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DCM AG Engines

The DCM AG is continuing its successful aviation Fund series and offers with the ‘ DCM GmbH & co. engine Fund 1 KG’ their first pure aircraft turbine Fund. Munich, 10.05.2012. For this offer, the Munich put on a powerhouse”from up to three engines of the type GE90-115B, as well as two of the largest and most trusted companies in the aviation industry: at General Electric, one of the largest conglomerate in the world, which is the manufacturer and service provider of Fund engines and Emirates as a lessee, who is considered one of the fastest-growing and most profitable airlines in the world. All contracts completed this set over the entire term of the Fund. Emirates also transferred all operational costs during this period.

The GE90-115 B-engine is the most powerful thrust, civilian engine of the world and specifically designed for the long-range Boeing-777-300ER aircraft with a range of 14.685 km. Dubai’s biggest airline Emirates relies heavily on this aircraft model and in addition has the already in the service ordered 61 machines recently more 90. A particularity of DCM engine Fund 1 is the investment in so-called Exchange engines. These are used when the original engines of an aircraft in service. Way to avoid costly downtime of the aircraft, while the turbines are maintained. Engines are considered it extremely value stable. “Special advantage is that General Electric all services from a single source” offers: with the Division of GE Aviation and its subsidiary leasing company GECAS, the group occurs at the same time as manufacturer, leasing Manager, and remarketing agent for the Fund. Also, the maintenance of the engines from GE-Aviation is performed.

Because GECAS on the later proceeds to participate also with highest care in the maintenance and the prospect of a high selling price is guaranteed. For resale after the end of the leasing and fund duration was a conservative sales approach by 15 to 20 percent among the still Subordinate assessor values. The up to three engines to be financed with a total investment of $ 73.5 million. Investors can participate from $ 10,000 plus 3 per cent premium. The runtime is encouragingly short with only 7.5 years. Despite the high equity ratio of approximately 58 percent (placed capital $ 42.5 million including premium) a continuous distribution is offered by seven percent per year for a total cash return by 161 percent before personal tax of the investor. Alfred Dietrich, Sales Director of DCM AG, brings the stability formula of the first engine Fund of DCM to the point: income stability over the entire term, based on a stable value asset, fixed leases and strong contract partners. In conjunction with an interesting ROI forecast, we open up the opportunity to participate in a highly economic, security-oriented participation offer investors thus.