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November People

This time alignment cosmic forces "pit" it with Saturn, because of what formed aspect of the quadrature, which, alas, can not be called favorable. This aspect brings inner restlessness, anxiety, frustration. In this period must be fear of large human gatherings, explosions and mass disasters, particularly relating to land. It is necessary to avoid places with large concentrations of people do not go to the stadiums, concerts, avoid basement and the underground. During this period must be also very cautious in dealing with business people, colleagues, peers, and vigilance on the street.

You may resist an entire group of people. In this case, the transit of your life may be abusing the exam. Its speed and direction are checked for the full, personal goal becomes the theme of cross-examination. Saturn to Pluto allow revaluation of values. Particularly unfavorable for this aspect of people's art and those who will attempt in November to pass a test or quiz.

It will be very negative time for the wedding, a contract or purchase. It is best to transfer these activities to more opportune time. I do not advise as to buy at this time a work of art and invest in antiques. For businessmen, this aspect could mean unforeseen changes in legislation that lead to loss of profits, or to the fact that you will overcome the representatives of organized crime. To avoid such troubles, it is best to strengthen the connection of Neptune with a favorable Jupiter and Chiron, and go into long-term journey, leaving the case for those who trust. Throughout the month will be free to fly and navigate. Uranium flight and travel will not interfere. Throughout the year we have witnessed the struggle and opposition of Saturn and Jupiter. However, the place is like indirectly through their issues with the distant planets. Jupiter all year "friends" with Neptune and Chiron, and Saturn – from the malign planets, which intensified his already unflattering characterization. From this we can conclude that in November we will see a completely polar opposite, and events. Can be very serious difficulties and obstacles, along with extraordinary joy and soaring emotions. However, there is nothing surprising in these exaggerated perceptions. Scorpio – a sign of extremes. His joy on the brink of pain, and misfortune is always mixed with joy. The most difficult aspect of November – the inability to find compromise and common ground with our partners and friends. Old friends may be the coldness and indifference. Would be very difficult return the location of those who had inadvertently insulted or offended you. There are difficulties in relationships with spouses and spontaneous, exciting, like a hurricane, short novels. Pluto dramatically increases the scope of the senses, bringing everything to extremes, so be prepared for tests! The most dangerous time in November – the beginning of the month. At this time, active Mars Attacks multiple planets, creating an atmosphere of struggle, conflict and trouble.