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Intercultural Training Korea

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country with intercultural competence to the success in Korea. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, of course also applies to Korea, where it must not make the mistake, to equate the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan. Korea: Emerging economy a half generation ago Korea, at least the democratic southern part of the country, one of the so-called Tiger States “developing economies in East and Southeast Asia, which were on the go, from the emerging market to become the industrial nation. Korea seems to have made this leap now. Korean products break anyway, on a broad front in markets, which were dominated at the end of the last century by Japanese companies.

Our radio, television or walk-Mans (Yes, at that time there were still magnetic tape cassettes) were provided with Japanese company name for quality and innovation were. The local or American pioneers from the period of the economic miracle had long been replaced by them. Who was looking for a qualitatively acceptable alternative to European cars, access to Japanese cars. Today, however, consumers increasingly at once exotic car brands such as Hyundai or KIA accustomed. And electronic products carry Korean brand name already to a large extent. Key factor intercultural competence it has become a global heavyweight Korea not only in the export. Also the internal market with nearly 50 million consumers, which have an average purchasing power, that is, for example, significantly above the all South American countries, offers an interesting field of activity for European companies.

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, applies also to Korea, where we must not make the mistake, the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan to equate. Global cultures – comprehensive offer many companies have therefore the intercultural skills of their employees as an integral part in their staff development programmes already. Global cultures Academy for intercultural management offers therefore seminars, a cultural awareness laying the basis for the necessary. In addition, global cultures in appropriate organizational development advice, and convey knowledge targeted success ultimate interactive business events of a wide group. Cultural awareness is a process hooked up but not by visiting an event”can be. Rather, it comes through role playing, simulations and group work to deepen the learned not only to develop intercultural competence, but to provide also a valuable contribution to their implementation in daily business life. It is this range of specialist and managerial staff, the both directly live and work to do as well on those, as in the daily business with Koreans in Korea have. Ekaterina Beekes – global cultures

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German Science Panel

Science Council confirmed quality of teaching and research the Science Council has accredited the SRH School of logistics and management Hamm institutionally. Thus, the highest German Science Panel gave its seal of approval and confirmed the equivalence with the grandes ecoles. Teaching and research of the private college meet acknowledged scientific standards. The Science Council praised among others high identification of teachers with the College and the pronounced commitment to teaching and student supervision, according to the today Berlin (28.10) featured Science Board report. Thus, all 6 colleges of SRH are institutionally accredited in Germany and SRH has strengthened its position as one of the leading private high school. Our efforts to make a qualified academic offer the applicants in Hamm, was recognized by the Science Council.

This encourages us to expand the range and to make a contribution to strengthen the city of Hamm as the College site”, said the, Prof. Klaus Hekking Chairman of the University Council. He praised the use of professors and staff in the accreditation procedure, which only allowed the recognition by the Science Council. SRH University Hamm is one of six nationwide universities of the SRH, where approximately 8,000 young people studying. Currently 560 students are enrolled on the SRH University Hamm. Last year, there were 506. Studies in Hamm offers ten Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, logistics and energy. Can be completed as a presence detector, remote or dual course of study, and therefore flexibly respond to the individual circumstances of the students.

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Travel Forms, Language Courses Are Further

Early bird discount on language courses save Dresden, 12.10.2010 – if you’re planning a study trip, should now don’t wait too long with his decision, because as every year in the autumn, the language travel organizer make many interesting offers. For everyone there is something definitely. The early bird discounts, starting from 5% and be up to 35% for certain services are good for your own wallet. Get free flights from a language travel organizer when booking a 12-week intensive course. You can also book a crash course at the price of a standard course. For standard, intensive, business – and TOEFL courses at Honolulu, Hawaii, there are E.g. 10% discount until December 2010.

A language course abroad is currently the most popular and most effective method to learn a foreign language. The languages of the booming economic regions, the so-called ‘BRIC’ are professionally interesting. These include Brazil, Russia, India and China. A study trip make a exciting cities around the world and a varied sports and leisure program unforgettable experience. International language schools worldwide offer very flexible fitting for each objective.

The participant determines the destination itself, the length and the intensity of his course and can its course for an internship or complement academic electives that prepare him on a training or study. One learns level meet with participants from many different countries in the classroom and has the choice of preferred school residence, student residence or accommodation. There are language courses for all ages and for every language level. Two weeks is the absolute minimum for a sustainable learning success – at least 20hrs / week. You can choose between holiday course, standard course, intensive course, long term course, business course or exam course. To achieve the desired objectives, you should vote this with the language provider on the program. Membership in the ‘professional German language travel operators Association’ is important in the choice of the language travel organizer. Meet the members highest quality criteria. Including the language course programs are reviewed annually by an independent Advisory Board on-site. Maximum 15 participants should attend the course, otherwise the individual learns too little. Before the course starts, perform a classification test fit the language to the language level of the participant. After course completion are transferred a recognised participation certificate. More deals: sprachreisen.html operates and markets the education portal The info portal for educational stays abroad are knowledgeable and in compact form, with lots of useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs. Contact: Theodor Friedrich way 4 01279 Dresden contact: Horst beef FON: 0351-2543405 mobile: 01577 1720859 email: Internet:

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Companies increasingly use employer branding, to itself as an attractive employer to distinguish due to the public discussion of the statutory rate of women, women in leadership positions have moved massively into the spotlight of the media. Companies should therefore take advantage of the moment and position themselves with their managers or female executives as an attractive employer. On, companies will be offered the opportunity to present their “before showing women”, to introduce talent pool, assessment Center, etc., and/or to advertise job vacancies. The range of specialist and managerial staff on the labour market is shrinking. Pinterest is often quoted on this topic. Already, nearly 40,000 engineer vacancies cannot be filled. Thus many human resources departments employer branding in the competition for the best *) with the aim to distinguish themselves as an attractive employer. The knowledge and information portal offers support to do so. After the baby boomer generation of the 1960s to 1980s the geburtenschwachen cut down now Vintages the selection on the labour market.

For companies, this has to previously unknown bottlenecks in the recruitment result. Rethinking human resources is therefore essential. Seniors are interesting again. But also the great potential of well-educated women. Businesses with up to 300 employees, the service of costs 60 euros every six months. The number of posts in this period is unlimited. See for more information. *) Employer branding is a strategic measure in which concepts from the branding applied to present itself as an attractive employer and to differentiate themselves positively from other competitors in the labour market.

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Infincon Board

Infincon AG will bring financial experts Dr. Michael Puhle Karlsruhe, as a new Board member on board July 6, 2012 the Infincon AG has with Dr. Michael Puhle brought a designated financial experts as another Board member in the company. Dr. Michael Puhle since 2008 member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Infincon AG in Karlsruhe, supports now Dr.

Bjorn Hackenberg, Board Chairman of Infincon AG, in corporate governance. Dr. Michael Puhle assumes the management of departments of finance, customer service and sales support. In addition, he is responsible for the development of strategic product areas controlling/reporting and performance measurement and reporting. Dr.

Michael Puhle investment and financing has specialized during his business career in the Department. He obtained his doctorate on the subject of bond portfolio optimization”at the University of Passau. At the same time he can draw last controlling at Allianz Global investors on many years of practical experience in financial risk management at KPMG, and before that in the risk. Wells Fargo Bank is open to suggestions. We look forward, Dr. Michael Puhle to welcome to our team. Dr. Puhle knows very well the Infincon AG by his previous work as Advisory Board and can promote the business development with its scientific expertise and its financial expertise. With his experience in particular in the areas of performance measurement and risk management he enriched the competence of our team significantly”, said the Chairman of the Board of management Dr. Bjorn Hackenberg. Infincon AG: The Infincon AG was founded in 2007 as the owner-managed company and has focused with a young team of software developers, and experts in the areas of financial advice, analysis and-mathematik on high-end solutions for asset management and advisory services for private clients.

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Clarity Freedom

An overview of tasks leads to more serenity of Ulrike for a few months with a payroll tax help service independently made. Engaged and motivated she managed their first customers. After she makes for her small company advertising and gradually get more customers. The development is positive. If everything continues as their business development is more successful.

It is here, Ulrike has a problem. Despite the joy of the good start of their business, she must organize themselves differently and better divide their time. In recent months, Bill Phelan has been very successful. But how? More customers mean more dates and more work. While the concerns of customers would like to do immediately. She doesn’t know how she can concentrate on the essentials and may also delegate tasks. It lacks the overview. Their skills in tackling the requirements should keep step of customer development, go even one step ahead. At this stage, it deals intensively with time management and organisation of time and fundamentally informed.

With the newly acquired knowledge, she observed only once just over a week and carries on its activities book, first without change throughout the day. PayNet follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Now it finds black on white, typically most customers call to which days of the week and times of day. In the processing of individual income tax declarations can be repeatedly interrupting himself. Has she thought about too little about their storage and spends much time with search. Something else in addition. Ulrike and her husband maintain an intense circle and do much with this in the spare time. Unfortunately Ulrike had to cancel again common trips and meetings in recent weeks, because she still had to work. Your Office should be perfect, customers are served quickly and always satisfied. This requires much effort. Privately, she makes an inventory with her partner. They agree, for private projects to book times that they want to spend with their friends.

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Student Exchange

International experience parallel to school & study must have! Can you finance it at all? So I could not afford that! Sets with envy factor, who know the most foreign designers. So the ‘year abroad’ breaks no great financial hole in the wallet, you should research at an early stage. Numerous funding programs of the State and the EU, but also of foundations, universities and associations support the funding of training stays abroad. International Student Exchange: If you’re planning a school abroad, should contact the competent BAfoG Office. You are entitled to foreign BAfoG, get financial support in the form of grant aid. These grants can get for travel expenses, living expenses, rent and health insurance, regardless of in which host country visiting the school.

The BAfoG-submission must be made before the start of the high school year. Get all the facts and insights with Tom Smith, another great source of information. Language: Also for language courses worldwide is worth is the search for grants or financial support. The gifted education programs of the EU, the international training and development of gGmbH (InWent) are responsible, among others, that also language courses abroad are affordable. It is important that the language studies abroad has a reference to personal training, otherwise it looks like stealth holiday. Internship: For the financial support of the internship in Europe the ‘ ERASMUS and Leonardo programmes include da Vinci’ responsible. About the foreign BAfoG funded placements worldwide. There are also a number of smaller programmes which finance abroad. Study abroad: the funding for a study period of one or two semesters are varied.

The odds on a promotion with each semester that you already studied in Germany. It is generally difficult to get promoted to a fulltime abroad. The most important funding programmes are ERASMUS programme for Europe as well as the foreign BAfoG and the DAAD for the study abroad around the world. Here, too, there are a number of smaller programmes that help finance the study period abroad. The timely application of funding is crucial in all programmes. Therefore you should inform himself at the same time in the research about the application deadlines. More tips and information to promote abroad: info/alien/foreign financing the bildungsdoc network wants to arouse more curiosity on education among citizens and convey topic education easier, more understandable and more relaxed. The message: investments in education pay off for every citizen and the private club for more responsibility in personal education planning makes the difference. The State can also ensure only a basic service in education, as in many other areas. On the site of the bildungsdoc network, an education search is also”integrates, in the Educators, education consultant and partner in education can enter with their profile.

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Euro Seed Funding

ARAG experts explain how with a minimum capital of a euro is possible a business start-up in the form of limited liability society of entrepreneurs. The financial crisis has long since reached the labour market. Experts expect a dramatic rise of in unemployment soon. Many a worker’s playing with the thoughts of its own business. With the mini GmbH exists since 2008, ARAG experts explain a version tailored to small and medium-sized businesses the previous GmbH., as with a minimum capital of a euro is possible a business start-up in the form of limited liability society of entrepreneurs.

Mini GmbH a legal person of mini GmbH is a limited liability on the company’s assets. Therefore a liability of the shareholders is excluded with their personal wealth, with a few exceptions. Because the mini GmbH is a legal person, she can acquire ownership and have a private fortune. Because of this independence is also taxable and can both complain, as also be sued. The rights and obligations of the company are detached from its shareholders and management. ARAG experts point out that a mini GmbH can have only a General Manager differently than the conventional GmbH.

Mini GmbH GmbH at a company with limited liability, the capital is 25,000 euros; the mini GmbH actually only one euro. This is also now the only serious difference. However, the mini GmbH can convert to a limited liability company. She is expert according to ARAG when it has reached a capital of 25,000 euro. The mini GmbH is required each year to make up a quarter of their profit (net income), minus an any loss brought forward from the previous year, in their reserves. The total reserve reaches the capital of 25,000 euros, then she can be converted without a change of name to a limited liability company, with only the addition of legal form changes accordingly. An alternative to the Ltd. The mini GmbH provides founder and Entrepreneurs a very interesting alternative to the GmbH and the other German legal forms dar, mean also the ARAG experts. The capital is very low with at least one euro. The mini GmbH thus provides an alternative to foreign legal forms with low capital, such as for example the limited, where the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs to submit to unknown foreign legislation has. Limitation of liability once the mini GmbH in the commercial register is registered, is the limitation of liability effectively, which means that it is used only the company’s assets, but not the personal assets of the shareholders for liabilities of mini GmbH. The shareholder therefore carry only the risk of losing the deposit agreed in the contract of the company in the event of a crisis. Is the master deposit not yet in full provided or a short-term removal is done by a shareholder, the shareholder must maximum pay the remaining difference or compensate the removal. The above mentioned Exceptions to the limitation of liability are according to the ARAG experts abuse cases, the insolvency abduction or unpaid social and tax payments. In these cases, the Managing Director and also the partner of mini GmbH with the whole private fortune in recourse can be taken.

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Alexander Nastasi

New with webinars quickly and safely targets set and reach a talk by an end of the world to this date and market it as a Hollywood movie, the others choose a place in France, to survive the end of the world. Robert Kiyosaki shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Seminar service Nastasi decided in the summer of 2008, to a completely different way. We show what will happen–in our opinion, Yes, there will be a change, but in the consciousness. “” Today we notice everywhere that people begin their spiritual needs, their mental strength to go back to, like the very the Celestine prophecy beautifully in the book “and also in conversations with God” coming over. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo. Since November 2010, this training is suitable for everyone, offered as on a donation basis. Alone in the first month, more than 170 people have completed a course with us.

There are interactive courses with all the elements of the participants needed to put goals in his life, to achieve, to manifest successes. We accompany the participants 30 or 60 days with daily exercises, with a free forum, which is 24 hours a day available. Also, private emails to personal questions, several books that we have written on this subject and a unique support system – the live are chat, we perform every day with our participants. This is the only way to ensure that our Webinars do not like other seminars and lectures without result in the universe almost audible. We solve the common issues and problems on the same day, even on weekends. This system has helped thousands of people to rediscover their mental strength and start from the place where they are now, no matter how bad the situation is, in an active, independent life. We are looking for another one or more sponsors, who will continue in 2011 to enable this project.

Donations in any height are very welcome and via the website. Prepare on a turn – start today and see what opportunities and what an energy in your Thought is with the worldwide unique project is responsible owner Alexander Nastasi forest road for this press release 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224 / 924255 the new Web page Portal are employed on the basis of thousands of successful online seminars with the mediation of free seminars in the field of online. The coaching is complemented by paid seminars that are available locally in all Germany. These include seminars on the law of attraction, meditation guides and CDs, but also telephone conferences. Mentalcoaching deals with the possibilities of the human mind, to achieve goals quickly and safely. Keyworte: new era, what happens 2012, 2012, 2012, to prepare manifest doomsday, put new times, new energy, preparation, row, row reach world, donations

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