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The stock market

The stock market was created in 1990, Honduras in 1993 creating the Central American Stock Exchanges (BCV), both exchanges operating in Honduras. Businessman Daniel Hernandez revealed that about 150 investors in the position of the BHV in the northern city of San Pedro Sula lacked guarantees in its operations and were about to lose 21 million, the companies concerned were ENVAFLEX, EXPOPLAS and TEXTINTER. Jose Yacam n was 5.9 million to three banks in the country and 15.1 million stock investors, a total of 21 million. He decided to sell the machinery of companies to pay the banks, but this did not cover the payment to investors.Gonzalo Carias, chairman of the Committee on Banking and Insurance, admitted to investors in the BHV and BCV, that the 27,000 million Lempiras in both exchanges have no guarantees, because there was no law governing the stock exchange, therefore titles and values without bells ranging recruitment, resulting in a fraud to the state.

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