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Creator Base

After building the first world, the outer boundary descends to lower its internal level. And it is full and split basis under which there is no light yet. Similarly, in the second world, after filling its outer edge, has descended to its lower inner edge. Therefore, the base is already on this level. After that, fill the third world and bottom descends to the third world. This base is located at the seat. This is the third against the Creator seated on the first. The border was supposed to go down to the end of the last of the world and then maybe go up and stand on it.

But this does not happen, so the base is on the ninth stage, and not on the tenth. The third is the Creator of our hearts, in his third world, and his head in the second, and its crown is first. Once he began to enjoy in your heart inside, he began to separate from the world. Because there was a difference of properties, and this difference is a division. That would continue to have a pleasure in its heart, it increases the desire to give. And this is a similarity to the light and the light begins to naturally enter into his heart. But at the same time there is a rise from my heart of their world, the level of the second stage, and his head rises so the level of the first world crown, and goes out and communicates with an external source.

In order that would cut off all these temptations, he has created, you need to build a new receipt reflecting boundary. And raise it above your head first of the Creator. Standing position, it is said that there are grounds under our feet. And when you sit, this base is located at the seat. Therefore the Lord brings the victim into a full-length and raises the outer limit to the level of their hands directed to the side. He cuts off his victim, all the evil forces of all creation. And just as in the creation of the border comes down the stairs to the very foundations of his feet, but this is the end in front of his disclosure. In this case, narrower than the base can never be broken, because the victim took place at the top of the world. Therefore, the force reflection than by getting under it. Click Phillipe Lavertu to learn more. But after the victim was still filled as in the creation of the descent of light at each stage. Because at each lower level need to prepare the site and then fill it again. And when the boundary reaches the level of the seat base of the third world of creation, is this place is clean and is in the world. It transmission rate of the seed. Therefore, at this level may give birth to another of the Creator. And all the demons driven out below this limit the light of mercy in the hands of where it is ground. This is a new creation which God has built his victim. All the best.

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November People

This time alignment cosmic forces "pit" it with Saturn, because of what formed aspect of the quadrature, which, alas, can not be called favorable. This aspect brings inner restlessness, anxiety, frustration. In this period must be fear of large human gatherings, explosions and mass disasters, particularly relating to land. It is necessary to avoid places with large concentrations of people do not go to the stadiums, concerts, avoid basement and the underground. During this period must be also very cautious in dealing with business people, colleagues, peers, and vigilance on the street.

You may resist an entire group of people. In this case, the transit of your life may be abusing the exam. Its speed and direction are checked for the full, personal goal becomes the theme of cross-examination. Saturn to Pluto allow revaluation of values. Particularly unfavorable for this aspect of people's art and those who will attempt in November to pass a test or quiz.

It will be very negative time for the wedding, a contract or purchase. It is best to transfer these activities to more opportune time. I do not advise as to buy at this time a work of art and invest in antiques. For businessmen, this aspect could mean unforeseen changes in legislation that lead to loss of profits, or to the fact that you will overcome the representatives of organized crime. To avoid such troubles, it is best to strengthen the connection of Neptune with a favorable Jupiter and Chiron, and go into long-term journey, leaving the case for those who trust. Throughout the month will be free to fly and navigate. Uranium flight and travel will not interfere. Throughout the year we have witnessed the struggle and opposition of Saturn and Jupiter. However, the place is like indirectly through their issues with the distant planets. Jupiter all year "friends" with Neptune and Chiron, and Saturn – from the malign planets, which intensified his already unflattering characterization. From this we can conclude that in November we will see a completely polar opposite, and events. Can be very serious difficulties and obstacles, along with extraordinary joy and soaring emotions. However, there is nothing surprising in these exaggerated perceptions. Scorpio – a sign of extremes. His joy on the brink of pain, and misfortune is always mixed with joy. The most difficult aspect of November – the inability to find compromise and common ground with our partners and friends. Old friends may be the coldness and indifference. Would be very difficult return the location of those who had inadvertently insulted or offended you. There are difficulties in relationships with spouses and spontaneous, exciting, like a hurricane, short novels. Pluto dramatically increases the scope of the senses, bringing everything to extremes, so be prepared for tests! The most dangerous time in November – the beginning of the month. At this time, active Mars Attacks multiple planets, creating an atmosphere of struggle, conflict and trouble.

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Sabre Dance

February is also unfavorable for marriage and start a new relationship. In general, such long standing Mars should be taken with full seriously. It increases impulsivity, aggression, temper, rashness and recklessness. Manifest self-will, stubbornness and obstinacy, arrogance. Growing trend towards risky activities, to the aggravation situations that lead to strife and conflict. Should beware of an accident, injury or illness. Sometimes there is a disaster, crime or fighting, or natural accidents and other adverse events. Connect with other leaders such as Edward DeMarco here.

Must avoid and fear of escalation of the situation in the family, at work and with friends, try to be circumspect and cautious. Enhances the activity and aggressiveness in the actions (including physical ones), shows the thirst for power, ambition, self-confidence, a tendency to hasty ill-advised actions. Increases sexual desire, increasing impatience, rudeness, anger, harshness. You must try to protect at the time of their relatives. You can even danger from fire. The most dangerous days of the month – from 1 to February 10.

In the danger zone get Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Sudan and Argentina. Starting from February 11, Venus will be in conjunction with Pluto. This is a very good connection, suitable for all, with regard to family and home, for love and marriage, engagement, and family holidays, for parties and entertainment, recreation and medical treatment for the arts and cultural activities for the important things and agreements for research and discovery, to communicate with people abroad and foreigners, for diplomatic activities, for arts and creative artistic work, for investments, scientists and artists, to politicians. An increasing need to update personal relationships towards greater harmony, sophistication, attempts to improve them. Creative people, this compound gives the period of inspiration, flashes of intuition. This compound as well – a sexual stimulant. Even elderly people at this time feel that they are young, strong and embark on an affair. This effect will last until February 15. All other times during the month of February Mars will continue their dance around the sun. He will then come near, then move away from the compound, but in general its orb, that is, the distance between the planets, and will not be enough large, so the influence of planets on each other will be minimal. The acuteness of this compound is practically completed about February 22, when Mars will be in the 30-m royal degrees of Aquarius, and then smoothly moves into Pisces, where the planet will no longer such a strong and powerful. Its influence will become more harmonious, leaning into action, but not a life-threatening situation. Spring comes, while Pisces and creative inspiration. Sabre Dance will be finally completed.

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Nile Delta

As this ritual was born in Russia – I do not know. But the fact that the ancient Egyptians in their occult arsenal used similar techniques – it is a proven fact. In Egypt, for such rituals was used, a common throughout the Nile Delta, the wild Emmer wheat, from which the passage of time, Egyptian farmers, brought several different kinds of cereal. For best results, I would recommend grain durum wheat, which are quite unpretentious and has a large percentage of germination. Buy a new Flower Pot light tones, the volume – at least a liter. Beforehand, you need to dial land with wheat fields. In the big cities it can cause some confusion. Therefore, in extreme cases, suitable land with a large and well-tended flower beds, major plantings which will be a plant with white flowers.

Blooms of red, purple and purple shades are unfavorable to our process energy, so they should be avoided. Before you fill up the earth in a pot, mix it with coins yellow. The number of coins – twenty-four. Total nominal amount – must be even. Once you cover everything this cocktail in a pot, start sowing. You will need six grains. Each grain should be planted separately, with the left hand to a depth of two to three centimeters. All seeds must be planted close together, almost in one place so that when the shoots, they formed one massive barrel.

After planting, you need to water the earth. For this purpose, water must insist separately. Ideal is rain water, mixed with morning dew. A glass of water, quite a few drops of dew to turn to rain, miraculous nectar. Watering is carried out once every three days. When the wheat sprout, talk with her. Replenish its energy of your desires. Love her to feel your care and warmth. Place the pot in his bedroom on the window to plant bathed in sunshine. If possible, Protect your tree from prying eyes and never let someone else's hands, to touch him. As soon as the sprouts will rise to six inches, put on the bottom of the vessel in which you defend watering water, six coins yellow. You may find Pinterest to be a useful source of information. Suppose they are in it constantly, until the end of the process. This will serve as a kind of fertilizer for your money tree. Having gone full cycle, pshenichka grow and mature. Remove it from the pot, along with root system. Tie the stems together, a thin gold chain and put in a vase without water at the bottom which should be on a coin, with even a nominal sum. The first six seeds that fell from the ears, you can use to cultivation of the next tree. Such a procedure, I recommend once a year. The best time – it's spring, but this is not a rigid rule. The main condition is your desire and your soul, you should invest in this process and if the result does not take long.

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Christian Gnostics

However, this should be immediately strike some basis for this dialogue, even in the form of 'universal spiritual truths', because the term itself tends to drag Christians in the area of the same occult consciousness, not wanting see the fundamental difference between spiritual traditions, all wanting to turn into a universal hodgepodge. Thelemites often like to submit Thelema as an eternal principle, open, and an updated Crowley. It becomes the basis of their proselytizing message. For example, this characteristic words: "the principle of Thelema existed long before Crowley, and that in particular he was well aware of how Jesus himself and the Christian Gnostics." Or more gracefully: "Christians who believe Thelema Satanism, do it more often from basic ignorance, much less – from fear. Because Christ came to make men free, let the oppressed go free – in This is the meaning of His teachings. Hyundai is a great source of information.

Christianity, in virtue of certain circumstances, for the most part has turned into what Nietzsche called "slave religion." But you and I know that only a 'loving another has fulfilled the law "and that to truly love can only a free man, not a slave. So – 'love is the fulfilling of the law', love under will. The will of the Father is all – Thelema '. It is very pathetic and well thought out. As often happens in the occult, some seemingly brilliant idea taught with enthusiasm and exaltation. In this case, the external similarity of terminology, quietly pulled the idea of the similarities themselves entities.

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Appearance Teachers

But this is a very rare practice in its pure form originally intended by specific abilities and a description of marketing will be given in the following articles. In the meantime, considering the approximate sequence of moving towards knowledge emphasize the importance of morality and philosophy at the initial stage of learning. On knowledge philosophical and religious views and, ideally, takes the form of apprenticeship Sobieraj absolutely all knowledge of the way, not rejecting any of them. The simplest form of study assumes a religious form of either philosophy that could lead to a religious experience of consciousness without the development aspect of wisdom. All this is imposed on the formula of: – the appearance of logic – the challenge of its logic – the neutral point of view – Appearance his philosophy – rejection of all philosophies – the world of harmonic elements of this road can lead to positive results only when the support group, or under the guidance of a teacher to whom you have complete faith. If Your way is not using religious forms is insignificant that is free from moral standards. In any case thou miss this practice in their lives, the time will come and run into a situation of this investigation badge. It happens with many new sects teachers who have affairs with an emphasis on the work of moral consciousness, without prior preparation. Official site: Robert Kiyosaki. The so-called road kung fu fully operands to help teachers and reaching ahead. Forms of mental and physical training have certain shapes, depending on the qualifications of teachers.

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Magic Book Life-changing

The fact that you can change your life and attitude of the people, by writing books, I learned the number by accident. Somehow I got the idea, very persistent smile idea to write a book about fairies and elves of the wizarding world and the girl who received opportunity to open the door from the real world into the world of magic. The book was written fairly quickly, the main character of course I was, and the characters surrounding the main character was from the environment in the real world. Of course I was not much suited to life in the past and many of the events I rewrote for her, as I wanted. It is interesting that after a month described the events have changed my reality, there were pleasant surprises, people who treated me with a negative or just unfriendly, suddenly became best friends and even associates. I went further in his studies and was described in the book of invented rituals to get rid of such feelings of pain and jealousy. A month passed and I got rid of the feelings that are tearing up my soul so five years probably, this deliverance has opened for me new ways and possibilities in real life. It is believed that words and thoughts have a very large force, I convinced of this in practice, and you try and verify the effectiveness of magic books.

If you have problems with her husband to make it one of the characters and describe their actions made against you, that you would like to see. If you do not half, then create a hero in my book and describe all its qualities, its exterior. Any problem of the material world, what you have you just rearranges his own way in your magical little book and get through mesyatsok surprising results. If the soul is bad, should describe the situation warms the soul and inner growth is assured. Stand you have blocks in the subconscious, create rituals to remove them and describe vividly in his book. And freedom from internal restraint will please you. Since the main theme of this site is still feng shui, it is clear that for an easy writing these booklets you will need to sit down in the northeast corner or a room, since there this year is the star of creativity – and four. If you're already strong in the field of moving stars, then decide which sector of the apartment or house you are a combination of stars 4 and 4 or 4 and 8, the reinforcing success literary career, move into this sector when you write your magic book.

Detailed issue 'flying stars' will be considered in my list' Attracting luck. Individual feng shui 'I'll be glad to hear from you news, as you help your 'magical little book. " The most interesting of your 'magic' will be posted here on the site. Good luck in your writing life-changing books!

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