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Work in New Zealand – experience the time of your life! A dream that many young people often meet after school or study is a few months work and travel in Australia. With odd jobs to earn the wherewithal for travel around and close new friendships, and of course explore a fascinating country: everything has to offer an adventurous journey to the other side of the globe. In addition to the classic Australia, the well-known paradise for work and travel travelers, there are still other States, which are wonderfully suited for a little time, but often a little into oblivion. Particularly New Zealand, the small neighbor of Australia, is becoming increasingly popular for small and big adventure in the context of work and travel. New Zealand has to offer with its diverse landscape and its unique wildlife. And it is well positioned on travellers, which by the way are looking for work. Ideal conditions for several months work and travel! Between 18 and 30 years of age which is Apply for the working holiday visa necessary. It allows you to stop you only once for a maximum 12 months in the country and to accept small jobs.

During this period you can also repeatedly and leaving. For example, after Australia, so also nothing in the way is a short detour! The cost for the working holiday visa is about 75 euros, upon entry you need to have also some funding (currently approx. 1950 EUR). You can improve the budget then mainly on farms, in offices or in the catering industry. But, for example, are also on the construction sites travelers see – and even at Hostels in direct exchange for lodging. Also among the like-minded people quickly linked contacts anyway, and facilitate the job search make your work and travel an unforgettable experience! Who incidentally plays with the thought, during his stay in New Zealand also to educate themselves, for example, by attending a course, will enjoy of the new rules, which will apply as of July 2009. Was this with the working-holiday visa only for three months, the border should be increased to up to six months and thus wider opportunities for the alien. So, the combination of holiday and work can be further supplemented and offers you the chance to experience a unique time when work and travel in New Zealand!