mouldy; and its mould will testify against you, and will devour your meats like fire absolutely. There are accumulated treasures for the rearward days. I have here, cries out the wage of the workers who are reaped your earth, which by deceit have not been paid them by you; and the outcries of which they had harvested have entered the ears of the Gentleman of the armies.

You have lived in delights on the Earth, and be disolutos; you have fattened your hearts like in day of slaughter. You have condemned and dice death to just, and he does not do resistance to you . Santiago 5:1 6 Again, we asked ourselves, Mr. Jesus, with those who he will be? Who will be able to respond to us this question is the disciples of Juan those who all knew by Baptist. They saw and spoke him with Him, I have here, which said to them: Llam Juan to two of its disciples sent and them to Jesus, to ask to him: Are you the one that was to come, or we will wait for another one? When, then, the men came to him, they said: Juan the Baptist has sent to us, for preguntarte: Are you the one that was to come, or we will wait for another one? In that same hour he healed to many of diseases and plagues, and bad spirits, and to many blind he gave back the view to them.

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Chile Community

One appointed like his first Secretary General the ex- Ecuadorian President, Rodrigo Borja Cevallos. The intention of the UNASUR is to conform an integrated South-American space in political, social, economic, environmental the scope and of infrastructure. The principles and basic the political direction of the Community are established in the Declaration of Cusco and the Declaration of Ayacucho. The UNASUR is located in a geographic area of 17.7 million km2. It has a population considered in 377 million people and the global GIP of 1.229 trillions of dollars The Union of South American Nations looks for the development of a space integrated in social, cultural, economic, financial, environmental the politician, and in the infrastructure.

This new model of integration will include all the profits and advanced by the processes of the Mercosur and the Andean Community, as well as the experience of Chile, Guyana and Suriname. The last objective is and will be to favor a more equitable, harmonic and integral development of South America. In the Declaration actions settle down in: 1. Agreement and coordination policy and diplomat of the region. 2. Convergence between Mercosur, Andean Community and Chile in a zone of free commerce. Surinam and Guyana will be able to be associated to this process notwithstanding their obligations with the Caricom.

3. Physical integration, energetics and of communications in South America. Impelled by the Initiative of Integracin South American Regional (IIRSA). 4. Harmonization of policies of rural and agro-alimentary development. 5. Transference of technology and horizontal cooperation in all the scopes of science, education and culture. 6. Increasing interaction between the companies and the civil society in integration. Measures, actions and scopes of joint operation will settle down progressively on the base of the existing institutionality Wikipedia reports to us in addition, that at the moment the provisory structure of the UNASUR, ex- CSN, is the following one: the Meetings of the Chiefs of State (Summit of the UNASUR), of annual character, is the maximum instance of political conduction.

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The Venezuelan management before the reality of the behavior of the present turbulent scene of the country, must to enable better to its human resource, to prepare it for the changes that occur, to provide the necessary support for profits, stability, to support the actions of transformation to which the changes cause, security in its work, in the objectives to be obtained, cooperation and support of the leadership and guarantee of integrated, cohesive, participating work parties. A autoconociomiento of the organization, the variables that can affect their members and of the balance is due to have who must guarantee who have the roll to direct to the organization. Conclusions It is valid what on the matter Red Odalis thinks, the Organizational climate determines the form in that an individual perceives its work, its performance, productivity and satisfaction. The models of climate study of the organizations raise to us that it exists a relation between organizational climate and productivity of the organization who is taken into account, that the leaders play a key role in the success of the business, because not only they are responsible to plot the course, but also of yield and to assure the conditions for a good climate in the company. Often although the organization as much offers excellent benefits in the economic thing, as in the social thing, people end up breaking contact itself by a bad relation with her leaders. Studies demonstrate that people tend to commit themselves more with the leaders than with the company; it is for that reason that one of the main dimensions evaluated in a organizational climate study, must be the leadership.

The Venezuelan management is necessary identifies more with the reach, contributions that the studies of the organizational climate cause for plans, strategies. Changes necessary to take passage to organizational good behavior in favor of the survival, operativity of the companies. The Program of Postgraduate of Phases in the specialty Management of the Quality and productivity of the University of Carabobo through its chair of organizational behavior, this abierto to the SMEs to contribute support to him, suggestions, proposals that can provide solution to him to the problems that affect their behavior organizational. Original author and source of the article.

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New Financial Regulation

How is the new financial regulation of the 29 USA October 2009 No financial system can work indeed if the financial institutions and the investors operate with the belief that the government will act to protect them of the consequences of his faults, Barack Obama, president of the USA. The originated financial crisis in the market of mortgages prevails of the USA has had until the moment like winners to the main financial institutions of the USA (with the exception of Lehman Brothers), like Citi (NYSE: C) or the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), that have managed to save their head thanks to the taxes of the contributors. This situation is not pardoned by the Americans and is for that reason who the government of Obama must act to demonstrate that she is in favor of the financial consumers and contributors of the country. In the search to convince and to please, the reform of the American financial system continues advancing, and all hope it does that it in the correct sense. On the success in the regulatory reform, it will depend that a future crisis is not generated in the USA a traverse of the operating one of the financial organizations, although this does not clear the horizon of threats. The day Tuesday was not a day more for the reform of the financial system of the USA. The project appeared to face the systemic risk in the economy, initiative that includes the approval of a measurement that will expose to the bottoms of cover to a greater scrutiny. The initiative would grant vast powers to a new regulatory advice, to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Corporation of Insurances of the Deposits (FDIC, by its abbreviation in English) to watch and to face risks the economic stability posed by financial companies difficulties. The new regulation anticipates one more a more preventive attitude to avoid headaches that cost several thousands of million dollars.

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Magazine Clients

With the money it is possible to be bought the book, but not it intelligence, rl luxury, prto not it beauty. Anonymous. Cinsideraciones, reaches All good management must be prepared for the changes, knowledge to confront challenges, mainly, when a crisis occurs that affects their behavior in the markets, must know like acting, of such form, that it is not harmed the operativity and the reached profits. The management must count on a management of markets that it has well defined his functions according to the modern requirements, in order to guaranteeresults, thanks to its strategic plans, objectives, mutual understanding of the characteristics of the markets, scene where it acts. Of knowing when a crisis appears and how it must handle it of such form that is not affected. In an interesting writing on the subject, Estr@tegia Magazine, indicates that marketing in the days of crisis forces to follow two rules: 1 – It is not possible to be lost a single client, and 2 – It is necessary to rob to the competition all the clients to him who are intelligently possible.

The subject of retention of clients has not managed – lamentably to capture the same amount of action and budgets that are destined to the acquisition of new clients. Worse still, in many cases the plans destined to the attraction of new clients offer to these majors advantages, in terms of price I benefits, that those that enjoys the clients old. This flame the attention if we consider that costs – like average six times to more obtain the sponsorship of a new client who to retain a present client. Another factor to consider, is indicated, it is that there is an amount of companies – not sufficient them that they are incorporating new ways to add value. This factor that quickly is perceived by the clients, it has happened to be in just a short time right an acquired and not benefit differentiator, and has forced the organizations to continue implementing new tactics of added value and to make of it a permanent practice.

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Domestic Economy

This characteristic of private consumption clears an incognito of all productive activity as he is " colocacin" of the production. The mini process of commercialization even requires some complexity that increases with the search of ampler markets. Our experience, is that great " neck of botella" of small and the medians it trains, are the systems of commercialization and trade. During long time we have listened to official exhortations the production for the export. And we can assure that an operation of foreign trade is extremely complex. Meaning that to export (or to import) requires a complex structure of commercialization, besides volumes of production and quality control. On the other hand, if it is difficult to conquer a local or internal market, more it is to enter, it an external market.

But we leave to the foreign trade or the interior of great volumes for the production structures and commercialization, are that them and very apt in the country. We remember, by the expressed thing precedingly that many people, will not have at least at the moment labor insertion in those structures or they have perhaps it partially. It is in this expanded scope, where the concept of Domestic Economy acquires value. Because all do not have because to have read our works on individual, is worth to remember that such concept includes/understands activities such as: the familiar kitchen garden, the domestic animal young, the bread elaboration and you graze, the candy elaboration, conserves and inlays. The preparation, I mend and mended of clothes and footwear, and activities like the puericultura and prevention of the health. To promote the benefits of the Domestic Economy, implies systematic, asystematic and parasistematicas actions of the educative system and mass media. Favorable extremely turns out to know that in the Argentine atmosphere, there are public and private initiatives, oriented in the sense that we caused here.

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Latin America

This is very serious you must and it understand this way. You never contract to a designer Web that has communicated with you through the Spam. And if you have already done it, the first decision that you must take, is deshacerte of that designer Web Why? Because the people we advised what we do. And if a designer Web makes Spam, she goes to advise to you that do you it. Good, supposing that the previous problem, or you do not have it or you have solved already it, you are going to continue with the search of the designer of your virtual business and the analysis of its aptitudes to design your business in Internet.

First that beams is to enter a finder to look for the designers of your virtual business. You enter for example in, you place the following phrase Designers Web Whereupon you are? You are with two rows of announcements, the Web of the left side is the Web that have been positioned by the traditional system of positioning and those of the right they are positioned with the system of payments by click. You enter to anyone of the two rows, enters to one of them Already this? Well, fjate in the bar alexa, if the number that you see is inferior to 200,000, you opposite have a Web with a high traffic. This in principle is very interesting, this company that Web designs, knows to generate traffic to its virtual business, is what goes to do with your virtual business. Now fjate in bar of google, if the green line is important these in the presence of a company that knows to optimize its Web for google, therefore surely it will also do it with you. By all means, that to know how to generate traffic does not mean that it has knowledge in electronic marketing. It is necessary to know how to generate traffic but in addition the traffic must be of quality and that you are not going it to discover with these observations.

But these measurements are going to allow to you to continue with the analysis Why I say this to you? If you are with a Web, that it tries to design your business in Internet and this located in place 1.900.000 in alexa and does not exist for google, despdete of her, because it does not go to do a good work. If you want to deepen your knowledge in like initiating a profitable business in Internet, I only invite to that you subscribe mini course, that by this week still is free, Like Initiating a Business Online, With Results in Five Lessons to you, you can be subscribed in the following connection: Daniel Brugiafredo Is professor of countable sciences, although he has dedicated great part of his professional race in the State Bank of Argentina. From 2003, it begins to develop his enterprising business in Internet and has advised not to few entrepreneurs, in strategies of business and marketing by Internet, transferring its own experience in the businesses on line and the knowledge acquired to the new entrepreneurs who begin their enterprise adventures in the network. It handles to several own Web sites: and from where it gives service to entrepreneurs and to professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America. Original author and source of the article.

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Manuel Day

Lic. Ricardo Candle Houses Beginnings In Huancavelica, city of the central mountain range resides the family Flowers. When tapeworm died its Aquiline father 12 years, the older son of the Flowers decides to emigrate. Thus he travels to Pisco. He begins grasping (collecting) cotton, His work of soon leads it to laborer to Bothers, Caete and finally, to Lima.

In the capital of Peru, the life began to gain washing cars in the neighborhood of the Central Market. He was a likeable boy and worker and, a day, the owner of one of the cars that washed, proposed to him that he sold some to him of the poles that made in their informal factory. He gave twenty him and he said to him that he took himself all along that he needed to him. But Aquiline he sold the twenty t-shirts in a single day. In this way, before to have reached the adolescence, passage of washer of cars to traveling salesman of clothes in center of Colonial it Lima. A day I ask to him its supplier of poles it could make if them with little figures of colors, that were the favourites of their clients.

and as that one did not make printed clothes, Aquiline subcontract to an informal dyer so that it added to adornments and images to the t-shirts that sold. The expansion the success smiles to him in such a way that soon after it buys a machine to sew. It begins to make his own articles, later decides to extend to average dozen of these machines. As the business worked well, Aquiline it was engaged in of Huancavelica to his brothers Manuel, Carlos, Marks and Arming it put and them to work with. Of traveling salesmen they soon happened to be stable retailers in the Central Market. The great jump the great jump of Aquiline the artisan business of Flowers began the day in which a drainage retailer, the border city between Peru and Bolivia and paradise of the contraband and the informal economy, did an order to him of ten thousand dollars of t-shirts with small drawings of colors! Immediately, subcontract to all the factories of preparation of the district and working to forced marches I get to give the ten thousand dollars of poles in the engaged terms.

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Los Angeles

If you are of whom they think that a home besides all the exposed one must be pleasant, some points exist helped that it to obtain it. Perhaps one of them, the fundamental one is to feel like part of, to obtain an intimate and reciprocal relation between you and the surroundings and for this many forms exist to adapt it to their tastes and needs that seran in the end it makes what it feel but comfortable and happy with the space that it surrounds. The personality of each side reflected in the walls with the tone and color of the painting, in the decoration of the rooms with the adornments and illumination that is placed, in the kitchen with the implementos necessary to develop his but delicious plates. Also in the room and the dormitories with the furniture that better it pleases to him and that makes him feel a only being essentially different from all the others. Not tuene price the possibility at will of molding all the corners of its home, as the best place can be its garden where to see grow to its children playing freely between the shrubs or the trees of the patio. They understand thus it in Sunset Strip Realty where a place for each taste exists, a property with only and different typical within the ample variety that forms the great real estate certelera of this agency, pioneer in the Real Estate of Los Angeles and the environs. Here according to the profile of each client, by means of interviews with the interested ones in investing in properties in Los Angeles it is developed to an idea about the tastes and the needs to sharpen the aim and to obtain in the smaller term and with the major efficiency, a home with the typical that is been looking for and that until today not yet habia managed to find. That special place, that place in waits for it to the world and Sunset Strip Realty is its better ally to find it fast and safe. I almost can see that sensation of satisfaction in its smile, is the same that thousands of happy clients with its business, the business of its lives thanks to the advising of Sunset Strip Realty. That? It has contacted not yet them?

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