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Super Web Fund

The Super Web Fund has detected the pulse of time and finds great interest among investors already after a few months. Berlin, November 18, 2013. Parallel Morten Sondergaard enjoys, successful financier for today well-known companies such as Skype and Adviser of the Fund of the large popularity of For assistance, try visiting Liberty Life. “New targets are set for a capital increase, which the Government side” make in the shade. The domain that Jose Vagas bought seven years ago for something over $2,000,000, is today one of the most lucrative sites on the Internet: A platform that allows many non-insured persons to inform themselves about offers and now directly online to be able to complete this. This procedure applies to a country like the United States in the health insurance coverage is not as obvious as in Germany as a revolution.

Therefore, the US Government with an almost identical domain has tightened: But the desired success stayed out so far. So far, it is unclear whether the optimistic Promises of Obamacare”can be kept. President Obama had apologized for this bumpy launch of the website. Technical glitches more difficult since the beginning of the month use the site that enables millions of uninsured people in the United States to find a health insurance.

The White House blamed, a rush of users for the errors initially admitted now but also shortcomings in the software and the design. Since October 1st, uninsured in online exchanges can compare the policies of private providers and fill out applications. Also, they learnt whether State aid are available to them. The website covers a total of 36 States, while 14 States have set up their own insurance exchanges. The idea to create more transparency for the consumer and to push insurance premiums due to the competition of the provider behind the system. Nevertheless, currently is the clear winner in the market. In October alone, they achieved over 100,000 Price requests. Since launched, the site traffic ten-fold increased. Morten Sondergaard has proved once again his feeling for successful future projects which are reflected also in the Super Web Fund. A participation in the Super Web Fund is possible from 15,000 euros plus five per cent premium. A doubling of investment capital is sought. The planned exit phase to begin after 2 1/2 years. Fund investors dealt with this provision, for 125 percent of the investment amount allocated first you, prior in excess profits between them and the management of the holding company. A participation at might represent a good chance, to realize high profits.