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Background Fundamentals

Fundamentals mental maps are a creative way which combines the mind with the wealth of new ideas that you want or aspire to practice. Julian Brown Royal Academy Schools addresses the importance of the matter here. Mind maps are a support to the thinking process by thinking through a graphically viewing, transferring the image of thoughts into a role, which will allow you to identify precisely what you really want, without digressions and put thinking based on action, that is what they want to achieve. The definition of mental maps in these words could summarize: graphical representation of an integral process that facilitates taking notes and effective reviews. Lets unite, separate and integrate concepts to analyze and synthesize them, sequentially; in a growing and organized structure consisting of a set of images, colors, words, that integrate linear and spatial thinking modes, so the image is the key of remembrance. The human brain works in associative, linear, comparative, by integrating and synthesizing as it works, very different from a computer that works in a linear fashion. Through the mental maps are used both hemispheres of the brain (left supplied information material and the right is used for the graphical representation of the mind map to design), in this way they are organized and structured thoughts harmonically, since the information is associated with what we imagine. The Association plays a dominant role in almost all mental function, and the words themselves are not an exception. Every single word and idea has numerous connections, or pointers to other ideas or concepts.

Mind maps are resembling in structure to the same memory. Once you draw a Mental map, rarely needed to be redesigned. Mind maps help you organize the information. Encyclopedia Wikipedia gives us about them that a mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked and arranged radially around a keyword or a central idea.