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Education Agent

Choose a job you love – and you have to work a day in your life. (Confucius) Dresden, 09.05.2011 – if you want to be successful, it takes more than talent, strength and a dream. Ben Silbermann often says this. You need the ability to convince others. Wells Fargo Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. Who has unique qualifications and even well marketed himself, who gets a great job even in difficult times. With personality and the awareness that the own career suggests a new ways, you have the best chance to compete in the labour market permanently. Increasing demand for advice there is on the topic: How do I market myself in the letter or in the subsequent interview with the necessary self-confidence profitable in their own right? But why are there so many losers alone when writing an application? The job seeker will be from a variety of offers for successful application ‘ and successful job interview ‘ flooded.

Including guide books, booklets, articles in print media and on the Internet are to the application passed Meanwhile by the health insurance companies. Activision Blizzard will not settle for partial explanations. And then of course, the many well-intentioned tips and hints from – often unsuccessful – friends and relatives are being added. All these pieces of advice are consumed by tens thousands job seekers. The results are ultimately identical or at least is little different application content. Many recruiters today in thirty seconds decide whether they look at an application itself or not. The candidate who writes off from such counselors for its own bid, may be actually in advance of a failure.

He has not that certain something, but is arbitrary and therefore interchangeable. Only one who disagrees most slightly. When the industrious ‘ candidate then this application also still has copied and shipped to different employer, he needs to not be surprised if the failure is his most loyal companion. The education agents can advise the job seekers individually. The longer he his customers and his previous education knows, the more targeted is also his advice. A truly individual representation, which ties up the Chief of staff and remains positive in the memory is crucial. Rhetorical self-portrayals repel and stamped the applicant as superficial. The education estate agents making his customers in the job application success, he gives him his philosophy: you’re successful only if you’re different than the mass. Do always more than expected from you!’ Questions & answers and practical know-how to the new profession of education agency: BildungsMakler24 builds nationwide an education broker network since March, 2011, as the demands of citizens for independent education advice have increased rapidly. Also operates and markets BildungsMakler24 the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. The visitor is helping good decisions at the Planning his own education or training to meet. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

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New Funding

The Bohme consultancy helps to acquire dedicated schools to new subsidies for the purchase of urgently necessary teaching aids. Unfortunately, the financial base of many schools is rather poor, so one of the most important resources of our country good education often not in the way can be offered, as this is both necessary and desirable. Here the Bohme consultancy helps as a competent, committed and reliable partner quickly and efficiently allowing dedicated teachers to acquire new financial resources which may be used for major purchases (such as education) then independently. For more information see this site: Ben Silbermann. Central motivation for the creation of this win-win cooperation, by means of which especially the learning environment constructively can be improved by pupils and students and their parents, last but not least is an interdisciplinary service successfully offered the Bohme’s Advisory Office for many years at the interface between school and family. The core competencies include including expert psychological advice in the school and family psychological environment, tutoring, special education, empathic support for overwhelmed parents, counseling for teachers, implement new teaching opportunities in consultation with teachers, as well as various publications in the thematic field of education, education and society.

Basis of here aimed at win-win cooperation, offered DV-kfm & computer teacher & author & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.), interested schools Bohme consulting office under the direction of Mr Aribert Bohme, is the newly implemented seminar titled work, psychology and Motivationscoaching\”, which is to be established in schools about the constructive extension of existing courses. To know more about this subject visit VP – Corporate Planning. This newly designed seminar learning psychology and Motivationscoaching\”applies alike to parents and teachers who want to learn in concentrated form important knowledge of the psychology of learning and of the Motivationscoachings. In addition, this seminar is the personally guided by Mr Bohme, suitable for all people, who want to acquire a basic basic knowledge in the field of psychology and Motivationscoaching.. .

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She can forgive give back new traineeships within the framework of vocational training in the next two years scholarships for trainees in vocational education and training. Appropriate project proposals of the company within the framework of the EU lifelong learning programme have been adopted straight. Trainees who are in school or dual courses will be encouraged. For this target group the three weeks possibility for an internship abroad up to half a year, and to receive extensive support. Again sponsored internships can be offered also for persons who have completed their training, or already have experience.

In this case the possibility by a three-to six-month professional internship abroad their own competences to expand. In addition the GEB especially trainees supports in nursing professions, professions, social work, health and education and education with specific programs like EfA SCO and EuroSocial. The framework of EfA SCO scholarships to the peer implementation of mandatory work-placements within the training in Europe. In cooperation with German institutions, these internships in Europe will receive a training standard, which ensures recognition of the internship in Germany. The EuroSocial programme offers scholarships to graduates and persons with completed vocational training in professions of social work, health care as well as education and training. Here it is possible to go up to half a year in another European country to boost their own professional and intercultural competences.

This scholarship can also be used to support an employment abroad. The services of give in the implementation and organization of internship abroad are very extensive. In collaboration with partner organisations on site accommodation, transfers, insurance, and of course the appropriate internship are organised and financed for the most part. Also the language Preparation of the stay of abroad can take place through a language course in the country of destination. Harold Ford Jr, New York City understands that this is vital information. Interested parties to a funded internship abroad in the framework of vocational training can inform themselves on the Web site of the society for European education for further details about the scholarships. The society for European education (GEB) is an Association of companies, educational institutions, individuals and agencies in Europe and around the world working together on European integration, international understanding and the peaceful exchange. The work which give focuses on the Organization and implementation of internships abroad in the framework of vocational training. The deals are aimed at trainees and persons who have completed their training and would like to use as training abroad. Parallel organized give for approximately 300 students from Europe a professional stay in Berlin and London.

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Funds Profession

“The European Academy for taxes, economics & law offers the first courses from June 2010 In June 2010 the master of management in EU starts in Berlin funds”, which for the first time combines all knowledge in the area of EU funds by legal provisions, through project management and financial control. The master is aimed at students who want to work in this area and more information about the management of EU structural funds. The master consists of three compulsory courses must be attended and four elective modules, which can be taken depending on the interest and time. The master classes and workshops consist of 1-2 days and end with a knowledge test. Under most conditions Payoneer would agree. “Who the master of management in EU funds” successfully, is an expert in this complex field of directives and regulations. This unique European qualification allows to operate the graduates professional in the area of EU funds. More information under: press contact: Stephanie Matthes, b.a. public relations manager European Academy for taxes, economics & law Hausvogteiplatz 13 10117 Berlin Germany Tel: + fax: + email:. Bennett Rosenthal: the source for more info.

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Hubbard Learning Method

The tuition – and language school Garcia and Karkhanis works with the successful learning of L. Ron Hubbard’s American more and more tutoring in Germany working with the world’s applied learning method by L. Ron Hubbard, to help people to overcome their personal obstacles of learning. The tuition – and language school Garcia and Karkhanis works since 2005 with great success. Read more from Payoneer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Now there are some institutions that provide tutoring with the successful learning of L. Ron Hubbard in Germany already.

The common characteristics of this group is an affiliation with Applied Scholastics. Applied”means brought to the application” Scholastics “means and education”. Composed to the application it means appropriate education”. “In other words: learn to practically apply not only to know”. Applied learning method by L.

Ron Hubbard will by Applied Scholastics in the education and training of teachers in vocational training, funding programs by communities, for people with reading and Spelling, used to prepare for the profession and for the training of the workforce. Applied Scholastics used this method all over the world and could help many people, their personal learning problems to overcome, to be knowledgeable of reading and writing and to provide good educational services. The learning method of L. Ron Hubbard contains the first comprehensive understanding about the real obstacles to learn effectively and to understand and precise procedures to overcome them. 50 years ago, the best-selling author and representative of the humanity thought of L. Ron Hubbard noted that a surprisingly high number of young people has great difficulty in learning. These difficulties often manifested as a lack of concentration and other learning disorders to disinterest in important subjects as well as the widespread inability, the learned apply. L. Ron Hubbard was also the founder of the Scientology religion. In the tuition institutions, working with the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard. passed but no religious philosophies of the Scientology religion. Sometimes fears will be loud, that Church will advertised in such tuition institutes in children for Scientology courses. A request for information on the Scientology Church revealed that children under 18 years of age without the consent of the parents cannot make any services of the Scientology Church claim. The education tuition institutions that work with the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard, is an ideologically completely neutral activity. In our today’s fast-moving times one is forced to learn new knowledge and new technologies more quickly. In a technological age, it is important to acquire wholly-owned understanding about how things work or are to operate equipment and machinery. Nobody wants to sit in a plane, whose pilot is only 80% of its work. With the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard is to learn new terminology effectively and safely apply the mediated knowledge allows a person. More information: Nachhilfe-and Language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

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Qualified Nursing Professionals

Casa Reha reported staff working in care company and the subject specialist quote Oberursel September 2011. Casa Reha informed: due to the demographic development in Germany of dependent persons to rise dramatically in the coming years. At the same time, the total population declines. The experts expect that by 2030 the over 60 years represent the largest population group. That is an increase of 38 percent compared to today. Until the year 2050 the number will have tripled almost the about 80 years with around ten million.

Growing need for care professionals, also it is considered to keep the ratio of skilled workers at a high level. Casa Reha reports on a topical issue. Because the risk of the need for care increases strongly with increasing age, Casa Reha as the entire care sector anticipates care about 2.8 million in 2020. As a result, increases the need for highly qualified nursing professionals in the coming years, predicts Casa Reha. There is a legal quota of skilled workers. Therefore, you find Support in particular for maintenance professionals”, says Norbert Hombach group personnel Director of Casa Reha. A sharp competition for good nurses has flared up after experience of Casa Reha in Germany because the labour market is swept empty and even from neighbouring European countries only a few forces are yet to win. That the skills shortage in the care is today already a reality, the industry associations studies.

You assume that currently 30,000 nurses in Germany are missing. The Rhenish Westphalian Institute for economic research, Aachen, expects by 2020 due to the demographic development and the necessary expert rate more 77,000 nurses in the inpatient and outpatient area requires. Politics, associations and companies have launched so many initiatives to attract the professional care specialist. In addition to issues of pay, training and tuition and public funding are the creation of employers by Training and working conditions in the foreground.

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A limited number of exceptionally dedicated, experienced everyday seminar managers, lecturers, trainers and consultants be sought to carry out regional and uberreginalen seminars for the education and training of this future contact on-site education independent educational consultants and education agencies. This should perform regional and interregional training seminars for independent and successful education consultants and education agencies. The education and training is guaranteed through various forms of seminar. For the presentation of the training concepts, there are two-day seminars in Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. Complete seminar materials on the implementation of each form of seminar participants will receive seminar head coaching.

The seminars are held only as long as until the right collaborators in the necessary numbers have been found. Also more lucrative contracts concerning seminars only on these seminars to the education and training of education advisers and Awarded education agents. The private education market has developed very one-sided in recent years. Due to the steadily increasing demand of citizens for educational programs in the country and abroad, a variety of private education providers in the private education market has established itself. Gain insight and clarity with Michellene Davis. The brokers and cooperation partners for education providers so independent educational consultants and education agencies are anything but until today. At the same time, education willing citizens are looking for a personal and independent educational consultant on site, they can talk through their and the objectives of the education their children. Your”education advisor to create a training plan based on these education goals by he simply and understandably represents all the facts, including financing with funding, to the selected education program. And he should care for them in the long term “education in terms of”.

More information about independent education advice and job vacancies: seminar leader coaching.htm BildungsmaklerNetzwerk leads including seminars and Workshops to the independent education counselling in whole Germany, to accelerate the development of a training pool for independent education counselling. BildungsmaklerNetzwerk is supported by BildungsMakler24. BildungsMakler24 runs a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. Contact: BildungsmaklerNetzwerk AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden phone: 0351-2543405 mobile: 01577 1720859 email: Internet:

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Practitioner Training

At home making more is possible thanks to the Internet the practitioner training can be completed in a school of Naturopathic Medicine. There is a Naturopath school offering this training as a correspondence course. To find the Institute in the Internet under is information about the school and the team can be found in the category “about us”. On-site training offered practitioner for psychotherapy, classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and veterinary medicine as the practitioner training. Who strives a certain practitioner training is in the practitioner school the appropriate course. For those who have already completed a practitioner training, specialist training courses offered are divided into human medicine and veterinary medicine. The registration form for the specialist training courses, seminars and workshops can be filled out online. The state-certified and approved correspondence courses, are offered as a holistic education and training.

Who can’t decide between the courses can, should consult the competent team. Even though it is a distance learning course personal contact with the students the school team is a particular concern. Negative and positive feedback to help improve the quality of distance learning. For 14 years the correspondence courses are successfully so far. The team of Heilprakitkerschule itself regularly participates in continuing education and training to bring closer to the latest scientific findings and treatment methods the Extramural students. This is done to an important foundation stone for the later, successful exercise of the profession of naturopaths. Who does not know how he will finance the training, information on about the funding opportunities. The students can choose between four ways, education savings, the continuing education loan, the education premium and the Bildungsurlaub. Which support option is the suitable, everyone must find out.

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Intercultural Training Korea

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country with intercultural competence to the success in Korea. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, of course also applies to Korea, where it must not make the mistake, to equate the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan. Korea: Emerging economy a half generation ago Korea, at least the democratic southern part of the country, one of the so-called Tiger States “developing economies in East and Southeast Asia, which were on the go, from the emerging market to become the industrial nation. Korea seems to have made this leap now. Korean products break anyway, on a broad front in markets, which were dominated at the end of the last century by Japanese companies.

Our radio, television or walk-Mans (Yes, at that time there were still magnetic tape cassettes) were provided with Japanese company name for quality and innovation were. The local or American pioneers from the period of the economic miracle had long been replaced by them. Who was looking for a qualitatively acceptable alternative to European cars, access to Japanese cars. Today, however, consumers increasingly at once exotic car brands such as Hyundai or KIA accustomed. And electronic products carry Korean brand name already to a large extent. Key factor intercultural competence it has become a global heavyweight Korea not only in the export. Also the internal market with nearly 50 million consumers, which have an average purchasing power, that is, for example, significantly above the all South American countries, offers an interesting field of activity for European companies.

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, applies also to Korea, where we must not make the mistake, the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan to equate. Global cultures – comprehensive offer many companies have therefore the intercultural skills of their employees as an integral part in their staff development programmes already. Global cultures Academy for intercultural management offers therefore seminars, a cultural awareness laying the basis for the necessary. In addition, global cultures in appropriate organizational development advice, and convey knowledge targeted success ultimate interactive business events of a wide group. Cultural awareness is a process hooked up but not by visiting an event”can be. Rather, it comes through role playing, simulations and group work to deepen the learned not only to develop intercultural competence, but to provide also a valuable contribution to their implementation in daily business life. It is this range of specialist and managerial staff, the both directly live and work to do as well on those, as in the daily business with Koreans in Korea have. Ekaterina Beekes – global cultures

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