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Industrial Coatings

Rodrigo Espinosa M leads in Chile during the past years the main thermoelectric Central and mining projects, based on their experience brings together small and medium-sized companies in the area creating this company leading and unique on the market, giving solution at a lower cost to the market. Based on the professionalism and experience offers services and technical advice in various areas of the industry. It develops, your draft suited according to the needs and policies of each company. Contact and presents solutions based on preliminary analysis of each project, to contractors in the area. The end result is complete customer satisfaction. Determines the responsibilities of each of the participants in the project such as customer, administrator, supervisors, quality, prevention and workers.The methodology and prevention is done according to the scheme of liner to use based on standards and plans of the project, being the final receipt recorded in protocols of acceptance.The objectives of our services is to establish the technical conditions, object to ensure that all works are conducted effectively, to ensure final satisfaction of the customer. Rodrigo Espinosa M, creates a unique company in Chile, based on his experience in projects. Specialists in each area: specialists in each of the types of coatings that we apply.

Quality management: our work focuses on the quality of service and complete satisfaction of the client. Planning: Perform the planning of the work, by assigning responsibilities to each of the participants, and adapting to the standards and drawings of the project. Lower cost: our partners, small and medium-sized companies, maintain a low overall spending, which translates into a lower cost, which is transferred to the customer. All these characteristics make unique in Chile.