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Need For Self-Expression

Include interview questions provided, you will be able to obtain reliable information about the applicants, which will allow you to choose the most suitable candidate. Evaluation of motivation in the heart of any human activity lie needs. Everything we experience not only the need for food, sleep and protection, but also the need for recognition, communication, self-fulfillment and success. Motive – is “materialized” need, motive to any action. Thus, we can say that any human activity is motivated, otherwise it would make no sense.

Specialists are two types of motivation: the monetary and nonmonetary. The first is the reasons directly related to remuneration, and remuneration includes salary, interest, premiums, holiday pay, compensation, etc. The second type can include a variety of reasons, from the atmosphere in the team and opportunities for growth to the availability of medical corporate insurance and free lunches. Studies show that the main motive of a material reward. However, it is worth noting that not all employees are committed to only level of compensation or the amount of social package. Material incentives is not 100% effective, and the worker can easily leave the hopeless, but well-paid job.

The second highest value is the need for self-expression. The work, above all, should be fun and enable a creative approach to solving problems. This opinion was about 40% of workers. It is also important for employees understanding in a team, understanding and support of the authorities, the possibility of social privilege, moral encouragement, as well as an opportunity to promote their careers. To identify the motivation employees are special tests, which are usually required to assess the real situation in the company and compare it with the desired or to rank the different stimuli on the degree of significance. Score motivation can be conducted by external experts, as well as its own company. Learn the practice of identifying and assessing the motivations may be at special rates. Staff incentives to improve performance of staff used different methods of stimulation, the choice which the head rests on the knowledge of the needs and the degree of motivation of staff. As noted above. Material Incentives are not always effective, so they must be combined with several others. As an incentive can be used symbols of official status, for example, the presence of his own Cabinet, mobile, company car, etc. For staff it is important to a sense of belonging to the company, which contributes to the appearance of participation in various meetings, receiving thanks, letters and promotional memorabilia gifts. The company also can arrange a competition to fill the vacant seat on the common grounds. Major incentive is the complete benefits package, which is a guarantee of stability and security of staff. Plays an important role to ensure health insurance, which is equally beneficial for both employees and the company itself. Not the last in a series of incentives is a good workplace organization.

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Agency Employees

2. Company engaged in hiring temporary workers, ensures a careful selection of personnel by their testing and training. Provided staff with experience, if you want perform skilled work. They are professionally cope with the tasks that you put before them. And you'll save time and money and nerves. As you know, the loss of time in business is tantamount to losing money.

Let's imagine sleek scenario: you are the owner of the company's shipments. Cases are still more or shaky, or rolls. The company has a young and no more than a dozen people. The so-called prelaunch. Orders are also not yet thickly.

That count – whether you need to arrange a permanent job movers (and need at least two) and pay them wages for each day despite the fact that orders may not be 4 -5 days. On the face of ineffective use workforce – the main enemy of business. So not it be easier to use the services of employment agencies and temporary staff use the services of longshoremen once a week or as often, which would you need. You pay only for actual work done and not liable to the employees of the data, no additional obligations. I think, very beneficial and can even say ideal. In America, this segment is now one of the most intensively developing. There exists a mass mikrokompany hiring janitors bebisitterov and other temporary workers. As you know, in the west took root only economically viable and financially based scheme. According to estimates of even the smallest companies (from 1 to 9 employees) who use the services of agencies to hire temporary staff, save for the preliminary study and design workers, an average of 7 hours a week, and mid-sized companies of between 50 to 99 employees – 23 hours per week. Translate into money and get a substantial savings, which can employ to encourage exemplary employees sponsorship and business development. Here is found the most effective way to solve your business problems. It is also necessary to consider what the company provides services in many specialties. Created and constantly updated database of vacancies, at your service – promoters porters, laborers, packers, , operators of the pc operators callas – the center and many other specialties. And yet, as a rule, all temporary workers – Young people or students who, in connection with their studies can not afford a permanent job. Note that this is the most active socially age group, young, physically healthy, ambitious guys who are easily trained and quickly learn new skills that tend to take the initiative and effectively carry out their professional responsibilities. Send for the services of temporary staff at our Agency and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the prices, quality of work done and high quality of our employees.

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Successful Selfpromotion

Man, that something can be done because others can not do, certainly must stand out from the crowd. And do not be shy. Need to work in his own name, and then to the name of the exercise for you. How correctly to do this? Where to start? For successful self-promotion, building personal brand to use the 7 basic tools: website, blog, e-mail, writing articles, conducting webinars, participation in professional party, concept development and brand mission. 1.

Develop your site. The easiest way to make yourself advertising – to create a site where you offer your services. The site also can host guest ashih former clients who share pleasure working with you, your portfolio. With this approach, people will trust you as a professional in the business. Also, your site will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, seven days a week and holidays. 2.

Keep up your blog. The site is usually static, and the blog is constantly updated. Potential customers use search engines to find people working in the required field. Their search may lead to your blog. Stream live to the world their opinion on various issues! Regularly updating a blog at least once or twice a week, you can push your blog higher in search results. 3. Newsletter – an important tool for finding your target audience to form a base of loyal subscribers, your potential clients, customers and buyers. Getting your regular mailing to trust you, and if they want to later buy any goods or receive any service – it probably will appeal to you as the person they 'know well'. 4. Writing articles. Write interesting articles on professional issues and put them on your website or blog and on tematichemkih forums. 5. Conduct webinars. The fastest way to make his name known in a particular area. Become an expert – and let everyone know about it! 6. Participation in professional get-together. Active participation in conferences, trainings, seminars, discussion forums, blogs, social networks. 7. Mission and brand concept. What is truly important to you – it's your mission, life purpose, able to attract the interest of others. brand building necessary to ensure that your brand is not artificial, but was alive and dynamic. In conclusion I would like to quote Tom Peters, author of the bestselling mirv, management guru: "To become a brand – a vital necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in business. Nobody would dispute the fact that the goods brands easily win in the market for lesser-known brands. The same is true for the person-brand: there will always be those who will be ready at all to buy it. "

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