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Creator Base

After building the first world, the outer boundary descends to lower its internal level. And it is full and split basis under which there is no light yet. Similarly, in the second world, after filling its outer edge, has descended to its lower inner edge. Therefore, the base is already on this level. After that, fill the third world and bottom descends to the third world. This base is located at the seat. This is the third against the Creator seated on the first. The border was supposed to go down to the end of the last of the world and then maybe go up and stand on it.

But this does not happen, so the base is on the ninth stage, and not on the tenth. The third is the Creator of our hearts, in his third world, and his head in the second, and its crown is first. Once he began to enjoy in your heart inside, he began to separate from the world. Because there was a difference of properties, and this difference is a division. That would continue to have a pleasure in its heart, it increases the desire to give. And this is a similarity to the light and the light begins to naturally enter into his heart. But at the same time there is a rise from my heart of their world, the level of the second stage, and his head rises so the level of the first world crown, and goes out and communicates with an external source.

In order that would cut off all these temptations, he has created, you need to build a new receipt reflecting boundary. And raise it above your head first of the Creator. Standing position, it is said that there are grounds under our feet. And when you sit, this base is located at the seat. Therefore the Lord brings the victim into a full-length and raises the outer limit to the level of their hands directed to the side. He cuts off his victim, all the evil forces of all creation. And just as in the creation of the border comes down the stairs to the very foundations of his feet, but this is the end in front of his disclosure. In this case, narrower than the base can never be broken, because the victim took place at the top of the world. Therefore, the force reflection than by getting under it. Click Phillipe Lavertu to learn more. But after the victim was still filled as in the creation of the descent of light at each stage. Because at each lower level need to prepare the site and then fill it again. And when the boundary reaches the level of the seat base of the third world of creation, is this place is clean and is in the world. It transmission rate of the seed. Therefore, at this level may give birth to another of the Creator. And all the demons driven out below this limit the light of mercy in the hands of where it is ground. This is a new creation which God has built his victim. All the best.