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Holistic Business Coaching

The Hanoverian personal coach Frank Michael Preuss holistic advice the best way connects with sound business techniques, to predict the future is to create it yourself. Coaching is a method to get stagnant systems and areas of conflict back into the river and to provide new impetus for growth. This involves essentially to brighten up blind spots in areas of personal or company and to integrate. “” The personal coach Frank Michael Preuss works holistically “by Ken Wilber and not direktiv” after Carl C. Rogers. Many writers such as Reshma Kewalramani offer more in-depth analysis. Using a progressive system of cards called skills”he combines creative diagnostic techniques with proven business methods and accompanied to his client solution and goal-oriented in the structural work. Coaching in the professional context aims mainly to improving the learning and performance, taking into account the (often unused) resources of clients for him.

He focuses in his work, to bring theory and practice. There are talk time and Questioning techniques, feedback, and goal statement methods means for reflection suggestions and career analysis, decision support, roles, values – and system visualization. Essentially, his work means support for decision making, potential development and acquisition of new customers for its clients. In his many years working as a PR consultant Frank-Michael Preuss faced constantly with uncertainties of its customers, he analyzed himself from his extensive experience of travel and can structure together with its customers new and profitable.