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Russian Federation

Evaluation activity today firmly established in our lives. For successful business, the embodiment of various business transactions, transactions without a professional evaluation is necessary. There is a mandatory assessment, list of cases which has been defined by Article 8 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation." And also there is a voluntary assessment. Situations of the latter is much more mandatory. They cover almost all areas of business. We dwell in more detail on each of the above mentioned types of property valuation.

It is mandatory to estimate the property is needed in case the transaction involved some specific objects belonging to the Russian Federation and its entities and municipalities. This can occur usually occurs in a number of the following cases: – the sale of an object or another Alienation – to privatization, the transfer of the object in trust, or lease – the transfer of property as an investment contribution to the charter capital or funds of legal entities – by using the object as a matter of collateral – in the assignment of debt associated with objects in public ownership, the ownership of the Federation or municipal property, – other cases provided by law. Be sure it is worth remembering that mandatory evaluation by Privatization. Privatization to date, has not lost its relevance. For a very long time State remains the largest owner of real estate. In the process of privatization and corporatization of the enterprise from state ownership transferred to private ownership.

Independent assessment value of property there needs to impartially assess the value of the property privatized enterprise. All other cases are based on the mandatory assessment of existing legislation. Here are some of them: – When you make a statutory stock company property to assess the market value of shares paid by non-monetary assets – In the case of purchase of the shares of the request of shareholders – When selling the business or part of property of a debtor in a period of at internal management, the sale of assets during bankruptcy proceedings.